[Slice of Life] This City
As soon as the place emptied, he wanted to go up and get that coffee. It was his reward! And he might as well cover his tracks by befriending the clerk. At least that's what he's thinking. So he shakily gets up and heads over to the counter. "Say... you uh... still serving coffee? Or are you packing up for the night considering the events that unfolded." He said, rubbing the back of his neck. He didn't know anyone's name yet to boot. He tried to squint his eyes for a name tag though. Just so he wouldn't be rude.
After Officer Ilun and the other female left, I began putting away most of the equipment, the coffee machine for last. I was going to take some for myself, until I heard the only other person in the shop walk towards the counter ask for one. I take a moment to think about it before flashing him a smile.

"Certainly Mister Hethenburg, but I'm only able to give you black coffee. You're able to put in the sugar in by yourself though, and if you need some stuff like cream you can just ask." I point towards the little 'Do It Yourself' area nearby which was still packed with sugar packets, stirring straws and other essentials. I start up the coffee machine. After waiting for a few minutes, I pour some coffee in medium cup meant for him then pour the rest in a larger cup for myself. 

I place his cup on the counter and give him another smile, "It's on the house, just don't tell my manager I gave it to you." I give him a wink before going towards the back and grabbing my backpack. I check the time and see it's only thirty-minutes passed noon, which was plenty of time for me to get to my class that would start in about an hour, which is Criminal Investigation.

After Hethenburg left, I give the coffee machine a quick clean with a rag, then went over the counter and towards the door. "Finally, I can get out of here." I say to myself with relief. This was quite a Monday morning, if I do say so myself. At least tonight's patrol would help clear my mind and fill out the report I have for the Commissioner. I couldn't forget about our meeting, after all. Perhaps he'll be pleased with the evidence I found, if it'll even help either of us.
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Azaroa finally made it home after a decently long walk and entered her apartment. A modest place of little note, she immediately set about organizing her equipment for the nights weapons sting. For the past few weeks she had slowly gained the trust of a small gang called the Water Street Gang. As it Happened the Water Street Gang were starting to grow bolder by the day. Azaroa being opportunistic managed to set up a buy between her as a representative of the gang and some arms dealers for a variety of fire arms and illegal melee weaponry. If everything went right both the gang and the dealers would be spending the next twenty years in prison. Azaroa sorted through her ammunition, weapons, and equipment before leaving them on the large dining table to head to the computer.
She sighed as she sat and turned on her computer before starting up a search now curious again about the so called Jasmine Smith and Galeo Hethenburg Jr. As Azaroa searched she found several people matching the name Jasmine Smith but none of the ones she found looked remotely like the woman she had met in the coffee shop. As Azaroa saw it, either this Jasmine Smith didn't have a record with the police which was unlikely given her gun had to be registered somewhere or the name was false. Galeo Hethenburg Jr. on the other hand was easy, the name was so specific Azaroa was immediately able to deduce that no such person even existed Junior or Senior. Azaroa sighed and wished that she had taken some photos of the two so she might be able to run an image search but on the front Azaroa had left to her colleagues who didn't seem to get the chance of getting more then the basic witness statements before being called away on other more important business which did not include photos sadly.
Azaroa shrugged to herself for now, for the time being she would have to wait and see if she met the two again, and with that she went back to finishing up her previous report for the previous case she had been working on, which she anticipated would take her until the time of the sting to finish.
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Ateren took the cup of coffee and poured in his own condiments then. "Thank you." He said before doing so. He thought to himself about the situation that has happened and figured he should report this situation to his betters. With that thought hanging in his head, he waves good bye and heads out of the coffee shop to his little alcove room. This included passing the 'Employee Lounge' door in the apartment complex again. He would meet up with some of his mates from the organization. On passing, Ateren told them about the cop and robbery situation he was in. The replies were supportive at least, echoing from the conversation from earlier. "Yo, ah told ya d'at bee'in undah covah and in'ack'tuv wa-" Ateren sort of drowned out the rest and reassessed what his painful dribble meant. For the most part, being under the radar probably saved us from being noticed, at least that's what he thought he said. The worst part? Is that the guy is STILL talking, and he's getting worked up, causing his words to be ran together without pause. Ateren spares himself the headache and excuses himself to head back to his room at B3.
I glance at my watch and read it, being only five minutes past Eleven. I let out an exasperate sigh, crossing the street towards the direction of my apartment. I keep a smile on my face, however, trying to be optimistic. After all, I did just survive another mugging.

