[Pony/Slice of Life] RPN's Equestrian Adventure
Sorry if the name is a bit generic. But I couldn't think of anything better. :3  Here's an interactive map. Why a map you ask? Because this slice of life RP will have a good amount of adventure in it. And well... it's also in the title. This will be a generally light hearted pony roleplay that ANYONE can join or leave at any time. The setting is going to start in Equestria. Mainly ponyville. Your initial post will have to include a description or use a character from the repository. Oh! One more thing, this will have regular ponies and such, not anthro. :3 Anything regarding a character is pretty much allowed so long as there's at least a good reason for it. The more unbelievable the story or outcome the more it will need to be explain. (Although not all at one time.)

And I repeat... OPEN ROLEPLAY! thank you. ;)

With that said, do please follow the forum rules. This is supposed to be a lighthearted-anything goes RP. First person and Third person is accepted. 

The sun boils down on the town of Ponyville, birds screeching as they fly by. This summer day has been exceptionally hot. Not hot enough to keep every pony inside! For work needs to be done and this includes a certain white coated Pegasus named Ateren. Forever cursing the sea, he longs to venture out and find his friends and family. But the safest way he believes is through the air. He personally felt that he didn't have the stamina to fly over oceans and tons of other obstacles like mountains. So instead, in between repair and building jobs he has been working on an airship. Thankfully, the first prototype is nearing completion. He does so at the privacy of his own home. A home he built just outside of town. Holding a pleasant blind spot from the heat due to the proximity of the forest.

On the other side of town, a green coated mare named Sapphire is having a rather unpleasant conversation in the town hall. "H-How can you have such a perfect town!?" She exclaimed as she failed her front right hoof. "I-I'm sorry Miss, but we rarely have crime in this town. Something like that would be more common in say... Manehatten." Said the nervous mare. Sapphire gave a great sigh and hung her head. "Yeah, yeah. That's fine. I'll just do a petty job or two." The mare then takes a seat nearby. "I'm terribly sorry." Sapphire mumbles as she heads out of the town hall and looks about the town.
Enter Jadeite, my long time OC and on and off ponysona that I'm sure a few here have known for an embarrassingly long time. Hopefully I can be happy with her newest design! :p

I look out the window as we moved, watching the heated land scroll by. I was lost in thought from the recent events in the capital of this land, mixed with both joy and anxiety. I never thought the ruler would be so kindhearted, being one of the most dangerous species on the entire planet. I guessed it was because between her and her sister, she was the more eccentric because of the whole sun thing, but that would be stereotyping. It had been a long journey these past few years, and I feel I'm making a big step with making an alliance with the most powerful nation in the known world. I couldn't help but smile as I reminisced about how I came to this point, all starting out as a curious filly...

I came to when I heard the squealing of the breaks scraping along the rails. My ears pinned back, as I have still yet to accustom to the sound. It was loud and shrill, like a foal being neglected of their pain... but ten times louder. In my seat, I could feel everything slowing to a stop. It was interesting to think of how everything has to be firmly set so it doesn't fly toward the front from the sudden change in energy. When we came to a complete stop, there was a small jolt backward as everything recovered from its sudden slowing. Not even five seconds later, I hear an employee shout out his normal line: "Now arriving: PonyVille!"

I got out of the vehicle, tightening my saddlebag as I walked. Normally, I would have followed the route all the way to the way I came, and head back home, but the ruler had scheduled a temporary visa for me to stay until the official meeting two weeks from now. I looked around to take in the new scenery, staying under the canopy of the station to stay out of the sun. It was exceptionally hot today, and I never fared well with heat. I noticed a general plaza where many other equines-- Earth ponies, Pegasi, and another with a cone shaped object protruding from their foreheads... Unicorns, I believe they were called. I smiled a bit as I felt not too far from home, given there were similar species around me that there are back home. I decided to walk into the plaza in search for a quick snack before finding the building I was assigned during my visa.
Ateren figured it was time for a break. Even when in the shade it gets really hot during this time of year. So he decided to take a trip into town to get some food and drink. He could cook something, but he felt lazy. Once he entered the fabled town of Ponyville, he heads down the market. He eyes the local shops and looks about for a decent place to eat at. It doesn't help that he is a bit finicky today.

