[Slice of Life] This City
While scrolling through my browser at the expense of whoever "Aether" was, I noticed movement from the group of four. At that moment, I saw on my screen that they were a very similar match, if not exact. By the moment two and two were together, however, they were already in front of the counter, less than five feet away from them. Gods damn it, I thought. Why do I always get the dumb ones? I let out a soft sigh, before closing my laptop and putting it in its bag— a simple, black, water resistant outside with a cool leather inside to keep the computer safe from both heat and moisture, that bore a standard black strap and a handle to carry it with. I slung the strap over my shoulder, and walked up to the group, just as the woman claimed to be police. Typical undercovers… always got to put on a show, even though only petty criminals are persuaded by their ruse.

Once behind the woman, I took out my homemade Glock 22, and cocked it, making it apparent that it was loaded before pointing it at the back of the undercover's head.
"It's against police code to threaten anyone without good reason," I say, my tone soft and silky, yet void of emotion. "You only need to present your gun and a badge. If they become hostile, then you aim." I then pause. "Please lower your weapons, both of you… Peppernickle is here." If any of these guys were who I was looking for, they would know exactly what that meant. This is the best— if not only, by this point— way to find if one of these four are my contact.
Ateren watched in slight amusement as the events unfolded. He saw through the scope the turning of the dial in the coffee. He was smiling as he was ready to see one of them get a face full of coffee burns. But then the undercover cop showed up! This even went from exciting to juicy in a fraction... although it puts him a bit on edge. He has a job to do here and he wanted to grab coffee here in addition. Otherwise, he'd use the coffee machine at the lounge. He sighed and hid back a bit further to avoid being seen.

"...Peppernickle is here."

His eyes widened and he reached into his metallic backpack to pull out the envelope before sighing with a light groan. He was there for her apparently. The sticky note on the back had a simple order. In an effort to gain information for the little group he's in, they're needed to meet with a certain someone. It was to give the envelope to them, code being 'Peppernickle is here.' He found it stupid and somewhat obvious in honesty. But given the circumstances, the silly saying actually fits in this context.  Question was, how was he supposed to respond with the response code in this situation? 'I come under the moonlight.' It's not even night! He thought to himself.

He wracked this in his brain and then decided to give her support at least. He tosses the scope from earlier into his backpack. Ateren strolls firmly past the windows before taking out a pepper gun. Not the one that shoots bullets, but the fancy new one that shoots pepper spray in the shape of pellets that does serious fast dissolving when entering the body heat that lies under the skin. Pretty good disabler, with the issue of only being able to pierce thin fabric.

Ateren opens the front door to the coffee shop with the literal pea shooter aiming in the air casually in his right hand. Green tinted shades over his eyes. His bomber jacket has a hidden Kevlar mesh because of the town they're in and the work he does... but again, it protects only his arms and his heart and lungs. Not to mention the space between the zippers since it's unzipped. "I come under the moonlight..." He lifts his shades and pretends to look up. "No wait, that's just the sunglasses." Hiding it under comedic effect! Brilliant! He praised himself for how brilliant that was. Even if they catch on they can lie low with this undercover cop in the area.

He then decides to point his pea shooter at any of the remaining four that could possibly be disabled. Oh here's a good one, there's one with painfully average clothing. He won't even need to aim for a neck shot, just a stomach or back shot and he's good. He will keep an eye on the undercover cop but he trusts this informant to know what she's doing.
My emotions shift from fear to relief for a moment when the undercover police officer stood up and confronted the robbers. . . Only for that to be taken away with her being in danger. And if that wasn't enough, some person with sunglasses and what yet another gun came in. I put down the coffee as carefully as I could and leave me hands risen. The last thing I want is to be hurt with nothing to defend myself. You know, since I'm the only one without a pistol. The lead lets out some very choice words before putting his gun on the counter and raising his hands up. 

"Ain't this som' bull. For all anyone cares, the kid could'a called the authorities without anyon' knowin'. Ain't no one worry 'bout that?" He says as he turns to me to give a shit-eating grin, as if I wasn't already put into this predicament. I take a deep breath and try to regain my surroundings and do my best not to get myself nor anyone killed in this situation.

