Sapphire 'Mageblade' Dew
Name: Sapphire 'Mageblade' Dew
Age: 28
Sex: Female

Species: Ominari (Confused? It'll be explained in the bio.)
Alignment: True Neutral.
Element: All
Preference: Pansexual

Appearance: (Picture~) In detail, she is an Ominari with Sapphire blue mane and tail with Magenta highlights. She has an emerald green coat and blue eyes. Her mane is a bit wavy with a signature bang that cuts through the center of her face. She currently holds a sword on her side that she uses magic to levitate and use. At times she has a flower in her hair given to by Ateren. The blue flower is an 'Ocean Flower' that's a rarity to be sure. She's pretty curvy and has an agile build and often smirks. Her horn is curvy instead of straight.

Bio: I'm sure you're wondering what an Ominari is. But most wiki traces of them are gone so I'll have to tell you myself. Ominari is a northern and sometimes eastern tribe of ponies. They are an ancestor race to the current unicorns dating back 3000 years. They're easily identified by the curve of their horn. They are a proud race and shun any Ominari that tries to marry a pony that isn't Ominari. Sapphire isn't an outcast, but the founder of the Mageblade. According to a legend in her town, there was a blade that could control the twelve elements of magic and amplify an Ominari's powers. But sadly she only has the base of the sword, holding only the element of Wind. She journeys far and wide to find the many hidden shrines that contain the other elements. Here's a picture of the sword and their different forms since the sword changes form based on the current element it is imbued with. (Pic!) Also, this was a WIP pic as I don't have a recent one. But the cosmos element is renamed to Void. Lastly, in order to fund her adventures, she takes on bounties and sometimes does oddball jobs.

Funfact: In Sapphire's picture, she's currently using the Earth form of the sword.

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