[Slice of Life] This City
Alrighty, I don't know how far this will go but it's better than nothing!

In the country of Nebu lies Yeutai, a bustling city known for it's vast variety of knowledge, income, and simplicity. And thanks to the sculptures and landmarks, it has been quite the tourist attraction through the years of the modern age. With it's active and organized police force helping the city be in order, it is a wonder why anyone would leave a nice setting. That is of course if no one dares look in-between the fine lines the authorities try to cover up as well as those who know how to keep mouths shut.
Underneath the beautiful city lies one of the world's largest criminal activity hubs known as, "Nirvana." Everything ranging from mere drug smuggling cartels to full-on syndicates fighting for territory, money, and power happens there. You know, normal Tuesday night stuff. Whilst most citizens try to avoid getting involved in any way in order to save their skin, a handful of them choose to act instead of being lead on like pawns in a game of Chess. Though, some may fall under the influence of the simple taste of the criminal life and destroy anyone that gets in their way. There is no telling how far the corruption has or could spread, some even whisper among themselves that it is already too late- that even the police force has its connections. Who could anyone trust, at that point?

Nebu, the country of the setting is basically the Americanized version of Japan to put bluntly. It is an isolated island, but still fairly large despite having no physical contact with any other country. It contains 20 total cities, each varying in size, the largest (as well as the capital of the country) being Yeutai, the main setting of the role play. Each city has districts and laws that varies from each other, although some laws are set by the country's leaders. Some cities of Nebu are, but not limited to:
- Yeutai, the largest and most well known of all the cities. It is the capital of Nebu. 
- Niyebe, the little sibling to Yeutai. Known as the, 'City of Snow,' it is mostly a tourist attraction due to seemingly having the coldest temperature all year around, snow falling occasionally year-round. 
- Xìnyòng, the city of faith. Although not as well known, it is the main city to those who worship related faiths, such as Christianity and Judaism. 
- Shokunin, the city of crafts. This is the most artistic of the cities, housing those who care to write down the history and create the carts for Nebu and the surrounding cities. Arguably one of the most important cities to the country.

With Yeutai, it is perhaps the most beautiful of all the cities in Nebu. Not only that, but it also holds the most amount of districts due to its vast size.
- One of the more active districts is, "Kita," or 'The Northern District." This is where business seek out to claim the most land and has the most resources. During disasters, most of residents from the other districts gather into Kita, where it is the more prepared for said disasters. 
- Another known district is the unnamed South West district, although it is said that it will be later named by the officials in Yeutai. In this district, it holds the best education for those in Yeutai with its well-known university and acceptance rates. Not much else can be said for it.
- The district housing all the harbors in Yeutai is called Seojjog, the far West District. This is where Yeutai makes the most income internationally. Although, this is a double edged sword, due the fact that it also shows the most illegal activity from Nirvana. 
- Finally there is the Syd district, the farthest South as well as the poorest of all the districts. It has the highest rate of homelessness and tends to carry multiple 'ghost towns.' Most citizens of Yeutai tend to avoid the south district as much as they can, and those who live in it do their best to live off of what they have.

Nirvana, the clubhouse for all edgy tweens and criminals alike. A 16 year-old emo child's dream setting for their OCs. This is where the most illegal activity is held. In Nirvana, it houses the syndicates and the source of all corruption in Yeutai, from the small shady business deals to corrupt politicians. Although there is no specific area, each part of Nirvana has its organized spot, where all weapons can be found, syndicate housing, etc.

  • Only join the Roleplay if you know you will have time to post. I want this one to last and potentially help kick some people back into role playing something.
  • You are not limited by how many characters you can create, but keep track of them.
  • All characters are human, but their costume and identities can whatever you desire them to be.
  • If anyone wishes to join the Roleplay when it starts, personal message me and I will look into it.

  • If you cannot make a post within 3 days of your turn, notify me via Discord or Private Message and we can sort a way to continue the story.
I'll post my Character in a post here later.

