[Slice of Life] This City
I intake a quiet yet deep breath of air as I weigh my options. On one hand, going with Azaroa would be a dream come true, especially seeing how the sports car she's pointing to looks ready to be taken for a spin. On the downside, It'll only make things awkward for things if she found out that I coincidentally lived in the same apartment complex as Tsuki, not to mention the fact that I still need to come up with an excuse of why Tsuki isn't responding quick or haven't gathered anything yet.

"That won't be necessary, but I'm grateful for the offer. I don't live far from here so I should be alright on my own. If anything, we should probably figure something out from the person you guys arrested yesterday, get more information if we can so we can have a better cover story for me or so, you know? More minor information to go back on, but could be more beneficial in the long-run perhaps. Just my suggestion." I respond before fixing myself and crossing out my mental check-list to make sure I didn't misplace anything. 
"Other than that, I'm off. If you need anything just message Tsuki and he'll relay it to me. I still gotta run some 'errands' tonight."
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Azaroa frowned and replied,
"As it happens our old friend, Mister Hethenburg got off no questions asked. But believe me, I'm keeping tabs on him. Everything about him seems wrong."
Azaroa then waved off Dragon saying,
"If you do see Tsuki, let him know to kindly hurry it up. We're on a tight schedule here. Once Tsuki gets back to me, you'll most likely be called in again later today with details on the meeting with our mark."
With this Azaroa pulled out her keys and unlocked her car and said,
" Be seeing you Dragon. Remember keep your head low for the time being."
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Saying that I rushed to get home is an understatement. It felt like I had to go to light speed if I wanted to Azaroa off of my tail. After all, she's expecting me to have found at least something by now. So after gathering my stuff, I took the next available bus ride home in order to have enough time to at least act like I glanced at the data. For what felt like ages, though in reality it was a simple fifteen minute drive, I reached my home and rushed to my room as quick as I could, plugging the USB in the right way on the first try. That has to be a sign of good luck. 
"Okay, let's see. Firefly, firefly, firefly. . . Colin, Colinfly? Firelin?" I mumble out loud to myself as I begin my investigation through the internet on one screen, and glance at the information on my second monitor. This is gonna take awhile to find anything useful.
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.
Azaroa took her time driving home before parking and wandering into her home. She reached into her wallet and grabbed the small card she had received a few nights before and brought out her phone. Azaroa sighed, took a deep breath and dialed the number. After a momentary short pause a male voice answered.
Azaroa answered,
" Firefly. This is Az. Your boy, Zeke sent me. Heard you were looking for help. I'm offering and bringing even more to the bargain."
There was a pause before the phone seemed to transfer to another person with a much deeper voice,
" This is Firefly. I've heard about you. Bring yourself and whoever it is you hang around with to the intersection of Water Street and Grant. * o'clock tonight."
With that there was a steady beeping as Firefly hung up. Azaroa sighed again. 'Well its game time' she thought to herself. She then sat down loosing herself in thought.
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