Tara the Mightyena
Full Name : Tara
Species : Bite Pokemon
Sub-Species : Mightyena (Shiny Variant)
Age : 22 (Human Years)
Gender : Female
Home Region : Hoenn
Nature : Calm
Characteristic : Thoroughly Cunning
Bio: Tara hails also from Hoenn, and was trained alongside Barrrrrry the Latios, falling under the command of the same infamous breeder. Like Barrrrrry, Tara was not subjugated to the vast breeding ring that her owner had created and was instead also enlisted in the combat world of Hoenn. With time she and Barrrrrry developed a close relationship, and two call each other best friends. Tara unlike her more friendly yet gruff counterpart is above all else cool, calm, and collected. Tara finds social interaction taxing at best and prefers silence above else, but is not totally adverse to talking, this holds true the most when Barrrrrry is around to conduct conversation. Tara is highly skilled in the arts of stealth and in combat prefers to never be seen, and when the time is right, she will launch Ice Fang, her preferred move, at her opponent in a devastating surprise attack. Tara is highly loyal to her trainer and will under no circumstances ever battle for another trainer, though she is not necessarily against the idea of working alongside other humans in the name of a common goal. To this end Tara through many sessions with Barrrrrry has learned to speak and understand English in case of a situation that she is required to ever work alongside a human other then her trainer. Tara is a Shiny Pokemon, a very rare variant of normal Pokemon, the chance of even finding a shiny Pokemon is said to be 1 in 8192.
Trivia Fact: Tara was named after Tara Strong of MLP fame and is based off of my actual shiny Mightyena, Oliver. (With a few obvious tweaks of course)
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