[Slice of Life] This City
I nod in agreement with Officer Ilun. "Right, I'll be sure to text him to come in tomorrow." I say as she finishes talking.
"I agree with you, though. Tsuki isn't really one to get involved with conflicts. He's more of the guy who'll find out information about you and confront you through the screen rather than face to face." After getting to the station, I nod once more at her in understanding.
"Well, I guess so. Goodnight then, madame. I look forward to our future engagements." I tip my invisible hat to her and walk back towards my apartment.
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Azaroa nodded after the leaving Dragon. Shortly after the car carrying the hitherto named John Doe or Mister Hethenberg pulled up. Azaroa nodded to the Officer carrying the man and said,
" Throw him in detaining for tonight, see if we can get anything out of him tonight or tomorrow. If he protests charge him with resisting and obstructing again."
Azaroa looked at Hethenburg and said,
" We'll sort this out tomorrow Mister Hethenberg."
Azaroa then left as well heading for her apartment for some much needed rest before tomorrow morning.
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Ateren gave a shrug before watching the undercover head out. "Hopefully these lovely chaps will listen well enough to me." He said with some optimism. He follows the nearest officer that's 'detaining' him to wherever. Thankfully, the owner of the printing press is also a Moonlit member. He knows because Ateren actually has a job as a self-employed writer whenever he's not doing jobs for the Moonlit.
I get to my apartment not long after and retire from my vigilante costume. I take out the contacts and switch out to sweatpants, immediately falling onto my bed and passing out. Of course, as faith would have it the sun came up in no time flat. Even if I want to go back to sleep, I know my twenty-five alarms would force me to get up anyways. I let out an exasperated groan and get out of my bed, shuffling to my bathroom to get ready for class. I attempt to recall what I needed to do today, from studying for a few tests to. . . Oh no.
"Ffff.. I gotta go to the police station today..." I say to my reflection in my mirror. Toothpaste falls from my mouth and into the sink as I try to come up with a fake name for 'Dragon.' After all, I can't get caught this early in the game by the authorities. 
'Should I.. No, I shouldn't butcher his name in vain.' I say to myself as I continue to brush my teeth. However, the more and more I start to run out of ideas, I know that I would come back to the conclusion of using a dead man's name as an identity. I could only hope his spirit could forgive me.
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Azaroa finally returned to her apartment and fell into bed not bothering to change or shower. It had been way to long of a night for that. Sadly the sleep was pretty short lived given the sting had lasted until well after two in the morning. Azaroa groaned slightly as her alarm went off. She sighed got into the shower before brushing her teeth and changing. She then grabbed her trusty mask and equipment before saying to herself,
"Well... I guess it's time to become a criminal again."
Azaroa almost smiled to herself at this. Although the life of crime fighting in Yeutai had been quite exciting, Azaroa always felt out of place in the conducted and regulated world of Law Keeping. Out in the criminal world she could be herself. Azaroa straightened herself out and decided for today to not tie her hair back. It was always a chore to pull her ponytail through her hat anyways. Azaroa stepped out of her apartment to find a patrol car already waiting for her. She waved at the officer inside and jumped in saying,
" Morning Larry."
Larry simply nodded and began the drive to the station.
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Ateren spent the night at the station. There was already some questioning but he had a pretty solid record. He does mention like... first thing that his 'old' name is Ateren Steelbender. And that he just moved in a week ago and works as an independent writer for the local paper. If called, the person running the local paper would in deed confirm that next Sunday is supposed to be when his name change would be publicized. As morning comes, he wonders how well his background 'search' went. But the information just given would be what comes up should they bother to look up Ateren and that he does indeed have the new name in pending. At least according to the local paper. Ateren would mention as well that he was told to begin using his 'new name' to solidify the name change. Ateren actually only has an ID from the previous town. No license, always walking around and staying at home to work since he's a writer. And by law, it was not required to have a drivers license so long as you don't drive and he doesn't have any records of buying alcohol, despite being well over 21. But for now, he awaits the decisions of the police.
After putting on some joggers, a gray long-sleeve and my light blue hoodie, I fix my hair for the last time. I make sure to mess up my hair, then I grab my bag and put on my shoes. 
"Alright, alright at this rate I should  be able to get to class on time." I say to myself confidently. I walk out my door and lock it behind me before sprinting away from my apartment complex. As I race towards the college, I get out of the way of a police cruiser and issue an apologetic signal before dashing off. If I miss out on my class one more time, I'll have to do it all over again! 