I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.
Ah hell, despite this not being my style, I'll throw my lot in cause you know... I'm here and stuff. Out of curiosity what technology and timeline we looking at? Typical medieval stuff? Fantasy Mix? Modern?
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(09-11-2017, 11:41 PM)Chaso Wrote: Ah hell, despite this not being my style, I'll throw my lot in cause you know... I'm here and stuff. Out of curiosity what technology and timeline we looking at? Typical medieval stuff? Fantasy Mix? Modern?

Thanks, good to know I'm nawt alone in this ;w;

We're looking at a Modern-type of technology and timeline. Although, a Steam-punk type of setting might make it more fun so I'll look into it.
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.
I'm good with both and I guess I'll get to work on my stuff.

Edit: Just read Yoru's post, so I guess I'll use this post for my character stuff and update as needed.
Full Name: Azaroa Ilun (Ah-zah-row-a E-Loon)
Known As: Az (Ah-z)
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Height: 5'0
Ethnicity: West European Caucasian 
Race: Swiss/ French
Languages: English, French, German
Casual Clothing: Loose fitting white t-shirt underneath a Oxblood Brown Leather Jacket. Normal fit blue jeans with leather belt and hiking or work boots. Usually wears a Stencil Hat camouflaged with Kryptek Typhoon Colours.
Work Clothing: The same as casual clothing, but with added Kevlar vest and Kryptek Typhoon Camouflage face mask.
Wooden Short Bat: Known colloquially as a shorty bat, it is often used for training during baseball/softball practice or in certain cases it is a weapon to help improve hand-eye coordination for martial artists. It is advertised as unbreakable. Azaroa almost always carries one of these around with her at all times, with her's being painted black.
Modified Luger P08: Sleek, accurate, and sadly obsolete, it is known as the pistol that almost took over the world... Twice. Expensive to manufacture but heavily reliable, the Luger P08 served as a common side arm for the German forces in both World War One and Two. Chambered in 9X19mm caliber what it lacks in firepower it more then makes up for in accuracy and reliability. Azaroa requisitioned hers from a busted arms dealer and has since heavily modified it. The modification include a 10 round extended magazine, illuminated iron sights, a reinforced barrel, a modified muzzle able to mount most modern muzzle attachments, and a Picatinny Rail System on the bottom of the barrel for mounting of tactical flashlight and laser combinations. Azaroa usually doesn't carry this gun with her unless on a job.
Modified Walther P38: The successor to the Luger P08, it would go on to slowly phase the more expensive to produce Luger out of use during and after World War Two. Cheaper to produce and safer to use, the Walther P38 would also serve as a common side arm for the German Military in World War Two. Also chambered in 9X19mm caliber, this shared ammunition means ammo for Azaroa's other pistol can also be loaded into this one. Azaroa requisitioned this weapon from the same arms dealer that she got her Luger from and made the exact same modifications, minus the Picatinny Rail on the bottom of the barrel and instead a modified handle with a laser embedded in the grip. Azaroa carries this weapon much more commonly and more times then not has it on her person at any given time.
M26C Police Stun Gun: A run of the mill, 50,000 Watt taser made for non-lethal take-downs of suspects at close range. Standard Police issue, Azaroa rarely carries one unless on duty.
Modified Late War FG-42: Once a weapon of German Paratroopers, the FG-42 was considered one of the most advanced rifle/machine-gun designs back in World War Two. A selective fire automatic rifle chambered in 7.92X57mm Mauser. Coming with an attached bi-pod and folding bayonet, Azaroa's only modifications are an extended 30 round magazine, a modified muzzle for muzzle attachments, and a reinforced frame and stock. Requisitioned from the same arms deal where both her pistols come from, Azaroa almost never carries this weapon around unless the situation is dire enough to justify carrying a fully-automatic rifle. 
Body Appearance/ Build Type: Petite and Slim, several inches below average height. Lightly tanned skin. Little to no defined muscle save for in leg region and abominable region . Below average sized breasts, but not quite flat chested. (Bust Size: 88 cm; 34A)
Face Appearance: Roundish face with average nose and mouth. Eyes slightly larger then average.
Hair Colour/ Length: Acacia Wood Brown Chest Length Hair, usually kept in a Ponytail
Eye Colour: Emerald Green
Orientation: Undecided/ Dis-Interested
Likes: Quiet Places, Reading, Bitter or Spicy things, Range Shooting, Video Games
Dislikes: Other people in general, Overly sweet things
Occupation: Student (Part-Time), Undercover Police Officer (Part Time), Police Informant, Vigilante
