Wild Card
Name: Wild Card

Age: 16 Youngish, I think

Gender: Female

Species: Pegasus

Birthplace: Whinnyapolis The place I was born, duh

Bio: Wild card i- Ooh ooh ooh, I got this! Hai, I'm Wild Card! And this is my best friend, Jeffrey the pineapple! Say hi Jeffery! Isn't he awesome? But I'm supposed to be telling you about me, not him. Now what was it that  I was supposed to say during this part? I think I was supposed to say I'm crazy or something. I'm not crazy though, I just know how to have fun! Everybody else is crazy if you ask me, doing all this boring stuff like getting jobs and families and stuff... Who needs to do those lame things when you can spend every day hanging out with your awesome pineapple best friend? Oh right, I'm still supposed to be telling you about me. Well um, let's see... I grew up in this one super great town full of super great ponies. They didn't really talk to me that much though, I don't know why. I'm like, the friendliest pony evar! Right Jeffrey? See? He knows. Ooh, I almost forgot something super important! I like to lick things a lot, and the things I lick are mine! So if I lick something, don't take it! Anyway, I think that's all I needed to tell you for now, but don't be afraid to ask me stuff. Like I said, I'm super friendly! But until then, bai!

[Image: i_claim_things_by_licking_them_by_pikach...b249v3.png]
Well that was a fun profile to make. I didn't want it to be super serious or professional considering Wild Card is, well. Wild Card. I might honestly do another character like this sometime just for the sake of another silly profile. xD

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