"C'mon, almost there!" I yell at myself as I feel my endurance slowly fading. After a stronger push, I finally make it to the front doors of the University and check my phone.
'Holy crap, made it with at least a minute to spare! ' I think to myself. I take a deep breath and look behind me, reminding myself that I am playing the role of Tsuki now, not Dragon. I turn back around and make my way towards my class.
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Azaroa exited the patrol car and stretched before entering the police station. It was a quiet morning, many officers sleepily plodded along the lobby or the inside of the police station waking themselves up. Azaroa checked her watch and clicked her tongue immediately heading to the front desk where a sleepy man greeted her. Azaroa simply said,
" Need the papers."
The man nodded rifled through a nearby stack of papers before withdrawing an official looking notice paper titled "Leave of Service" and addressed to Azaroa's university. Azaroa nodded and said to herself,
" Ah. Excellent."
She then began to leave before Larry caught her at the door and said,
" Commissioner got together with the Requistions earlier. They said, they got something for you in the impound lot."
Azaroa nodded and changed her path to the impound lot next door to the station where she saw the Requisitions Officer waiting. An older man in his 50's he still very much had a look of a life of policing about him. He waved to Azaroa and said in a deep tired voice,
" Hey Azaroa. Got together with the commissioner earlier. Must say you've made some friends in high places."
The officer threw Azaroa a set of keys to which Azaroa asked puzzled,
" Keys?"
The Requisitions Officer nodded and replied,
" Commissioner said you'd need a ride. Something fast but believable for an assignment. It took a bit of back logging but we found a car we seized a few weeks back from an illegal street racing scene. It's something special."
Azaroa raised her eyebrow as the officer stepped back to a garage and pulled it open. Azaroa found herself looking at black sports car, but she wasn't exactly the car type of person. However the Requisitions officer explained,
" Jaguar F-Type 400 Sport Model. In Metallic Black with sunroof and all the options in the interior including some carbon fiber and suede cloth. Even has advanced climate control and park assist. Probably some rich kids play toy before he got caught racing it. Plates have been reassigned, so legally speaking she's yours now. Treat her well will you? This baby is just under 110,000 U.S on the market and you already know how that kind of money could help the department."
Azaroa nodded before saying,
" When this is over I'll give it back to the department for resale. We need that kind of money to keep the department running... Anyways send my thanks to the Commissioner. Tell him I'll be back soon after I drop off these papers"
Azaroa slowly stepped into the soft seat of her car and grabbed the steering wheel. She closed the door and started the engine and took off to the university.
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Ateren hoped his current cooperation had expressed to the officers that no foul play was done. He heard from them that they contacted, Mr. Russel Veztrozi, the one running the local news paper bit. Russel, also working for the Moonlit Gang in secret, more than likely he would confirm his story. Especially since the 'Alias' he used is not an 'off the top of the head' alias and is one he set and used with the Moonlit Gang. The Jr. bit was for fancy sake and when questioned he would tell the police that he added the Jr. bit because he always thought it was 'cool'. There's nothing illegal about it, at worst the police would simply request his name change to be without the Jr.
"Psst, wake up Tsuki. The teach-" I hear before the sound of an annoying bell makes me jolt up. Damn it, third class I've slept through already! Thankfully it's already almost the end of the day. 
"Crap. Ah oh well, do you think you can send me the notes Angel?" I say to my curly-haired friend as I fix my hair. He gives a reluctant yes before he gets up to go to his class. I give out a thanks before packing up my own supplies.
"Let's see. . . Ahh, Physics next. Don't we have a test?" I mumble out loud to myself as I place my backpack on. I shrug and speed walk to my next class while thinking of what my plan is for after school.
'If I get home quick enough, maybe I'm able to spend more time on War-Shell...' I think before I recall having to go to the Police Station.
'Oh right, Officer Ilun needs to see me! Gah, guess I'll have to postpone my raid.' I let out a sigh of defeat as the thought of my free-time being cut significantly. . .

"H-hello? I'm here to see Officer Ilun I believe?" I ask the receptionist at the police station. I try to scan their name tag but instead look around. I had to play my part. "Is there any way I can meet her soon? I uh-got... studies planned! With friends!" I ask nervously.
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