[Slice of Life] This City
Immense and total silence. Ateren felt nervous. They asked him to head into the elevator with everyone and the elevator is going down. This meant they were going to the heart of the group. He attempted a stable demeanor, but it was hard to tell how well he was pulling it off. The silence was broken by the other Eclipse member that came along. He has short spikey hair that's dyed red and has this near permanent smirk. Ghetza is his name and he runs the Blood Moon side of the team. He usually says that he'll dye his hair white and let it grow out if he ever becomes the Eclipse for the Super Moon, but it's usually done jokingly.

"Yo' Atty. You know how to fire a gun?" Ateren thought for a moment and then nods. "I've had practice with more non-lethal wea-" Ghetza burst out in laughter. Coincidentally this rang throughout the bottom floor as the elevator doors open. "Aim is like... five percent of the battle! Targets will be running... hiding... and you have to deal with recoil and it gets complicated!" He said in this mocking yet gruff tone. His voice gives one the impression that he's waiting for a rap battle to happen at any moment "I'm sure he's well aware of that." Said the Queen of all people. Ghetza raised an eyebrow as they stepped out of the elevator. Zanzabar then pushes up his square framed glasses before responding, "I personally try to keep my people informed for their own protection." Ghetza simple chuckled and folded his arms. "Well, he's just a scout for us anyways. He won't need a weapon... hopefully. You know your job right? Try and see if you can scour Nirvana for those nasty undercovers. You're the only one that's got a good look on 'em."
I let out a whistle as I gaze at the armory. Sure, it wasn't much, but it's still good to know that our police department wasn't totally screwed. They still have fire power to fight back against criminals. I pick up a 1911, aiming down the sights towards the entrance we went through. Feels pretty stable to me.

"1911, World War One and Two right? Probably fairly reliable." I say out-loud to myself. I look around in the armory and notice a few more pistols that I knew, like a Glock 22. I knew better than to look at a rifle or a shotgun, after all I'll mostly be on my feet and in close-quarters. Can't get too too crazy, now. After all, I'm dealing with people who wouldn't bat an eye shooting me.

"Hm, if anything Officer, I might just get two pistols, one as a backup. Of course if I am limited, I think I might just use the 1911 if that's okay with you." I say to her as I look up at her with the 1911 down by my side. This is a lot to take in, though. First I get involve with finding more information about Nirvana and a gang member, I'm most likely going to get into a firefight or two, and I still gotta study for a Spanish test coming up. What did I get myself into?
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Azaroa nodded as Dragon shifted through the shelves and picked out an old Colt M1911. She smiled slightly and said,
" Ah. The 1911. Still in use them today they were that good. Man after my own heart. I was about to suggest you get a back up, but as far as I can tell we're just authorized to get you one gun for now. Now come on grab some magazines, to the shooting range."
Azaroa nodded and went outside into the main room grabbing her pistols from her bag and fitting on a light safety vest and goggles as required by the shooting range. She clicked the holsters of both her guns and began checking the magazines as she waited for Dragon to finish up.
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Every time Ateren looked at the Queen... she would look back and smile. It was honestly the only thing keeping Ateren off his cool. Ghetza then gives a hardy laugh as they entered a screening room of sorts. "Aaaahhh, yeah! So are we really giving this home slice a VIP look at Nirvana? Because see... I have an idea."
Zanzabar gives a raise of an eyebrow to signal that his attention was received.
"Right! So, we send one of our high class Super Moon specialists to escort him... blind! Once inside, his escort will keep to the back as he gives his 'recon'. Genius no!?" He then smirks the biggest smirk in the history of man-kind. Or at least that Ateren knows of.
Zanzabar sighs before saying, "I do not think Yelvan would simply send off-"
"I have faith that young, Ateren would make good of his job."
It was a soothing... soft-spoken voice.
"Need we not forget that we are a family? Do you distrust the boy, Ghetza?"
Ghetza's smirk became this odd, frown smirk. It was probably the most interesting expression to date. "My Queen, I simply was speaking on behalf of the boy's inexperience."
The Queen gave probably the most chilling tone of a rebuttal. "Then why would he be blind folded?"
Zanzabar then butts in. "He's evaded police thrice now. Being that he's under my supervising rank, I would have to express that his natural skill should also be considered."

