[Slice of Life] This City
Azaroa made her trip to the university heading directly to the deans office dropping off her papers. Also attached however was a official leave of service issued for Tsuki as the police station had already tracked down his name as well. At this delivery Azaroa got back into her car and drove back to the police station pushing her new ride as she zipped back to the station. As she entered the lobby she saw a familiar face in Tsuki currently at the counter talking to the receptionist. Azaroa tapped Tsuki on the shoulder and said,
" Here Mister Khiem. Glad you could make it. I am assuming Dragon already told you why your here. If anything your a bit early, I was expecting Dragon to get here first. Doesn't matter, follow me."
Azaroa led Tsuki to a dimmed empty briefing room which had already been set up earlier that morning. Azaroa motioned to the chairs at the conference table nearby and said,
" Take a seat Mister Khiem."
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Ateren dared not use the police phone to call a direct number to the Moonlit gang. It was becoming annoying when the entire day was spent doing formalities and paperwork. The police did see where Ateren was coming from but advised him to know that this information would have been needed to be told to the officer that asked for his name. In which case he would have to say both names in the transition period. However, due to cooperation he did, it was said that he needed to do community service until his new name was acquired. At least, that's what the judge said at the people's court at city hall. The case wasn't even big enough to require a pre-hearing or anything of the sort.

"So... what kind of community service are we talking about?" He asked some of the officers. He hoped to get in good with the cops to learn more about this Nirvana business. But instead he was blown off and basically it's whatever the city decides... whether it's cleaning up trash or something else. Worse yet, if he goes back on his name change it will be seen as Disingenuous by police and the judge and would get the full jail sentence at worst. "Alright, I'll go see the Judge myself." He then exits his little side cell, being let out, and passes a few briefing rooms. Sort of unsupervised. He spots the people inside, gave a salute and continued onward.
I swallow my spit and feel my hands shake. Crap, what am I supposed to do now with her expecting to see Dragon? I could make the excuse that he's still in class. . .
I sit down and shuffle around in my seat, doing my best to act nervous while taking quiet and slow inhales. 
"D-Dragon did mention to go to the Police Station and something about helping him, but he didn't really mention anything else." I look down towards my thumbs and fiddle with them a little.
"That's normal of him though, leaving me in the dark. He tends to believe he's some kind of superhero, ya know?" I scoff and think of all the times I acted like one. From helping an old lady across the street to stopping an armed robbery at my favorite pizza parlor. Man they have the best Pineapple Pizza there.
"Anyways, it's good to see you again Miss Ilun. It means a lot that you're willing to cooperate with Dragon." I look up and give her a small smile in gratitude. "So, what can I do to help?"
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Azaroa sighed and turned to the briefing room projector and grabbed the remote from nearby. She switched the projector on and pulled the blinds down after a certain someone saluted to them from the outside. Best to keep confidential. Azaroa locked the door and pressed a button bringing up a large slide with a single phrase on it, "Operation Checkmate". Azaroa replied,
" To be honest Mister Khiem, your use here will be mostly supportive. Dragon seems to trust your word and your word alone and seeing as the department had no one else to spare, I'm now stuck with the honor of letting an untested vigilante and his friend tag along on a deep cover operation into the largest syndicate associated with Nirvana. All information in this room is highly sensitive and will not be spoken of, the very status of our lives depend on it. All information stays between me, you, Dragon, and the Commissioner."
Azaroa turned to the projector and continued,
" Operation Checkmate. Commissioner whisked up all we know about the syndicate and our mark in there. Now then Dragon seems to think you have a knack for technology so your job is simple, find out all you can about the online presence of one Colin. Also known as Dragon Fly. It should be easy, everything these idiots do leaves a digital footprint, I'd be surprised if the asshole isn't already posting stuff about his fancy house and fancy car. Colin is our mark and our gateway into Nirvana. Be discreet Mister Khiem, I do not want this traced back to us."
Azaroa paused for a moment looking at Tsuki as if analyzing him and then said,
" If you mess up they will come for you Mister Khiem. And as far as I'm concerned you are an expendable asset. Try to make yourself useful."
Azaroa turned off the projector and continued saying,
" All relevant information will be sent to you on a secure USB. Once you have everything, give us the USB and we'll dispose of it. Do not under any circumstances let this information fall into any ones hands but your own Mister Khiem."
Azaroa retrieved the USB from her pocket and slid it to Tsuki before saying,
" I would get all you need now. I need to see to where the third part of this little party has gone."
Azaroa at this unlocked the door again and exited.
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Well, Ateren was finally out of the Police station. All forms curtesy he had toward others immediately disappeared as he was no longer under the radar. He had a report to make to his advising Eclipse. He kept up a swift walking pace as heads back to his place. Upon his return, he met up with Robin to tell him what had happened. "You staged a recon all night... and you heard about this Nirvana business? Huh... I'm sure the Eclipse's know more but I doubt they'd tell us." He commented. Ateren gave a light shrug, he was lucky. The Moonlit gang keeps tabs on their own members, but it was common for several members to be gone a single night to be with a girl or something else menial. He also kept the police interaction to himself. "I'll definitely have a talk with them just in case."
I take a deep breath and swallow my spit as I hold the USB in my hand, shaking a bit. Wow, a lot to take in and little time to do so. I give Officer Ilun a nod and speed walk out, keeping my head forward and walking to the nearest gas station.
After locking myself in the bathroom, I watch my step and take out my hair gel, comb, and another set of clothes. Thank God I always pack my spare vigilante stuff in my bag. I remove my glasses and place them near the sink then cautiously take off my shoes and change out into black jeans, a white undershirt and a black bomber jacket. I put on the icy-blue contact lenses and stare myself in the mirror. Just need to fix my hair now.
I look at myself on more time and feel confident in my appearance. After unlocking the bathroom door I speed walk out the back, praying that their alarms are broken. I scan around try to find a place to hide my bag. Miss Ilun wasn't born yesterday, she'd probably figure out that the bag is 'coincidentally ' the same one as Tsuki's. I reluctantly place it behind some trash-cans and even place a trash bag over it. Guess I'll have to clean it later.
"I'm here to see Officer Ilun?" I say with my voice in disguise. Just need to get briefed then I'll be done.
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Azaroa however was already waiting for Dragon not to far away. As he talked to the receptionist she tapped him on the shoulder and said,
" Dragon? Come on, your late. Even Tsuki made it earlier then you did. Come on."
Azaroa led Dragon to the same briefing room and continued saying,
" I'll keep this short Dragon, most of the stuff you need to know is in the hands of your friend Tsuki. Operation Checkmate, we're heading to the very head of this syndicate our boy Colin is in. I'm sure they can give us both answers about Nirvana but first things first. You'll need a new cover. Unfortunately the boys in records couldn't quite fit anyone to you so you gotta make yourself a new name or make up your own. We'll legitimatize it once you have. But in the meantime I'm under the impression you don't own a car. We'll need to get you a ride if you want to get anything done in this operation. Also I assume you know how to shoot right? Because I'm only going to say this once, you will be expected to kill this deep in the pool, so I hope you have the guts."
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Slick black hair, square framed classes, dusk blue lab coat with a clean shaven face. A smirk that seems both evil and caring at the same time. An impossible demeanor. Zanzabar, the Eclipse personel of the Full moon rank. Believe it or not, the minute he mentioned the word 'Nirvana', Zanzabar had silenced Ateren for the time and gathered another Eclipse personel, several Super Moon officials and the Queen herself. Ateren wondered what this name meant to them. Thankfully, it's not uncouth for a person to lay eyes on the Queen. In fact, she often frequents the lower levels. Only thing is that no one can go to her level without express permission.