After a few more minutes of travelling, I unlock and enter into my small, one-bedroom apartment and take off my hoodie. I let out a sigh of relief and take out my phone, quickly going through my social media's and messaging random people on the internet. After all, what else am I suppose to do till later? After a bit, I feel myself drifting in and out of consciousness.

"No... I need to stay up or elsss..."

In my dream, all I see- no, all I strangely feel around me is darkness. And yet, I know somewhere in the darkness, someone is watching me. As I attempt to move around, I realize that no matter how hard I try, that something or someone is keeping me in restrains. My breathing begins to pick up as I start to panic, trying to find someway to wake up. I try to scream, too, yet my voice is silent. I feel myself sinking down and my fear rising.

I wake up screaming, a ring of sweat on my forehead. I glance at my phone, which reads 7:05 PM. Crap, I skipped out on lunch and dinner. I let out a heavy sigh and get up to stretch, getting my outfit ready out of my room. What was that all about?
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Azaroa continued her work for sometime taking brief breaks for Lunch and Dinner. Finally after many hours of writing up reports for the twelve people she had arrested she stretched and got off her computer shutting it off. She checked the clock on the wall and sighed grabbing all her things from the Kitchen Table and quickly exiting her apartment. Outside a Patrol Car had been parked and Azaroa waved at the Officer inside before getting in the passenger side and saying,
" Hey Larry. Thanks for the ride. What we got?"
Larry or Officer Holt as the name tag said was a tall man in his mid 40's and a veteran of the force, he replied,
" The usual contingent of course. Per side that is, this double sting thing is a lot harder to coordinate then usual. We all gotta make sure apprehending one group doesn't tip off the other and all that."
With that Larry started the car and they drove on their way to the station. Azaroa sighed replying,
" Well that's what you guys get for hiring someone actually competent eh?"
Larry shrugged and within ten minutes they reached the station. Azaroa and Larry got out of the car and filed into the briefing room along with two dozen other officers. Azaroa got to the front turned on the projector and said,
" All right everyone you know the drill. We've rehearsed this like a dozen times so if you ain't got your shit down, pay attention now cause I ain't gunna repeat it again. I need a dozen with me on the buy and another dozen at the Water Street Hideout. We're expecting at least a dozen for the buyers and the Water Street boys have a half dozen. Expect some resistance but if you get them by surprise I'm sure everything will be just fine. Code phrase for the dealer ambush is ' Guess we're going to party.' and code phrase for the gang ambush is 'The party is here.' I'll be driving the unmarked black SUV, new make, tinted windows. Ya'll have already seen it so for the love of god don't fucking pull it over for speeding. Let's play this fast and hard and they won't know what hit em. Dismissed."
Everyone got up from their seats with a mumbling of anticipation in the air. Azaroa filed out with them into the armory putting on her vest securing her pistols and wrapping her face mask around her head before stepping outside into her designated SUV. She stretched once more almost gladly. Out here in the criminal world she wasn't required to be at least semi-professional. She could finally just be herself for the time being. She started up her car and drove to the buy site.
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The Moonlit Gang. Yep, that's the official name of this group. Down here under the apartment complex is a unique lifestyle by all means. There are ranks and privileges for each of these ranks. The leader is always female, no ifs or buts. In addition, the gang has a cult status quote revolving around the Queen. It's said she has 'Moon Powers' on top of being very beautiful. How true is this? It's a cult status quote for Pete sake. It's not serious enough to be religious base, but it has that odd fusion of cult and gang going on. The end goal is essentially for the Queen to take of this town and then perhaps war against other mafia groups for dominance. But the goal for the actual members is to please the Queen and either get brainwashed into joining or join on their own accord.

