[Pony/Slice of Life] RPN's Equestrian Adventure
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I give an awkward and shy smile at the words of the Pegasus. Whatever he was drinking, he liked it... but he was also just as perceptive as the tan mare. At another glance, I noticed he was wearing glasses with a strong green ting-- strong enough to block out view of the eyes. I assumed they were used to dim the harsh brightness of the sun, similarly to the mud technique used in one of my previous explorations. He seemed very relaxed, so I felt safe enough to ease my own mind a bit as well.
"Yes," I said. My tone was still soft, even though at normal volume, but it held a more rich sweetness to it, now at its full potential. "I suppose I am a fish out of water in this land, aren't I?" My smile became less awkward and more of a kind one, yet still holding its shyness well. "I'm not from around here, or really anywhere near here."

I rolled the apple from the underside of my wing into my hoof, and took a decently small bite. My keen eye on the fruit was justified as it made a very satisfying cracking sound as my teeth pierced the skin and sunk though a bit before the bit was torn off. It was extremely juicy, visibly so as the innards of the apple glistened in what sunlight there was under the umbrella. I chewed quietly, or as quietly as I could considering the quality of the apple, before looking back to the stallion. "If I may... what is this land like? I know next to nothing about it, truthfully..." I spoke sheepishly as I admitted my lack of knowledge of the land, but I felt I could trust the stallion with at least getting me up to date.
He gave a light chuckle before giving her a caring smile. "I'm not exactly a native either to be honest. I mean... sure I've been here for four years. But that's barely enough time to learn the culture. As far as what it's like? It's extremely peaceful. Any bad news you hear is news about the outside world. I hear murmur's that the reason for that is that there's a harmonic force that originates here. Likewise, there are tons who try to corrupt it or destroy said force." He takes a sip. "Heh, that's without even talking about Celestia or Luna. Although, Celestia's sun could let up on the heat at least a bit..." He said giving a light chuckle.

He contemplates over a few things she said. "So my suspicion was correct though? You aren't from around here. Which begs the question of where do you live? Or rather where you came from." He said with the thought of his family in the back of the mind. Thankfully the sun shades hide the hint of sadness that would be behind them as he thought about them. At least he's charismatic enough to mask his voice to hide his true feelings. But it begs the thought of whether or not that that's a good thing."

"Ugh... I hate crowds" Said Sapphire as she looked over the park. The park had the most shade and because of it, most every pony is gathering around. She is still looking for work, but nothing is more nerve wracking than interrupting a conversation or group of ponies just to ask for something so petty. In the corner of her eye she noticed another mare that definitely stuck out from the crowd. It was one walking into the park with what looks to be a bow. "Curious..." She mumbled out loud as usually she's the only one armed around this town. You'd think Twilight would have guards but noooo.

Not wanting to be direct since she is usually pretty intimidating. She follows her stealthily until she can figure out an innocent way to initiate a conversation. If not for curiosity's sake but for the slight chance that she might need help with a bounty or at least help in general that she could easily provide. And she's not a dirty unicorn. That's always a plus. She always envied Pegasi and Alicorns. Flying high and traveling far. She then finally takes her chance! "'Sup." She said as she casually walks up to her when the mare stopped to survey the park. Not the best, but not the worst introduction.
Once I heard the stallion was also a foreigner at one point, I felt myself internally sigh in relief. At least I wasn't the only one from other lands. I shifted the apple between my hooves in shyness, as I worked up the nerve to speak. Hopefully wherever he was from didn't have any quarrels with my home...
"I'm from far away," I said softly, gazing at the apple as I spoke. "A land southeast from here, called the Fringe." I couldn't help but smile at the thought of home. "I have a two week visa here, starting today." I finally shifted my sight from the apple to the stallion. It was really hard to read him with the tinted glasses on, but I wouldn't want him to remove them for the sake of me-- especially in this weather. "What about you? Where are you from?" My tone was lighter as I asked this, as I knew there had to be a reason why he's been living in a different land for four solid years. I hoped it wasn't anything too bad that made him leave...
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Refleur heard the voice of a mare who had approached her as she surveyed the park. Of course Refleur was used to this sort of thing, there was always the curious who were brave enough to approach her, and Refleur had a good idea as to why the mare had greeted her. No doubt she would want to know why Refleur was carrying a bow and arrow while wearing what seemed to be a particularly heavy cloak on such a hot summer day. However for now Refleur turned slightly to respond, silently noting the strange curved horn the mare had, and said in her usual slight accent,
" Hello madam. Can I help you with something?"
Refleur fully expected the mare to ask questions about her appearance or the bow and arrow strapped to her and from experience had already prepared a set of answers that she always gave out to the curious ponies of towns all over Equestria. Refleur expected no different from Ponyville, although it seemed the ponies here were a lot friendlier then those in places like Manehatten or Canterlot.
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Ateren mulled over the question she gave. How was he going to put this? He didn't want a stranger feeling sorry about his situation. But then again, he'd have to explain it in one way or another if he wants help finding his friends and family. The best he could do was spill the guts gently and try not to look like he doesn't care when he is really torn. "I came from a town called Nepheron. It's on an uncharted land mass just south of the giant whirlpool that ponies around here call 'Abaddon's Fury.' When uh... escaping tragedy, our boat got caught in that same whirlpool and I washed on the shores of Equestria. So I've been living nearby, cooking up a plan to find the others." He said completely avoiding the fact that there may not be others.