"-And during my all night recon, and without getting caught, I managed to overhear some plans from some secret officer agents." It was then that they said the usual 'it was reckless and the situation could have ended worse off, especially since there was a wide spread bust just down the street.' But Ateren gave a sly rebuttal. "But isn't this how higher officers obtain some of their information? Sure, you all have better tools, but I was sure to expect the worse and I had several safety nets prepared." He would then go on to list them. The rebuttal to a 'reckless' action being that he carefully and swiftly had plans, overturned their concerns. It was now time to talk business. Zanzabar leans forward with a smirk. "Sad to say, we already know about Nirvana. Any information you have would simply re-confirm our own investigation. However, it is intriguing that they're being closed in by the police. ...This can work in our favor. With Nirvana under heat, we can now proceed on some monopolizing plans. Plans... that I'm afraid we can't tell you. But we appreciate your initiative." He said all this in that odd... aristocratic tone. Ateren simply smiled. The Queen then whispers into Zanzabar's ear... causing him to smirk. "Actually..."
I smile from under the mask and try to boast my confidence. I did my best to keep my cool, after all I haven't exactly killed anyone yet. Even so, I try not to think about it too much. When the time comes, I'll make the decision. Perhaps I can make them go unconscious or try to convince Officer Ilun to use them for information? 

"I can shoot, Miss Ilun. Fairly good shot if I do say to myself, but I'll make sure my actions will speak for me." I say to her. In truth, the best I've done was shoot at bottles and metal cans a mere ten meters feet away, maybe even less. Alex and I were more focus on learning the basics, which is all I could get.

"And to answer you, no I do not have a car. I usually walk around where I need to get to, and my patrols are mostly in at least a 8-mile from me. I can always get one rented, Tsuki's dad is loaded with cash, and I'm sure Tsuki would understand if I convince him enough." All I had left was to think of a fake name, or at least someone's identity who wouldn't have anything to say against it. As selfish or cold as it would be, I had my hands tied. If any hacker or computer nerd searched up a fake name, it would be a dead give away. However when it's a real name, all there is to it is erasing their death. 
"Now, about this fake name? I already have one in mind, made it up myself when coming here." I say with a grin plastered underneath the mask.
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Azaroa nodded and said,
" Good you'll need it. Let's get you a gun since you already have the car covered."
Azaroa beckons Dragon to follow her to the armory. At the moment it was empty just like Azaroa liked it. She clicked her tongue as she put her backpack on the the nearest table as well as the tomahawk she had picked last night. She pointed to a secure door to the left and said,
" Shooting range. But first we need to get you a gun."
She turned to the right and pulled out a key from her pocket before using it to pull open a large cage like door. Azaroa motioned inside and said,
" Standard police armory. Technically speaking, as a civilian and a vigilante Dragon, it is highly illegal for you to even be in here but I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures. Now then you know how to shoot, what kind of gun do you prefer? Mind this is a police armory so most of what we have here are pistols, shotguns, and the occasional rifle, of course all cheap plastic modern shit manufactured in god knows where, but you know how budgets work."
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