Skye Irigo (SRe)
Full Name: Skye Irigo of The First Moon
Species: Arctic Vandrare (Van-Draw-Rey); A distant cousin to the better known Lykros (A race of warrior wolves infamous for their courage in the face of any foe). Vandrare share a common ancestor with the Lykros in that they are Canine in nature, also sharing bipedal forms, and soft fur covered hands; However here is where similarities end. Vandrare much more resemble foxes then their wolf cousins and usually have smaller statures and more elusive natures. Vandrare as a whole species is heavily isolationist, preferring to live far away from the troubles of the world maintaining lives steeped in ancient tradition and religious fulfillment, often only contacting other races and peoples when necessary trade for supplies is needed. Otherwise the Vandrare are practically non-existent in greater society and the knowledge of their race is limited to the select few who have had dealings with them in the past. The Arctic Vandrare are a distinct sub-species of the Vandrare born with thicker, softer coats of fur, usually a white or light gray colour, adapted to their colder environments.
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Height: 5'7
Body Appearance/ Build Type: Primarily a Light Gray with undertones of white fur that shade in stomach, chest, under thigh, edge of tail, and muzzle regions. Slim, Semi-Athletic Build with no defined muscle and average breasts. Ears are light gray with white inner fur. Fluffed, long tail, primarily light gray.
Hair Colour/ Length: Redwood Brown, Waist Length (Relatively well kept)
Eye Colour: Lake Blue
Orientation: None (Not in the sense Skye has no sexual preference, but in the sense that, while Skye may know of the details of sexual relations in relation to reproduction, the concepts of romance and love as we know it are completely unknown to her, outside of familial love.)
Belonging to the heavily isolated and almost monk like people known as the Vandrare, Skye was born upon what her people call the first moon, or as we would call it, a total Lunar Eclipse. This in itself was accompanied by a large amount of pomp and circumstance. The Arctic Vandrare and the Vandrare peoples were dying. A female of the species had not been born for decades, not to add to the fact those born under the First Moon were prophesied to become great leaders. This dual heaping of circumstances meant that Skye was raised with all the care and watchful eye of an entire race of peoples. Growing up Skye was constantly snuffed and consummately groomed for her eventual position as Leader of the Vandrare and ultimately the bride of many suitors in the hopes of reviving the Vandrare race. However suffering through her predetermined fate was not sitting well with Skye at all.
Striving to strike out into the world and make a name for herself away from the sheltered and traditional ways of the Vandrare people, Skye began an unending fascination with the world beyond her tiny isolated home deep in the snowy mountains at a young age of 10. All it took was a friendly librarian and soon Skye was lost in tales of a world much larger and much more vast then she had ever imagined. Now instilled with a drive and sense of self destiny she had never been allowed to have, she sought for years a way to escape her isolated home and experience for herself the wonders of the world.
By her 20th Birthday, Skye was running out of time to make her grand escape as she would come of age in less then a year and still she saw no way beyond the walls of her sheltered town. Escape as it would turn out came at the hands of the friendly librarian that had sparked her curiosity so many years prior. Having quickly befriended the young Skye, the Librarian knew that she was not happy with her sheltered life and offered her one way out. Smuggled aboard a supply ship to the greater world Skye would emerge to a greater world not familiar with her kind and without a gold piece to her name. Yet Skye strove to survive this brave new world. She now exists as a minor courier, striving to build funds so that she may one day join the adventurers of the world and finally satisfy her endless curiosity of the world. 
Skye is above all else driven by an unending search for new experiences and as such has an unending energy and drive to see the world. Being raised in the way she was, Skye is quite socially awkward and has trouble keeping up conversations with new people but will still try her best to learn what she can from the few people she has contact with. Skye is also quite naive and clueless about most things in the world. However to equal this, the world she inhabits is just as unfamiliar to her and her people's ways and mannerisms. As a result Skye is more often then not simply passed off as a distinct foreigner among thousands of others going about their lives. Despite this Skye tries her best to be polite and courteous to everyone she meets but it also quite easily upset about being made fun of for her peculiar accent or her lack of real social skills.
When it comes to combat, Skye is surprisingly adept. Although the Vandrare people rarely if ever had deal with hostile forces in the time they have kept to seclusion, part of the Vandrare tradition was to pass on ancient arts of combat learned centuries ago when the Vandrare still lingered in greater society. This ancient art of combat mainly focused on martial prowess over the use lethal of weapons and as a result the Vandrare Art of Combat is for the most part, non-lethal. Regardless of this fact, the Vandrare Martial Arts were and still are nothing to mess around with. Skye was trained in the Stigande (S-tee-gan-day) Style which focuses on solid defense/ escapes, defensive throws, and devastating counter attacks. Stigande was designed mostly as a defensive martial art, focusing on turning an opponents momentum against them and training its users to better respond to subtle clues on the opponents next move by reading muscle movement at its most minuscule. This in turn allows users like Skye to counter or redirect almost any blow thrown at her and retort with an appropriate counter, which in accordance to the Stigande style is usually directed towards the limbs. Beyond this martial training Skye has no experience using weapons of any kind, however as a Vandrare her kind is naturally gifted with a affinity towards illusion type magics relating to changing ones body whether it be physical or magical and altering others mindsets and perceptions of the user.
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