Born in relatively mundane circumstances to a relatively mundane family, Azaroa was a single child to two shop keepers who ran a normal every day produce store. Most of Azaroa's childhood was more or less uneventful save for the fact she was consistently teased or bullied for her smaller stature and shy nature. Often annoyed at being called small or tiny, Azaroa at a young age started to pick fights with the other children, and in many of these fight she held her own thanks to her smaller stature giving her a mild advantage in making her harder to hit. Through this Azaroa shaped herself into a rough and tumble sort of person with a temperamental attitude about her.
As a teenager Azaroa lived a normal teenagers life, going to school and for the most part acing her classes. In Secondary School she made several of the Academic Achievement lists but was known for having a bit of a rough personality and thus had a lack of friends. However this was to make sure none knew of her secret life outside of secondary school.
Starting in her First Year of Secondary School, Azaroa began wandering the city of Yeutai not to far away from where she lived. Here wandering the streets she witnessed first hand the many workings of the city and city life in general. This included of course several encounters with the criminal activity hub of "Nirvana".
Intrigued and enthralled by the dangers of the life away from her mundane upbringing, Azaroa moved to Yeutai at the age of 18 and began her self immersion into the culture of justice and crime, and for a brief stint planed to become a Criminal Justice Lawyer even attending classes at a local college on the subject. At first Azaroa flirted closely with local gangs and street level criminals and made many friends and acquaintances in the criminal world. However by the age of 19, she was snatched in a sting operation and was sent to jail.
In prison for a short nine month sentence for drug paraphernalia and possession that was planted on her by her so called friends, Azaroa had a revelation. She reasoned that it was better staying on the right side of the law then staying here in prison for something she wasn't even responsible for. So Azaroa went to officers with her attorney and her parents and worked out a deal. She would tell the names of her many acquaintances throughout the lower levels of the crime world and they would cut her loose. Eventually Azaroa reached a compromise and was set free after just two and a half months in prison and made amends to her parents for the trouble. 
Azaroa finished up secondary school and now roams the streets again, but now seems to have a different view of things. Obviously reformed from her short stint in jail, Azaroa now does her best to aid law enforcement efforts in Yeutai and has been responsible for a decent number of arrests of street level criminals in the past and present. Now known as a Informant to the Police and at times an Undercover Police Officer, Azaroa isn't afraid to get her hands dirty when it comes to apprehending criminals and at times oversteps her reluctant police handlers in apprehending important suspects. Although always reprimanded for such Vigilantism, it is never more then a slap on the wrist as Azaroa is realized as being to valuable to law enforcement efforts due to her intimate knowledge of criminal activity. When she isn't serving as an informant or a Under Cover Police Officer, she still attends college pursing a Criminal Justice Degree as originally planned.
Despite her rough and tumble attitude, at most times Azaroa is described as more bark then bite. Although more prone to hurl insults rather then compliments, even at friends, these are often nothing more then a jest or a clever shield, as beneath it all Azaroa is after all, just another small town girl, weak to the vices of the big city, always seeking acceptance and belonging. Though the day some one finds that out is the day they drop dead.
During her brief year on the wrong side of the law and training with her police handling, Azaroa received basic and advanced training in small firearm handling and use from several different gangs and people and seemed to excel at it. Known immediately for being a crack shot with a pistol, many of her criminal friends jokingly called her "The Tiny Sharpshooter" (Though never to her face). Once a devoted history buff in Secondary School, Azaroa seems to prefer more tested and older firearms. Although technically obsolete, Azaroa seems to reason that if the weapons could stand the test of time, then they could do just fine in the modern world. Although no big fan of violence, Azaroa will not hesitate to protect herself, but often does so non-lethally, always carrying around a short wood bat to protect herself if needed. If the situation does call for lethal force, Azaroa will often be found with two pistols at hand ready to deal with the problem or if the situation calls for it, an automatic rifle.
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I'll join. :3
I'll hop in.  Also, repositories are to be used for Lite RPs now, since it doesn't make much sense to have one for serious, considering we have an entire thread where we can.  I'll edit this post with my repo when I can.