Lastly, there is a 5 rank system with the queen on top. You have the normal members, New Moonites as the queen calls them, that are there for the cult itself and either help with revenue gains or act as soldiers to do the dirty work. Then you have the next level up called Full Moonites. This status is awarded to those trustworthy enough to be officially recognized as a member of the gang. This and the previous rank makes up a good 70% of the gang. The next rank? About 25% of the gang called, Blood Moonites. These guys do the dirty work and has a sub-culture of their own within this sub-culture. Once you've achieved this rank, you're now in a contest to try and reach the next rank. The Queen disapproves of back-stabbing and thinks of this gang as a family. So the first sign of it is seen as a betrayal of the family. Every full moon, the Queen and those among the last rank will choose one person to ascend to the 4th rank system, Super Moonites. (Super moons btw is a rare occasion when the moon is closest to earth on rotation in addition to being a Full Moon. ;3 This December on the 3rd is actually the next occasion!) These make up 4ish% and they're essentially the CIA/FBI of the gang. Experts at what they do and can be difficult to deal with. They're saved for top priority missions and they're lead by the final rank system. The last rank is a government of sorts with the Queen as the figurehead. These are the Eclipses. There are 5 of them, 6 if you include the Queen. Four of them lead one of the other 4 ranks respectively, the last one is known as the Queen's right hand man and personal best. To end off, each of these ranks have floors that they dwell in, B1 being a lounge for everyone, B2-B6 being residential. New Moonites can only go down to B1 or B2, then Full Moonites reside at B3 but can't go further, you know the drill. Only those Super Moon and up can talk to the Queen personally. Penalty for trying to meet with her prematurely without special exceptions made known is usually met with immediate 'termination'.

With context out of the way, everyone wears a crescent moon somewhere on their person while under the complex. Ateren wears it proud on the back of his bomber jacket and wears it in public too. Since he's the only one... he gets away with being the anomaly. Ateren also doubts anyone got a good look at his back with him sitting down with the emblem covered by the back of the seat when interviewed. The only person to have had the convenience to check out his backside was the coffee shop clerk. He had just sent the good news to a representative that would carry on the mission success when he heard some troubling news. Ateren is a Full Moonite, rank 2 out of 5 for those a little bit lost and would rather not read the above a second time, and his commanding Eclipse approached the majority of us to fill us in on an issue.

This guy had drill sergeant written all over him. He had the obligatory scar on his face, this time it's across his nose horizontally, and wore a tattered dark purple suit with a lunar armband. He wasn't buffy or muscular, but he had the scowl more mysterious than the dark side of the moon. Getting a read on this guy is impossible. Best yet, he wore glasses and had slick back hair. The best of the drill sergeant cliché and the pompous glasses wearing straight 'A' student cliché. "There's, been a little breach in security." He said smoothly yet forcefully. "One of our own was arrested by the police recently... wearing our emblem." Oh... oh dear. He knew there was a few that got arrested at the coffee shop, but the thought of one of our own being arrested while he was out? Sent shivers down Ateren's spine. "I extremely URGE you all to refrain from illegal acts for the time being. We can't let our existence be found out. This organization is not ready to be known publically and certainly not by the police organization. Furthermore... it seems that the police has stepped up a notch in competence. Do NOT underestimate them." With that, he marched off. Ateren wondered more and more about whether or not the cop from the coffee shop saw the moon on his back and would make a connection. He felt a heavy weight in his stomach after the news.
As I feel the hot water touch my skin, I close my eyes and attempt to remember what occurred in the dream in sequence. There was something hidden, a secret message of some sorts. Yet, there was only darkness? I lather my hair with shampoo to get out any smell that may have caught onto me since the coffee shop. This is routine of course, for me to shower before heading out for a midnight patrol. I rub a bar of soap around my body, making sure to be thorough. After turning off the shower head and drying myself down, it was time to prepare for the action. I put on my long-sleeve compression shirt, making sure to stretch out the end of it to mask my body, followed by the compression pants. I grab my jacket and spray on some off-brand cologne before putting it on. I take a whiff of it and gag a little, hating how strong it is, however understanding that it was all part of covering my identity. I put on the sweatpants soon after, making sure that they are on my waist correctly. Last but not least, I take off my glasses and carefully put on the colored contacts. I blink a few times once getting them in and stare at myself in the mirror. I grin at myself, messing up my hair into a different style before heading out of the bathroom. Once out, I put on my black mask and grab my gear Ninjato, taser and a small bag of items, leaving behind any personal belongings such as my phone. I check the time, seeing how it's currently 8:51PM before making my way down to the police station.

