[Pony/Slice of Life] RPN's Equestrian Adventure
Ateren slowly took the apple and stared at her. He gave a light chuckle. "I'm a pretty open and close book. But you seem to read me better than others. It's only coincidence that I needed the sunglasses today. But it also keeps you from turning to stone in the forest due to pesky cockatrices. Most monsters require eye-contact after all." He took a hefty bite. It was a really plump and juicy apple. He waited until he was done chewing his bite before continuing. "After your visa is done, if you need help heading back home you can ask me. My prototype airship should be fully operational by then. My home is just outside of town by the forest. It's easy to miss due to the hill giving it a hefty blind spot."

Sapphire looked over Refleur's shoulder. "Gee. When I thought every pony was at the park. I didn't know how right I was. Yeah, that's him alright. As for the title, it's a title given to an Ominari that possesses the blade from folk tale. The Mageblade." She said nodding her head back to the sword on her back. "It'll be hard to describe it without telling you the folk legend so I'll just sum it up with this statement. Once I find the elemental gems and put them onto the hilt, I can use more magic using said sword."
I gave a sweet smile as the Pegasus noticed my profiling. I wasn't even remotely trying to hide it, but I at least wanted him to know that I wouldn't pester him about what he clearly didn't want to talk about. I took another bite of my apple as he continued speaking, listening well. I swallowed the bit of apple I had before speaking again.
"I might have to run that by some people," I said, as I scratched the back of my head. "Transportation for me to and from here was planned months ago, but it might be more convenient for everyone if you take me." My smile returned. "It's kind of you to offer help, though." I brought my hoof forward, before curving it toward my chest and bowing my head a bit, keeping eye contact. "My name is Jadeite."
Refleur gave a confused look at Sapphire but decided it was probably for the best that she not ask what Sapphire was going on about when she said elemental gems.  However from the sound of it the weapon on Sapphire's back was magical in some way. Refleur then took a moment of silence again before saying,
" This Mageblade sounds... Intriguing... Well that perhaps is something else we have in common Madam Sapphire, the bow I carry is also magically powerful, though to what extent I have yet to find out, I haven't really had the chance to use it yet, I just got it a few days ago."
Refleur motioned to the bow hung around her front before taking a look at Ateren and the Fringan pegasus mare before saying with a click of her tongue,
" I think it would be rude to barge in at the moment. He looks pre-occupied with other matters."
Refleur nodded subtly to Ateren and the Fringan pegasus mare as it seemed at the moment they were in the middle of introductions. Refleur then turned again towards the park spotted a bit of grass under the shade of a large oak tree and said politely, motioning to the patch of grass,
" In the meantime however I think I will wait for him to free up. Would you like to join me Madam Sapphire?"
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Ateren smiles. "It would be my pleasure to help you out. Besides, I might find some of my family. You never know." He said with a light shrug. He then gives a nod. "My name is Ateren Steelbender. I'm very charmed to get to know you." He then noticed in the background that Sapphire is with some pony nearby. It seems that they are waiting to make an entrance. "It appears we might have some company soon."

Sapphire looks at the both of them then at Refleur. "Sure, I'll pop a squat." She said taking a seat nearby and relaxing a tad. "I wonder if that bow can shoot magical arrows. That'd be pretty sweet." She said contemplating the mysteriousness of it.
I couldn't help but smile a little at what Ateren said. It was a sweet thing to say, in terms of a greeting at least. I kept my head tilted downward a bit to take advantage of my larger eyes as I looked up to him.
"The pleasure's mine," I replied in my sweetest tone. When he mentioned potential company, I rose my head more and looked in the direction he was looking. All I saw were random ponies. "We do? Who?" I looked around, and noticed two that kinda stuck out... two with weapons. I really hoped the Pegasus wasn't referring to them...
Refleur smiled again and replied as she happily took a seat underneath the shade saying,
" I'll have to find out one of these days Madam Sapphire. Actually..."
Refleur had an idea at that moment and un-hung her bow from her body drawing the Bowstring back without an arrow with her wings. She clicked her tongue and said passively,
" How very curious. There does not seem to be a draw weight on this bow at all, it feels as if I'm pulling along thin air..."
Refleur had not really had an opportunity to really test the bow itself so just now discovering that the Bowstring might have to be replaced surprised her. However when Refleur let go, the bow made the usual twanging sound as if actually firing. Refleur decided to test something grabbing the apple she had bought earlier and throwing it into the air. Refleur quickly drew an arrow with her hoof, throwing the apple upwards with her other. Refleur then notched an arrow and fired, nailing the apple dead center as it fell back down. Nothing special seemed to have happened however other then Refleur finding that the bow worked fine. Refleur shrugged picking up the impaled apple and said,
" Looks like nothing special so far other then a lighter draw weight, but that can be accomplished with a little customization... Oh well perhaps one day I will find out what this bow does."
Refleur pulled the arrow out of the apple and sheathed it back into her quiver before taking a bite out of the apple, at the moment a bit oblivious to the fact many ponies around were obviously starring at her as she had just made a rather impressive shot.
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Ateren smiles. "Yeah, it's those two it seems. That's Sapphire. I met her a week ago and we kind of became friends. She's a bit feisty but if you catch her good side you'll see that she's pretty nice. It also seems like she brought someone new." He then looked toward them and saw the impressive shot. "And she seems to be an excellent archer."

Sapphire was somewhat impressed. "I couldn't figure out anything magical. But at least it's user friendly." She said with a chuckle. "It kind of looks like we are free to join in on their conversation. That shot you made ended up being an effective showstopper."
I held my breath as my ears drooped. Those two were the ones Ateren was talking about. No less, one appeared to be a really good archer. My head lowered a bit as I saw them, holding what was left of my apple as though for comfort. I had never really been good with the whole aggression thing, nor was I well versed with any real weapons. I was a negotiator, and that was about the extent of my ability with any sort of confrontation. I at least hoped they'd listen if anything were to go sour for any reason. Unfortunately though, that would be a difficult task as I hadn't given myself the juice to speak to complete strangers out of confrontations, so my shyness would noose me if I attempted to. I felt myself in a metaphorical corner in terms of my shyness, and there was no real way out.
Refleur shrugged taking another bite of her apple before replying,
" It wasn't really anything special Madam Sapphire. But I suppose it drew their attention at least."
Refleur then got up and rehung the bow around her body and turned towards the approaching Ateren and the Fringan pegasus mare and politely said,
" Ah. You sir must be Ateren. I have just heard of you from your friend here..."
Refleur motioned to Sapphire before continuing,
" I hear you are seeking others for a particular job yes?"
Refleur paused now deciding to not address the Fringan pegasus mare just yet, either way it was quite obvious that the mare seemed a bit shy around new ponies and Refleur was not one to prod, at least not yet.
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Ateren gave Jade a reassuring smile. He may not be showing his eyes at the moment, but the smile was at least comforting. He then turned his attention to Refleur. "Ah, yes. Right now I'm in somewhat of a need of a crew of sorts for my air ship. I'm going to be travelling about in search of some ponies and doing so alone can be perilous. If you're up to help, I'd be glad to pay. Which begs the question... who might you be? You seem to be well versed in archery." Sapphire came by and simply sat across from Ateren.

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