Project: Isabelle
Name : Isabelle (Code Name: Izzy)
Age : Unknown
Gender : Female
Species : Ledian

Nature : Adamant

Characteristic : Alert to Sounds

Bio : Isabelle, while you wouldn't be able to tell just by looking at her, isn't actually a real Pokemon. She's an android created by Team Rocket for the purpose of being stronger than any naturally found Ledian. She was created in the Hoenn branch of Team Rocket's Hideout, which is where most of the other AI Pokemon came from due to the fact that it was incredibly well concealed so that the team's work wouldn't be interrupted. Unfortunately for Isabelle, it was decided not long after she was created that the project was a failure, and that she wasn't as strong as intended. She only passed Team Rocket's tests in one category, and that was intelligence. That however wasn't enough for the villainous group, so it was decided that they would dismantle Isabelle and use her parts for a better Pokemon. She didn't like the idea of that however, so at the first opportunity she was given, she escaped into the wild. Not long after her escape she met a travelling trainer. She was skeptical about humans considering what Team Rocket had in store for her, but she decided to join him as long as he would take her far away from the hideout, and keep her hidden so Team Rocket couldn't take her back. The trainer didn't mind too much, and even took a liking to the new Pokemon immediately. He gave her the nickname (or as she calls it code name) "Izzy". As time went on, the trainer had begun battling alongside Izzy. That however, made him realize just how under powered she was. To Izzy's surprise though, the trainer didn't give up on her like she thought he would, instead he dedicated day in and day out to trying new strategies so that she could stand up to other, real Pokemon. Because of that fact, she actually started taking a liking to the trainer, realizing that not all humans were as terrible as she once thought. She even started to feel somewhat happy when she was with the trainer, seeing him as more of a friend than just another human that she could use for protection. This happiness and friendship didn't last long sadly, as one day her trainer went off without her to train another Pokemon, and despite his promise to return as soon as he could, he never came back. Assuming that he had abandoned her, Izzy became bitter towards all humans she meets, considering them traitors and liars, no matter how friendly they may seem (despite that fact, she kept the code name her old trainer had given her). She now resides deep in the Petalburg Woods, isolated from the world of the humans who have done nothing but hurt her. 

Favorite Fighting Style : Do whatever it takes to win, to prove that she is the strongest of all Pokemon.

Notable Appearance Traits : Isabelle has no changes in appearance from any other Ledian.

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