Slave S1F0642
Full Name: None
Known As: Slave S1F0642
Species: Oasis Pegasus
Age: Early 20's
Gender: Mare
Hometown: Sudba Mine, The Iron Ring, The Great Desert
Occupation: Sand Sifter for The Black Diamond Slavers
Place of Occupation: Potok Mine, The Iron Ring, The Great Desert
Coat Colour: Tan
Mane Colour: Reddish Brown
Tail Colour: Reddish Brown
Eye Colour: Cactus Green
Cutie Mark: None
Description: Slave Identification Tag S1F0642 is of Oasis decent and works under constant watch of her overseers of The Black Diamond Slaver group. Unlike many of her fellow slaves, S1F0642 was born into slavery in the old Sudba Mine, a mine that was long since taken over by the Black Diamond Slavers well before their rise to power. Known by no other name, S1F0642 has consequently gone her entire life being defined by an identification tag rather then a name. Eventually S1F0642 was transferred away from her birth place to work as a sand sifter in the Potok Mine, a job that entitles using a shovel and a wheelbarrow to shift sand away from a area in order to allow mining efforts to continue. S1F0642's family died in the aftermath of the first slave escape attempt, however by random chance she was spared and instead moved to the new Potok Mine. S1F0642 is known to be a quiet and hard worker and as far as the slaver masters and overseers are concerned where she does her job without question and does not object to cuts in rations or the occasional whipping. However in the hours of night as most slaves rest S1F0642 is among a small group of slaves planning their escape into New Oasis, now wise enough to understand escape to the Badlands is paramount to suicide. S1F0642 is above else eager for knowledge and freedom away from her life as a slave. Her parents always told her of the beauties of The Great Desert before they themselves fell into slavery and S1F0642 now seeks a temporary solution by getting into the slightly better situation of living in the town of New Oasis. From there S1F0642 hopes to one day help the other ponies of the Black Diamond Slavers escape as well. S1F0642 is also noted for her incredible sense of morality, her unwavering loyalty to those who help her and her incredible kindness to other slaves. Despite all this and a physically imposing stature that was formed through years of slavery, S1F0642 is quite awkward near strangers and even towards those she calls friends she prefers to keep quiet, to a point of timidness. S1F0642's ultimate goal is to freely explore The Great Desert without fear of attack and death, to explore a Great Desert that her parents knew well and she wishes to explore herself.
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