"L-look, I have no idea what is going on right now. I-if we can all just p-put the guns down, I'm.. sure we can all get into an agreement." I say with fear in my voice. If only I wasn't myself in this situation, maybe I could help more. . .

I glance at the undercover cop and feel a bit touched inside. Sure, it was their duty to help stop a robbery, but by all means she had the option to go like the few customers that already left when this whole standoff started. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do, but I know I have to at least help her out in this situation by any means necessary. . . That doesn't involve me being shot or killed, of course.
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Azaroa smiles as the lead robber dropped his weapon onto the counter and lowers her weapon as well responding,
" I'd say a armed robbery is a sign of aggression and hostlility enough to warrant weapons being pointed..."
Azaroa slowly turns and notes the new man coming in also armed keeping his weapon trained on one of the robbers and continues with a laugh saying,
" Besides, it's also illegal to hold a gun to a officers head ain't it?"
Azaroa holstered her pistols and continued saying,
" All right you three assholes kindly lay on the ground, hands behind your back will ya? And whoever the hell you are miss lower your god damn weapon. You too sir."
She nodded at the other two armed people and continuing,
" Though I can understand why you'd draw a weapon though. No badge right?"
Azaroa shifted through her bag and clicked her tongue as she pulled out a radio and a badge holder. She flipped it open for the woman and the robbers to see and hit the radio saying,
" This is Officer Ilun, Got a 211 here near the university coffee shop, got three surrendered, roll me a wagon for three suspects and a another unit to..."
Azaroa turned to the register grabbing the gun of the counter as she did so as to make sure it was safe and asks,
" Hey buddy what's the address?"
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Given the attempted robber put their gun down, I felt more at ease that this undercover would give me the perfect reason to pull my trigger if she pulled hers. When she lowered her gun as well, and swore at me to lower mine, I rolled my eyes before holstering my own firearm. Shortly afterward, I turned to the one who said the other half of the line, raising an eyebrow. I can see his attempt at hiding it, but holy hell was it shitty. I sigh, before returning to my table, and gesturing for the new man to follow and take a seat.

"You don't look like the average druggie," I speak in a low tone once he's seated. "Something tells me you're with the narc. Something else tells me that something big will follow." I give a very stern, cold look. "Let's hope for your sake it's the latter." I then nudge his right leg with her left, holding her left hand under the table for the envelope. Usually it would contain money, and my right hand would have the product, but this was an odd case— more than enough reason for me to have brought my Glock with me. A pay-first product-later deal? That *shrieks* shady— even shady for Tor's network. I took a quick glance over to the narc. She seemed too worried about the attempted robbers. The fuzz should be here soon, so I'd have to make this deal quick and get out as fast as possible before they try I.D.ing me.
Ateren gave the undercover cop a wry look before twirling the non-lethal pea shooter around his finger. He of course holsters it in hopes that the robbers would be dealt with instead of himself. He kind of felt a tad bit sorry for the cashier working this coffee shop. He also still hoped to grab a cup of joe after things were done. He's not a fan of skipping morning coffee. Meanwhile, he was nudged by the informant and went with her to one of the tables. He figured it was to talk but the transaction had quickly been started. It was a small window... but probably the best one since the undercover is distracted.

Ateren wasn't really told that the product would come after, or if there was going to be a product. He was only told to 'give' this to the informant. Nothing to imply a trade if one didn't happen. Regardless, he pushes up the green tinted sunglasses to reveal green eyes before giving the envelope to her as she spoke. "I have no real proof toward either theory... but I can say that no cop, undercover or otherwise, would be caught dead peaking about with this." He said taking out the spyglass/scope from earlier momentarily before putting it away. He'd take it back out should she ask for it.
I feel myself let out the breath I was holding in with relief. No bloodshed, meaning I can get out of here faster. "420 Kyle Street, complex number 12-7." I say to the officer. I put my hands down and carefully slide the gun away to from the counter, just in-case any of the robbers were going to try to pull a fast one. I see them lay on the ground, with their tail between their legs and their pride no where to be seen. It was funny in its own sense, they come into a small coffee shop with total badassary only to be shamed on not just a police officer, but two other armed citizens. It didn't help that it was currently only one officer in the building, though. Sure, there is also a Vigilante but as of right now, I'm a normal citizen. The best I can do in the moment is play the part. 

