Tatiana (SRe)
Name: Tatiana
Species: Zepar bat
Sex: Female
Age: 24
Height: 5' 1"
Appearance: Slightly short stature with long flowing white hair and tan skin, slim chest, well toned hips, white bat wings and ears, unusual white and slim tail, short fangs, and ruby red colored eyes

Tatiana, or Tati for short, is an apprentice monster hunter, an adventurer from a clan of nomadic warriors who hunt or capture terrifying giant monsters. She has basic training in a variety of weapons, but prefers to use polearms and longswords.
Tatiana is a zepar bat, a race of humanlike people with features similar to bats including fangs, ears, and winged arms. She is an albino with an unusual tail for her species.
She is rather hasty and enthusiastic, but is also a fast learner who is a gifted hunter that is able to quickly pick up on a trail and find out information about ferocious beasts, making her a great scout on top of a hunter.
Because she was a solo hunter during her training and trials, Tatiana tends to be polite and reserved. She enjoys fruits and sweets as her favorite kind of food but still doesn't neglect to have a healthy appetite.
Tatiana is a proud zepar bat and enjoys showing off her keen senses and ability to fly, especially around other species. Besides using her racial abilities to try and impress others, they are a useful natural asset for her to use when hunting or when in danger.

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