Name: σύμπαν λοφίο (Sȳmpan Lofio)
Nickname(s): Sim, Fio
Age: 19 years (DoB on the third day of Autumn)
Sex: Female
Race: Greek/Japanese
Orientation: Gay/Lesbian
Status: Single
Language(s): English, Greek, Japanese
Religion: Private Practise
Occupation: University Student

Skin Tone: Lightly Tanned (Wheat)
Hair Colour: Black
Hair Style: Over-Shoulder Braided Ponytail, Fringe covering left side of face and eye (ends just past cheekbone)
Facial Hair: None
Eye Colour: Hazel Green, Brown rim around pupils
Height: 160.02cm (5'3")
Weight: ~45.4kg (100lbs)
Bust: 89cm (34B)

Tatoos: Curly heart (Left Upper Arm)
[Image: Tattoo.png]
Piercings: Silver Bar (nipples), Sapphire Stud (Ears)
Scars/Impurities: Small scar on left cheek bone, Light freckles on face and chest

Relatives: (refused to answer)
Children: None

     Sim was always a quiet girl, even when young.  As a baby, she did not cry often, and as a child, she rarely spoke.  This was concerning to everyone around her, but every doctor visit ended inconclusive; she apparently just preferred not to speak.  As she grew, she studied, while keeping a healthy amount of outdoor time, even if it was only reading a book on the porch.  She was home schooled, as she did not live near any large cities, and did not care to take a fifteen to thirty minute bus ride to get there and back every day. 

     As she grew, she studied intensely, reading book after book after book— fantasy, science-fiction, nonfiction, instructional, she read it all.  This lead to her being a very large help around the house, as she grew to learn how to fix everything in the house, should it break for whatever reason.  This helped calm her parents' worries with her, but it did not relinquish them.  She would always gravitate toward wearing all black, and enjoyed wearing dark, if not completely black clothing.  As she grew closer to adulthood, she took a sudden interest in guns— firing them, loading them, building them… by the time she turned eighteen years of age, she had made her own pistol— a near mock up of a Glock Twenty-Two, with the only differences being cosmetic to don the same symbol as her tattoo on the handle and a longer magazine, presumably to fire more than the stock amount of rounds.  It was a fairly simple, but effective looking gun, and she set up her back yard to hold a target range.  There she trained her aim to near perfection.

     After she had trained up her aim, her parents were extremely concerned with her sudden interested and decided to confront her about it.  Her simple answer was "Protection", and offered no elaboration beyond that.  Only months later, she moved away to follow a career in the artisan field of woodwork sculptures.  She currently resides in an apartment across the street from the University she attends.

     Sim is a very quiet and reserved woman.  She gives simple, to-the-point response to anything asked to or of her.  She tends to wear all black, consisting of skinny jeans, a tanktop under an unzipped hoodie, and Converse's classic design high tops. Her mood hardly seems to shift from situation to situation, but the words she expresses, when she does, provides a large amount of emotion as well, in a kind of slightly poetic way.  She enjoys reading, quiet walks, practising at any shooting range, and her artisan craft.  She conversely dislikes loud events, violence with unjustified  harmful intent, and unnaturally happy endings in her books.  She is very much a cat person, and seems most lively on cloudy or stormy days and clear nights.

That'll be my character.
Using the human version of Ateren. :3
Alrighty, as promised here is my character!

Full Name: Tsuki Khiem
Alias: Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 120lbs
Ethnicity: Asian
Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: Part-time Student, Vigilante and part-time coffee shop employee.