Meanwhile, Sapphire is doing her best to calm down before heading around town to look for quick job to keep her from losing too much pocket coin. She scowls at the heat and secretly wishes she could conjure up some water right about now.
As I walked to the plaza, I looked over it very carefully. Everyone there seemed to be using a currency of their own nation. I really hoped they'd accept what I have... Looking around, I noticed some rather puffy looking apples. They must have been harvested at the perfect time. I make my way over to the shop, eyeballing what appeared to be the Fuji apples. Behind the counter, there was a rather bulky red stallion, who seemed to only passively watch me as I inspected the fruit. Next to him, there was a younger mare of a more tan coat, who wore a cowpony hat. She didn't seem to mind me too much, but looked happy I was there.

Once I looked over the apples, I picked up three of the most ripe and plump Fuji apples, and brought them to the counter. The tan mare smiled as I approached, and looked them over real quick, likely counting what I placed in front of her.
"Ah see you like Fuji apples," She said. "You have a good eye, ma'am. These look like the best of the bunch!" I smiled shyly as she spoke. It was great that we spoke the same language, but it was still a foreign land for me, and I was still adjusting. After a moment, she noticed my shyness and tilted her head a bit as her smile became sympathetic. "You remind me of a friend a' mine, you know. She's just as shy as you are." My ears drooped as I felt her profiling me, comparing me to whomever her friend was. "Nothin' to be scared of, though; she's one of the nicest ponies you'll meet in this here town." That's a relief, at least.

"Anyway, that'll be three bits," She concluded. After finding out the name of her currency, I ran some quick math off what I knew of it, before reaching into my saddlebag and pulling out five silver triangle shapes, with the symbol of my land's currency on it. She tilted her head at the currency, noticing they were not bits. "Ah reckon yer a foreigner?" I nodded sheepishly, and she nodded, before looking to the red stallion. "Big Mac, could you get Granny? She might know what these are."
Ahh! Ateren had found a nice spot to sip on a caramel mocha shake under an umbrella. The umbrella was slotted into the table and decided to use his green sun shades to make it less bright and lose himself in the comforting froth of the drink. He wasn't far from the park and was a stones throw from the market. He still needed to socialize a bit to figure out what type of crew he would take along with him. It's a good thing this town is full of friendly faces.

Sapphire slumped over a nearby shop. "I'm sorry ma'am... but we don't have any work for any pony right now." Said a gray stallion. "Yeah, yeah. That's fine." Just my luck... It is irksome to her, but she can survive a good week at least. Having generally plenty of time. As a side note, she's not that far from Jade's local.
The stallion, Big Mac, nodded before giving a simple "Eeyup" and turning to walk farther into the shop. While he was away, the tan mare turned back to me.
"So, where ye from?" She asked in a friendly tone. "Ah haven't seen no currency like this before." I lowered my head as she asked. There was no official treaty between this land and mine yet, so I wasn't quite sure how others would react to knowing exactly where I was from.
"W-well," I stammered. I spoke barely above a whisper, but my quiet tone was still gentle and smooth, like silk. "Really, really far away..." The mare turned her head a bit, noticing how I was reacting before simply nodding. "Must be yer first time out, huh?" Her tone seemed understanding and even empathetic. "While ah haven't been out of Equestria before, Ah've gone real far out with mah friends." I rose my head a little as her uplifting words eased my mind a bit, but only for a moment as a light green, very old mare bolted out of the shop to the counter shortly after. The old mare stared me up and down with an almost anxious glare, before eventually settling down after noticing me flinch from her movements. She smiled after a moment before turning to the tan mare as the red stallion came back.
"Aw, n' I thought Equestria was in big trouble!" She said in a playful tone. "Looks like nations are finally startin' ta come together!" She then walked back into the building, leaving the tan mare, a few ponies close to us and I rather confused.

