[Slice of Life] This City
The tall Caucasian begins to grumble out loud at the cop, "Yeah, I got a knife in my back pocket and the ginger has a switch blade." I watch as they shift a bit and take it out to put it on the ground before seeing a small card slip out of their pocket without him acknowledging it.
 "Crap, I dropped something."I speak, quickly snatching it up to look at it. 
As I hide it from plain sight and view it, it seems to be nothing more than a small white business card with nothing on it save a strange dark blue symbol similar to that of two canes crossing together with the letter, 'N' in-between them. I frown and flip it back and forth to see if I could identify anything strange before placing it on the counter for officer Azaroa, but not before taking a quick picture for save keeping. As much as I respect authority and this officer, I have my own situations to deal with.
 "I-Is there anything I can help with, officer?" I say before scratching the back of my head nervously. Gosh I hope I'm pulling this off well.
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.
Azaroa shook her head as she went about retrieving the two weapons that the robbers had dropped before putting them on the counter. Outside two police cruisers pulled to the front of the store including a police wagon from which 3 officers emerged. As they entered Azaroa waved them in and said,
" Stanton help me with these three assholes. Locke go talk those two patrons, drew weapons during the robbery. Haynes talk to Mister Khiem here, he'll be our witness."
The three officers all nodded and Azaroa helped Stanton cuff up the three men before saying,
" Weapons on the counter. Handgun has been cleared and unloaded plus two knifes. Make sure to search them real good Stanton, I have a feeling they have more stuff on them."
Meanwhile Officer Locke approached the two patrons. A tall Caucasian with a buzz cut he almost screamed that he was a cop uniform aside. He cleared his throat and said,
" All right you two, I need names and if you got your weapons please don't reach for them. Just give us the descriptions of any weapons you have on your person."
Meanwhile Officer Haynes approached Tsuki. A bulky African american man with the air about of him of a college athlete gone slightly to seed he said in a slightly booming voice,
" Mister Khiem was it? I need you to tell me exactly what happened or if you prefer just fill out a witness statement."
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As the narcs came flooding in, I took a breath as I got into character. By the time one came over, I was in the mindset of an all-too-well-used persona.
"My name's Jasmine Smith," I said, a touch shakily. "I have a Glock Twenty-Two that I like using at ranges. I-I don't have the best of aim, but I really wanted to help the cop lady with the three trying to rob the place." My tone sounded innocent enough, and I let my expression show that I was a naïve little girl who just wanted to help. I-I'm not in trouble, am I?"
Ateren saw the 'cop' approach them both. He gives the cop a light smirk before mentioning his name. "Galeo Hethenburg Jr. The weapon I had is non-lethal. It's a pepper spray gun." He said before eyeing the cop quite confidently.
I swallow my spit and shutter from how deep his voice is. It takes me a moment to regain my composure and respond, "I'd rather fill out a witness statement, sir. I'm not the best at t-talking." I say as I do my best to act as much of a gentleman as I can. It's hard, though, when there's someone who probably knows how to kill someone in a hundred different ways is staring right at me.