Body Details
Body Type: Lightly toned build. His shoulders are wider than his hips and has only a little bit of muscle on his arms and body. 
Skin tone: Light tan
Hair color & style: Black that goes down to the middle of his neck in the back followed by it curving towards his right eye in the front.
Eye color: Brown normally but wears contacts to help him see better and change it eye color to an icy-blue. 
Face: Oval-shape face with a little below-average eye size but with an average nose and mouth.

Equipment & Clothing
Tsuki doesn't do much in the mornings save his classes and job. He usually wears a white T-shirt with a light blue hoodie over it and jeans to match. He wears glasses to help with his sight as well as carries a black stainless steel key-chain Kubotan for self defense in case he finds himself in a situation he cannot get out of so easily.

Dragon on the other hand tends to do his best to blend in with the background. He wears a gray long sleeve compression shirt underneath a black, long sleeve jacket to keep himself warm and a black face mask to at least help hide his identity. For his pants, he wears compression tights with black sweats on top to give him more mobility. 
As weapons, he carries with him a black polypropylene ninjato combined with a 3,000 volt taser.

     Tsuki didn't really have much of a troublesome childhood growing up, save it being just him and his father against the world. In school, he was relativity quiet and kept to himself most times reading a good book or story. It wasn't until the beginning of middle school when he and his father moved to Yeutai, where he befriended a fellow student named Alex who soon became the closest friend he ever had. After some discussion, Alex convinced Tsuki to join track and field with him, and through it Tsuki was able to built up his stamina and begin a decent athletic body. The two were nearly inseparable, save for when they had to go home at the end of the day.
    In the middle of the summer of their junior year, Alex proposed that they checked out more of the city to see what they could discover. They traveled towards the lower parts of Yeutai, where people tend to avoid. It was then that the boys stumbled upon an old, abandoned ramen store and decided that it would be smart to check it out like any normal set of teenagers would. After going inside and snooping around, they discovered that they were right in the middle of a drug operation's hideout. They left hastily and reported it to the authorities before going back home and celebrating. 
   Tsuki didn't know how to express how he was feeling it was a mixture of pride and relief, but also a slight discomfort over how there was no report over the incident on the news the following days or so. After investigating it further with Alex, they discovered that there was a possibility that Yeutai could be housing an undergrown criminal hub under the name, "Nirvana". Though Tsuki wanted to immediately report such to the authorities, Alex suggested that they go and attempt to see if the rumors are true or not. Tsuki reluctantly agreed, beginning to feel uneasy about discovering all of this at all. 
   After doing their best to hide their identities, Tsuki and Alex set off to see where Nirvana could be located. As they searched, they ran into more hideouts like before. However, they soon realized that watching YouTube videos on how to fight with a sword and light training wouldn't be enough after a near-death experience. Tsuki did his best to tone his frail body, working out at the gym with Alex any chance he could get, along with his dad's advice with what he should intake. After several months, he was able to achieve his goal by toning his body to his liking.
  After going back to their investigations and breaking down hideouts, it seemed like they were getting closer to finding Nirvana. Unfortunately for Tsuki, it fell apart after walking into a trap with Alex. Despite both of their best efforts, Tsuki was the only one to make it out alive. It was then that Tsuki vowed to find and take down Nirvana by any means necessary, even if it meant working with others. 

  On the outside, Tsuki is shy and awkward in general thanks to his introverted nature. He does his best to enlighten someone's day or mood with small talk, however, and tries his best to be empathetic. He tends to focus on the conversations around him and make small mental notes over the smallest of details. He is book smart and comes alive when talking about electronics or video games.
  When he is Dragon, on the other hand, he is quite the opposite. While he still does his best to be kind and respect authority, he isn't afraid to speak his opinion. Dragon enjoys cracking childish jokes and lighting up the mood, being optimistic but still reserved. 

I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.
IS this RP still going? I'd like to join potentially.
(10-23-2017, 05:49 PM)Sannor Wrote: IS this RP still going? I'd like to join potentially.

Of course, you're welcome to join! Just write down your character information, then you can post after Ateren makes a post.
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.

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