Sasha the Mienshao
I'ma just leave this here for when I need it.

Name : Sasha
Age : 22
Gender : Female
Species : Mienshao

Nature : Jolly

Characteristic : Proud of her power 

Bio : When she was young, Sasha was a very weak and timid Mienfoo. She was too afraid of everything to learn how to fight, and it almost ended up costing her her life. She once found herself surrounded by a hoard of vicious Mightyena, intent on killing her. Before they could attack her though, a young boy (Who happened to be Isabelle's trainer when he grew up) and his Grovyle scared them off. Due to this she immediately took a liking to the boy, joining him on his adventure. They traveled together for years, adventuring all throughout the Hoenn region, doing and seeing things other trainers could only dream of. At one point during their adventures, Sasha started to become attracted to the boy, going as far as to say she loved him. This was more of a passing feeling than anything, and she got over her feelings as she grew up and evolved into a Mienshao. She still cared deeply for her trainer though, seeing him as a brother.  One of their most recent adventures led them into an uncharted mountain range in the Hoenn reigon.  [Further story is on the way, but will be withheld for the time being]

Favorite Fighting Style : She prefers to overpower her enemies through brute force, breaking through even the toughest of defenses.

Notable Appearance Factors : Sasha likes to wear a pink and purple striped ribbon on the end of her tail.

Fun fact: The rest of her bio is actually saved on my computer right now, but where's the fun in spoiling everything right away? ;P

Writer's note: I feel like I made a couple mistakes here and there while writing this, but I'm too lazy to look for them and fix them at the time being so... Ya know, whatever. I'll get to it when I get to it. xD

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