Ghetza puts both his hands on his hips as he smirks. "It's decided then? I'll ask ol' Yeller, if he's willing to walk out of the edgy shadows to grace this 'trooper' a professional escort." He said before heading over to the wall and pressing against it. A james-bond-esque panel flips to show some 'toys'. "Behold! Supermoon special grade recon equipment!" He folds his arms and laughs.
I shuffle my way towards the locker and get roughly five magazines, putting on into the pistol. This isn't over-doing it now, is it? Nah, I'm sure I'll compensate them, or rather Tsuki will. I head into the shooting range and put on a safety vest and goggles as seen on Officer Ilun. 

"I gotta admit, this is quite different from what I was expecting. Here I thought I was going to be briefed and go on my merry way." I say and let out a soft chuckle. "In all honesty, thank you for this opportunity. I know there were not many options, but there is still the fact that you agreed to allow me to help. I'll make sure to not to let you down, and to live past at least the first five minutes of a gun-fight." I look over at her and await for her to set up the targets for us to practice, or rather for me to be put through a trial run.
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Azaroa nodded and said,
" I hope so Dragon, you are no use to me dead."
Azaroa took her position at an empty lane and lifted the counter setting up the targets down range. She returned again and checked both her pistols before deciding to use just her Walther P38 for the time being. She eyed Dragon to the side awkwardly laying down his magazines on the range counter. Azaroa sighed already knowing Dragon was probably lying about being a good shot. Regardless Azaroa took aim at her target and calmly squeezed off all eight rounds in a quick succession. Azaroa clicked her tongue. Every single one hit in a tight grouping right in the head. She then dropped her magazine on the counter and cleared her gun before laying it down before looking to her side to observe Dragon.
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Ateren had the choice pick of three items. A lot of these sound good, but probably wouldn't benefit him. He could get the bug and somehow plant it on them with a choice bump but that's very risky. He could get the EMP implant, but he doubts he'll need to disrupt computers for any reason. He does go for the hand Taser. He also goes for the spec ops under shirt type of assault vest just in case he gets shot or someone tries to use a Taser on in the stomach. He already has a civilian grade pepper spray pellet gun for ranged encounters, so he goes for something for more mobility. He picks up shoe implants for a wheelie system. Essentially making his shoes, skates when applying weight to the back of the heel. He also already has sunglasses with camera recording and small mirrors installed to see behind him. With these tools, he'll be able to successfully scout and escape should anything go wrong.

Zanzabar also gives him a cellphone of sorts. He urges Ateren to notify him should it be lost so that Zanzabar can disable the phone to prevent it from tracking back to them upon discovery. Zanzabar gives orders to basically call them whenever trouble arrives.
I shiver as I watch Miss Ilun shoot with rapid precision like I a deer in the headlights. I swallow my spit and awkwardly get into a lane, cocking my pistol and aiming it towards the target. I take a deep breath and try to calm my nerves, seeing how shaky my arms are. I look down the sights with my right eye and close my left, getting a better sight on the target. Knowing I could quite possibly miss terribly with the head, I am more towards the body towards the direction of the heart and middle of the chest. I place my index finger on the trigger and pray that my shots connect and not hit the white or miss, though a lot slower than when Ilun did it. From the looks of it, I made at least five of the shots where I wanted to, and two others around towards the outside of the body. 

"Better than I expected." I mutter to myself as I unclip my gun and call in my target to see the results better. I grab another magazine and insert it into the pistol, cocking it before looks back at Officer Ilun. 

"So I guess we'll be doing this in turns?"
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Azaroa frowned as she watched Dragon nervously fired his weapon in a slow and inefficient way. Azaroa sighed and said,
" I thought you were a crack shot Dragon. That, that was shit. 5 out of 7 in the body isn't nearly enough for survival and your form is lacking. Who taught you how to shoot, video games?"
Azaroa sighed again and said slightly exsaperated,
" Okay since you don't know how to shoot I guess I gotta teach you. Take position and load your gun again."
Azaroa slowly approached Dragon from behind watching him closely as he assumed his shooting position.
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"Interesting choice." Zanzabar says after Ateren gathers his 'gear'. A snicker can just about be head from the GREAT Ghetza as he has his arms folded. "What kind of man doesn't instantly grab for the grappling hook!" Ateren couldn't help but chuckle as he rests his fists on his waist. "As fun as that would be, I'm just playing my strengths for now." Ghetza gives a shrug before strutting outside of the room. "You will be notified as to when you'll begin staging out Nirvana. You may head back to your floor." Zanzabar said, adjusting his glasses before exiting. The Queen gave a gentle smile before leaving as well. Ateren decided to do the same.
"Gyahahaha!" was heard as the elevator doors close with Ghetza being the only one inside. Zanzabar is... agitated. "Always messing around..." He said, applying a finger to the bridge of his glasses that rest on his nose.

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