Refleur Echofeather
Well I thought I'd make a general character for use in other rp's so here it is.
Full Name: Refleur Echofeather
Species: Pegasus
Ethnicity: Unknown
Age: 20
Gender: Mare
Sexual Preference; Undecided
Hometown: Unknown
Occupation: Adventurer
Coat Colour: Aqua Blue
Mane Colour/ Tail Colour: Faded Pink
Eye Colour: Purple
Cutie Mark: Autumn Leaf
Desc.: Refleur Echofeather came to be known as such under the urging of Refleur herself. A mysterious pegasus with a unknown past even she is unsure of, Refleur upon her 16th birthday entered officially into the land of Equestria and settled down in Canterlot (Although nopony is quite sure where she came from in the first place). Quiet and secretive, at first Refleur seemed to be quite unusual at first given she rarely said anything and if she did she spoke in a strange tongue nopony could quite identify. With time Refleur learned the equestrian language and soon integrated into society. Yet Refleur remained a mystery to most, preferring to stay in complete silence when it came to social interaction. However this type of silence wasn't due to any form of shyness or timidness, it was a silence of thoughtfulness, and Refleur was quick to memorize and study the things she has heard, giving her an air of a pony who knew everything about everypony. After a three years Refleur finally broke her silence and decided to become an adventurer inspired perhaps by the fact she had ventured to Equestria once, many years ago. Her adventures didn't take her out of Equestria as of yet however and it seems that Refleur is eager to explore new places beyond Equestrian borders.
In the interactions she's had with other ponies, many describe Refleur as strange but kind. It is said that her way of speaking is more formal than that of the Equestrian custom and is said through some sort accent ponies can't quite identify. It is always noted Refleur is seen wearing a hooded white and gold cloak bearing an emblem long since faded by time. Indeed it is this cloak that often draws the most attention to Refleur given she wears it regardless of weather. In conversation, although Refleur prefers to stay silent and listen, when she does talk, it is noted that Refleur is kind in her words and it seems she goes to great pains to choose her words carefully in any given situation.
These days Refleur travels across Equestria looking for more adventure to sate her need for exploration. She is exceptionally skilled in use of a bow, and always carries around a fine bow made of what seems to be fine ivory carved with swirls and spirals representing the tides and the seas along with a full quiver of arrows.
Trivia Fact: Refleur herself is unsure how she got her cutie mark and is always quick to explain that she has no idea what it means.
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