After ease dropping on the meeting, I make my way to the Commissioner's room, I try my best to keep my eyes forward. Of course, this isn't my first time being here and hopefully not my last, but it doesn't help for the fact that Officer Ilun walks past me and we almost bump shoulders. I wanted to apologize, but only nodded at her and try my best to keep quiet. I'm afraid that the voice lessons that I have been taking were not as advance as I would hope it to be just yet. Regardless, I knock on his door and await outside with a photograph in hand.
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Azaroa started her drive in relative silence. She didn't particularly care to tune the radio to anything and either way, had better things to focus on then finding a station to listen to music. Azaroa kept her eyes on the road and drove on. With in fifteen minutes or so she pulled up to a large apartment complex, separated by a narrow dark alleyway. Azaroa blinked as the streetlights nearby flickered in a deep glow of yellow and white. Azaroa sighed to herself and said to herself,
" All right show time."
She then put on an earpiece cleverly hidden behind both her mask and her hat and got outside the car. She checked her watch. 9:06 P.M. A bit early but Azaroa didn't mind. If anything she was expecting the dealers to be there early. She grabbed a briefcase from the trunk and approached the dark alley with a light step and got her mindset into play, keeping her wits about her looking for any sign of the dealers or perhaps an intruder. But so far so good.
Azaroa made it to the midway point of the alley then took a side alley to the left. She was greeted by dim flashlights centered around a group of about a dozen people about a hundred meters off. As Azaroa approached she suddenly heard a mans voice, and even then she could tell it was laden with alcohol.
"Hey there pretty little thing? What are you doing here?"
The man reached for Azaroa. Azaroa however was more then prepared, drawing her short bat hitting the man in the gut, then as he keeled over landing another loud crack on the back of his head. The man collapsed groaning in pain and Azaroa casually stepped over his body as a tall man from the concentration of Flashlights arose. A booming voice sounded and said,
" Jesus. I have to assume you're Az?"
Azaroa nodded and the tall man laughed and said,
" What the hell are you doing still running with the idiots at Water Street?"
Azaroa replied,
" They may be idiots but there ambitious idiots. You must be Zeke."
The man nodded an replied,
" Aye. And you must be here to pick up the goods. I must say, your boys must have something big planned. Ambitious indeed."
Zeke motioned Azaroa over and sitting on the ground was a stack of crates and boxes. Azaroa pried open the tops of every stack. In one stack lay FN P90's. In the one next this lay a stack of FN 5.7 Pistols. And in the third stack lay a variety of melee weapons. Azaroa inspected them picking up a particularly sharp looking Tomahawk and rolled her eyes before realizing that all the guns were painted in aqua blue. Azaroa chuckled to herself at the stupidity and commented,
" Jesus christ, they even had them painted. I knew they were idiots. Just not flashy idiots with easily identifiable guns. These assholes are gunna get me caught."
Zeke smiled and replied,
" Hey it's not flashy, it's branding! I got paid a lot extra from your boys for the paint job!"
Azaroa rolled her eyes again, deciding to sheath the tomahawk below her back-pack before saying,
" Good enough for me. Ain't my money. Here."
Azaroa handed Zeke the briefcase which he briefly opened then closed. He then paused for a second and said,
" Say... You wouldn't be interested in a job opportunity would you?"
Azaroa looked up and said,
" Go on..."
Zeke smiled broader and said,
" I know a guy. His name is Colin, or on the streets you might of heard the name Dragon Fly. See I sell him lots of things and last I heard he was looking for some talent. He's a pretty big deal with Nirvana's main leadership. A local Lieutenant I think, in charge of an entire section of the city, think South West Yeutai. Syndicate fellow. He could use someone like you."
Azaroa rose her eyebrow. She had heard of Dragon Fly before. He was well known for his crimes in extortion and money laundering. Azaroa realized she had a very unique opportunity about her and said simply,
" You have my attention..."
Zeke smiled even wider and continued,
" Excellent! Here I'll give you his number. Tell him Zeke sent ya'. I'm sure you'll find great success!"
Azaroa took the card Zeke offered and had his men's help transporting the weapons back to the SUV. Azaroa clambered in and said,
" All right thanks Zeke."
She closed the door knowing that at the moment Zeke was to important to arrest, so as she drove off she called in quietly,
" All units, all units, cancel operation in this area. Repeat cancel."
Azaroa drove straight to the Water Street Hideout and quickly said,
" Fast and hard everyone. Get these guys wrapped up..."
Azaroa then watched as several police vans quickly drove in and stormed the hideout. As she watched from behind tinted windows and a block away as her former comrades went to jail she picked up her phone and immediately dialed for the Police Commissioner.
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After the announcement of one of the Moonlit Gang being arrested wearing our emblem publically, Ateren began to fantasize a bit. He knew he was underground, but having windows that showed an underground city would've been really cool. He smiled on this fact for a bit before heading up to B1 to lounge with some of the 'family.' The elevator ride was extremely quiet this time around. The elevator music wasn't running anymore come to think of it. He'll have to report this. The Moonlit Gang owns this entire Apartment Complex and is a legal source of income. Owning a business here was cheap and so it's smack dab in the middle of 'loser-ville' as Ateren likes to say.