I look over at the two other people in the coffee shop, having their own conversation. With that, I walk out from behind the coffee counter area and hold my hand out shyly at the officer. 

"T-Thanks for um, ya know, saving my life. I wasn't sure what I was going to do if you didn't step up." I say with a nervous tone. It didn't help my nervousness that she is pretty, nor her seeming to be the same age as me, if not slightly older. 
"M-My name's Tsuki by the way. Tsuki Khiem. Just in- case you need it for your police report or whatever."
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Azaroa called the address in and added saying,
"Roll me another unit with cuffs, I ain't got them on me."
Azaroa then turned briefly to say to the two other armed patrons missing their exchange saying,
" As for you two would you mind sticking around for a bit longer? Weapons were drawn, protocol says we gotta talk to you both, but I doubt you'll get more then a warning. I'll let 'em know about the situation as it were."
Azaroa turned back around as the three criminals lay down on the ground looking quite defeated. Azaroa almost smiled at this. It seemed almost ironic that they had surrendered to a short police officer and two other armed civilians nearby. Azaroa looked up again as the cashier emerged from the counter after carefully sliding the weapon away and shyly held out his hand. Azaroa shook it firmly noting the cashiers nervous nature but dismissing it as post robbery shock and replied,
" Officer Azaroa Ilun, Mister Khiem. Don't worry about the stepping up part. It's my job. Anyways we will need you for the witness statement so stand by, my units should arrive shortly..."
As this Azaroa looked out the window and saw just around the corner a police cruiser and said into her radio,
"Code 4, Units are around the corner."
Azaroa returned to Tsuki and continued saying,
"Way to keep calm though. I've been in robberies where the victim were screaming their heads off before a gun was even drawn.... Speaking of which..."
Azaroa walked over to the re-positioned gun and grabbed it dropping the magazine on the counter then clearing the chamber before laying the gun down again and turning to the prone criminals and saying,
" Any of you three assholes have anything else that's gunna poke me, stick, or generally hurt me? Cause if you do we are going to have a major issue."
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I take the envelope firmly from the contact's hand, and shove it in my own satchel bag, next to the computer. I then got up, prepared to go before the cop noticed and spoke to us. I let out a quiet groan, rolling my eyes as I sat back down. After a brief moment, I looked to the contact.
"I need you to give me a name," I say softly. "An alias to call you by. Narcs tend to be way to invasive, in case that wasn't already blatant." I put both my hands on the table, looking the contact dead in the eye. "My name is Jasmine Smith, I'm a long time friend of yours, and we came out to get coffee before going bowling, got it?" My gaze was stern and cold, as though willing to shoot this contact if he didn't follow as I said. Which, to be fair, I would have. I didn't need any unwanted searches or seizures from the narcs, and they're less suspicious the more civil we seem. "If they ask about the guns, you could just say we would head to the range after, and that we're just a touch over protective." I brush my fringe out of the way, letting the emerald green of my eyes be seen better. "Throw in some flavour if you need to, like having a crush on me or something."
Ateren calculated all the information given to him. He gave a few nods as she spoke. His sunglasses were shifted to the end of his nose so his eyes were visible by all means. It can be gathered that his eyes are extremely earthbound. Almost unfazed by the glare given. "W-Wha? Jeez, a name..." He said the 'a name' part a bit softly. His body movements and goofiness were a stark contrast to what his eyes gave away. It might seem suspicious, but he seems to open that door a tad when he smirked as he pushed his sunshades up. Who really knows at this point. He takes off his shades and takes out a small cloth to wipe the fog off them. "Galeo Hethenburg Jr. Starry eyed nobody with a passion for looking cool." He said, enjoying himself a tad.

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