I do my best to ponder while listening to him and paying attention. First of all, why did three different people pull out their guns, with one of them pointing theirs as an officer. I push all of my questions and concerns in the back of my mind for now, maybe after I get more details tonight I can answer all of them. It wouldn't hurt me to stop another crime and get more information about Nirvana.
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.
Azaroa helped Stanton out to the paddy wagon before re-entering catching the tail end of Officer Locke talking to the two other patrons. As she watched Locke write the information down on his notepad Azaroa was instantly put off by something. During the robbery the woman that had drawn the gun had been perfectly calm, if not apathetic. Now she spoke a touch shakily, as if nervous or afraid. Azaroa didn't have much on the other man other then the strange interaction he had with the woman before he entered the store as well. But Azaroa knew she couldn't just arrest the two on a suspicion and for now decided to keep an eye on the two and see if see couldn't find anything on the so called Jasmine Smith and Galeo Hethenburg Jr. As she passed Officer Locke shook his head and said,
" No ma'am. So far as Officer Ilun has informed us your story checks out. Just wait a minute and I'll get you a copy of the report and you can be on your way."
At this Officer Locke finished his writing, briefly disappeared back to his squad car and returned with two copies which he laid on the table. He then tapped Azaroa on the shoulder and said,
" I"m gunna help Stanton haul these guys to the station. You got this?"
Azaroa nodded and said,
" Should be fine. Wait up for Haynes, I don't think he'll be long."
Indeed at the counter Officer Haynes nodded and pulled out a sheath of paper and said,
" Written witness statement. When your done, go ahead and hand it to Officer Azaroa here. I gotta get to another call..."
Haynes nodded and jogged lightly after his two other co-workers before Azaroa finally took a seat again at her table as the three left. Azaroa sipped her coffee again and frowned slightly. In the intervening time it had become a unpleasant sort of lukewarm but for now Azaroa said,
" Take your time Mister Khiem. If you can't finish it before I have to go, just take it to station."
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Once given the witness statement, I filled it out while still holding my persona— shakily writing, botching memory a bit, all the normal stuff paranoid people do. I wrote out how I tried to be calm in the whole situation and how inside I was tearing apart or whatever, a story that's convinced the narcs for a good while now. Once filled out, I brought it up to the undercover and placed it at the edge of the table she sat at.
"H-here you go," I stammer. "Sorry for drawing my gun, I-I thought you needed help." With that, before giving the narc a chance to reply, I turned and left, leaving what I bought at the table and towing only my satchel bag with me, complete with laptop and the new document within it.

As I made my way back home to look over the doc in piece, I couldn't help but wonder about the goofy man who handed me it. He seemed all-too-confident to be a regular druggie, and it's highly irregular for me to just be a contact point of receiving information as well. I'll need to be cautious with this…
Ateren kept up his own shtick as well. Over exaggerating his part. 'I totally went in and saved the day! That shaky girl and the cop girl were out numbered three to two! So I cam in with my non-lethal pepper spray pellet gun and aimed it at the third guy. Stopped him dead in his tracks from trying anything funny! Without that, I'm sure they would've been done for. A hero, that's me! Galeo Hethenburg da second! But legally it's Jr. because my pops is still around.' He wrote in his testimony.

He watched the lady leave and looked at the muffin she left behind. He sighed and decided it might be time to finally get himself a cup of coffee. But he kind of wanted to talk some more with the girl that just left too. He decided to think on this for a moment.
"R-right away, miss!" I say with a smile before walking back behind the counter with witness statement. I read through carefully then jot down a few things with the pen nearby, adding notes about how the criminals were dressed all up to the end when the police cruiser stopped at the coffee shop. I let out a sigh and comb my hand through my hair for a moment.
 'If this would have turned sour, would I really freeze up and give up that easily?' I ponder to myself, a tidbit frustrated with myself. I read over the witness statement before looking up at Officer Azora and noticing her coffee.
'Oh, right! She had a coffee throughout this whole situation. Must be awfully warm by now.' I think with a smile. 
'If it wasn't for her, I'd probably be a goner.'
I notice the small cup of coffee nearby that I had yet to sell or use, with an idea in mind as to how to give my thanks to the Officer. I check the temperature from the outside, still feeling the warmth radiate. I hold it carefully with the witness statement in my other hand and walk from behind the counter and towards her table.
"Here is that witness statement, miss. And-um, as I thanks I noticed how your coffee was sitting out the whole time during this situation, so I wanted to give you a warm coffee. You know, just as a thanks for saving me skin." I say with a light chuckle and smile at the end. 
"It's the least I can do for something in your line of work, you know?"
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.
Azaroa nodded as she received the witness testimony from both the strange man and Tsuki. To her mild surprise Tsuki has retrieved her a new cup of coffee from behind the counter. Azaroa replied,
"Appreciated Mister Khiem."
Azaroa then took a sip of the new coffee and sat for a small while before arising from her chair and saying,
" I think I must be going. Thank you for the witness statements Mister Khiem. You too Mister Hethenburg..."
Azaroa took a second to gather her things and reset her belongings before grabbing her cup of coffee and leaving through the door. She checked her watch. Almost noon. Azaroa silently swore to herself thinking that she would have to get to the station by one to handle some paperwork from a previous case before awaiting briefing that evening about a weapon sting she had set up a few weeks prior. Not to mention digging up details of the so called Miss Smith and Mister Hethenburg... Plenty to keep her busy until the sting that was. Azaroa set off directly for the station. Walking there would take a good 20 to 30 minutes.
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