Once we were able to break from our daze, the red stallion nodded to the tan mare, and she smiled to me.
"Looks like yer good ta go," She said, taking the five silver pieces and nudging the apples closer. "If you have too much in your bags already, ah have an extra one to hold yer apples in." I shyly smiled, before opening my saddlebags to check. I had exactly enough room. I put two of the three apples in the bag before closing it, and took the last apple in my wing.
"Thank you," I said softly, before turning and walking away. Now that I had my snack, I would need to find a place with shade, so I wouldn't become a raisin while eating what I just bought. After looking around to take in my surroundings, I noticed a little park just over the hill, where a few trees were. They looked to supply plenty of shade, and maybe even a quick napping spot if it wasn't so hot out. I began my gait toward the grassy area, keeping the apple in the underside of my wing to keep it from falling.
Ateren noticed an odd mare with a timid look about her. I mean... if he's going to start socializing might as well challenge himself a bit. "Hey, mare with the apple." He said beckoning her over. He hasn't seen this mare before either. Which is nice since new ponies are always welcome.

Sapphire in the mean time is having difficulty. Let's just say she's busy. :P
I froze as I heard a deeper voice call for the "mare with an apple". I already knew he must have been calling for me, given I was the only mare I saw actively holding an apple while not at a shop. I looked in search for the source of the voice, and saw a stallion Pegasus with a white coat and brunette hair beckoning me. I remained still for a moment, as I didn't know this pony at all. He could be nothing like the mare at the stand... but he also could be even nicer than her. Was it worth the risk..? I decided it might as well be. I walked up to him, sitting next to him awkwardly. Thankfully he was under an umbrella, so we were plenty shaded from the unrelenting sun. Once sitting, I stared forward, unable to really make eye contact as I had a miniature anxiety attack internally. It wasn't common for me to socialize or even really be around anyone from other lands, as I was always on duty. I wonder what could have had the rulers of this land so busy, anyway? I understand they're horribly powerful, and as such have to raise the sun and moon, but I heard there were two other beings just as powerful within the same land. Couldn't they do it while the meeting was held?
Ateren gave a stretch and took a sip before speaking. "I haven't seen you around here. Being a small town and all... it's pretty easy to catch a new face." He took another sip... it was so good~ "Anyways, I tend to have it on my bucket list to meet and greet just about every pony I see. Not to mention you kind of looked like a fish out of water."
Well I might as well jump into this one to! Because why not? I'll be using Refleur Echofeather, a new oc because I can be creative... Sometimes.
A rather hot day in Ponyville it was indeed. But at the moment Refleur could not tell, hidden behind a small book labeled "A Guide to Equestria: Fifth Edition" as she sat idly by in her Train compartment alone. She had never really ventured to Ponyville and as far as she could tell she was headed straight for the place now, taking the brief free time she had on the train to the place to read up on the town. With a screeching of the breaks the train pulled into station just as a train ahead of hers departed from the station. Refleur stretched slightly getting up off her seat, adjusting her glasses and her cloak before rehanging her bow and quiver, slinging the bow around her front body and retying the straps to her quiver around her back and attaching two more straps from the quiver to her saddle bags.
With a light yawn Refleur exited the train and was quick to note it was exceptionally hot today, even if she didn't quite know what the weather was like around these parts. She quickly trotted into the town heading into the main plaza guided by a small map located inside the book she was still holding. Of course Refleur drew curious gazes from everywhere as soon as she entered the plaza, as many ponies curiously muttered why anypony in their right mind would wear such a heavy cloak in hot weather like this. To add to this the mare was visibly armed as well to which many ponies decided to do their best to skirt around the mare. However at the moment Refleur wasn't paying attention to that.
What she needed at the moment was a snack and a bit of shade. She was quick to locate a shop that seemed to be selling apples of many different varieties. Refleur picked one at random and quickly paid the bulky red stallion behind the counter in bits without saying a single word. Now that was done, Refleur looked for some shade, and was quick to spot a small park just over a hill nearby, doted with trees. that would do perfectly as Refleur would rest shortly before going to search for a job within the town.
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