The elevator dinged and he got off on his designated floor. His first place to go to was the lounge. He needed a refill on coffee. But before he could go into the lounge, a few Moonlit New Moon newbies head over to tell the others in a bit of a panic. "P-Police!" The mere word and mention cranked up his adrenaline to dial 11. Another Full Moon member like Ateren, a friend of sort named Robin, was the first to ask. He wore a red hoodie and white undershirt with blue pants; sporting our crescent moon emblem on his thigh.
"Wait. Why? I thought we were-",
He began but was cut off by the two New Moon members.
"They're in an alley across the street! T-They just pulled in and..."
At this point I breathed a sigh of relief and then interrupted myself,
"Then they're not here for us. No need to worry yourselves."
Robin nodded and verbally agreed. At this point the two New Moon newbies exchanged worried glances and then went off to let their supervisory Eclipse know. At that moment, Robin made a suggestion.
"Hey, why don't we head top side and take a quick look."
He said to Ateren, holding up a finger as if to say he has an idea. Ateren folded his arms and hummed before replying,
"That's dangerous... but I have to admit my curiosity is peaked and my adrenaline is still pumping."
He said with a Wry smile. At this moment Robin gave an excited grin and took Ateren to the first floor.

Once top-side, they crouch ran to the windows at the front entrance. Ateren immediately rose up to take a peak, totally forgetting to use his spy glass. For a few split moments he saw vans moving in on the alley way nearby. Another vehicle was parked, but the level of tint on the vehicle kept him from seeing anyone on the inside. It's a shame too, since it's impossible to forget Ateren's mug and clean shaven, slick brown hair. Robin then asks, "See anything?"
"Yeah, the cops, but they're not approaching here by any means." He said while squinting his eyes and watching from the window. Ateren, still wore his bomber jacket from the coffee shop to boot. He would duck a little any time a flashlight or person looks this way, at least any he saw.

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