Sapphire nods. "Well, I'm pretty sure you get pelted with questions quite often due to the way you stand out. With that said, I am curious to know where you came from. Or if you feel like it, maybe answer why you're in such a peaceful town like Ponyville." Despite the questions, Sapphire doesn't look like a native in honesty. She practically stood out just as much. It could very well that the reason for the questions are less about instigating a foreigner and more trying to see how well they relate.
I nodded as the Pegasus spoke. His tone showed that he was hiding something, along with how he avoided mentioning what the 'tragedy' was that he spoke of. Due to such, I decided to avoid the question entirely. I took another bite of her apple, making another satisfying cracking sound as the skin is broken. After finishing off the bite I spoke up again, as it was bad manners to speak with one's mouth full!
"That's very brave of you," I said, trying not to sound too passive. "I hope the others will be okay when you find them." I rotated the apple around in my hooves some more. "South of Abaddon's Fury, huh?" I thought to myself as I spoke now. I heard stories of a land around that area, that disappeared suddenly... but I wasn't able to find out how, as it was never written. Was this stallion of that land? "So, what do you do around here?" I decided it was best to change the subject. If this stallion was from that land, it must destroy him to remember what happened. "How do you pass the time?"
Refleur smiled slightly and said quietly after a moment of silence in a sort of mystic way,
" Where I come from Madam is any ponies guess, I myself am not completely sure. But I am confident in saying I do not come from Equestria, something I'm sure you understand. As for why I am here, that is a much simpler story, I'm what you may call an explorer, and at the moment I thought I'd drop by to take a look around Ponyville, I haven't been here before and I've heard quite a bit about it in my travels around Equestria... So if you excuse my rudeness, may I ask the same question of you madam?"
Refleur wasn't one for idly standing by and had spent the entire time studying the mare, her strange appearance was complimented to by the fact she carried a strange sword as well, making her the only other armed pony Refleur had seen so far.
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The shades that Ateren wore at traveled down his muzzle. He was surprised to be called brave. It gave her a glimpse of what was in those eyes of his. It was a pleasant green but it definitely showed having an eventful life. He pushes his shades back up as it pinches the nose whenever it slides down like that. Her tone honestly made him feel very comfortable. "I uh. Hope to find them alive and well. Our land was destroyed though. So that's one less place to look. But maybe one day you'll come across it. Somewhat hard to miss since there's a big volcano with a ravine. I think the great phoenix might still be there..." He said starting to lose himself in thought.

"Oh! Right, I build and repair. My father was a blacksmith and so I've been able to use his hammer to essentially continue my craft. Lately, I've been passing the time by building and inventing small things. But I managed to get a prototype airship working. I'm not fond of the water, for obvious reasons... so I've been trying to find an efficient form of travel so I can look for my friends and family." He said before taking a sip... just to realize he was out of his mocha. He gave it a wry look before setting it down on the table.

She smiles. "The name is Sapphire. Sapphire 'Mageblade' Dew. I kind of work as a bounty hunter of sorts, coming from the north east. I bet you're wondering about the curved horn. I'm an Ominari, which is essentially a pure blood unicorn. We kind of kept the blood pretty clean for a long time. Heh, I'm a bit different though. I'm not prudish about the linage business." She failed to mention the Mageblade business.

She then mulls over a few thoughts before speaking again. "I kind of travel the world as well these days. I made a friend here in Ponyville who is wanting to go out and travel. So if you want a nice chat you can hit him up. His name is Ateren, hard to miss as he looks like a tough guy behind those shades of his. But he's hardly tough. If you do see him, tell him I said hi though."
When the stallion's tinted glasses slid down, and I got a glimpse of his eyes... I couldn't help but stare. They were a bright green, but they seemed worn down, almost to the point of breaking. His further words only further justified this, as it became clear he was from that lost colony... I tilted my head as I gazed at him. He had gone through so much-- more than I could probably comprehend, yet he keeps such an optimistic attitude. When I saw how his drink was empty, I swiftly went into my saddlebag with a wing and pulled out one of the two extra apples, holding it out to him.
"I have a keen eye," I said, my tone softer. It was all I could really say... I'm sure he was evasive to avoid the stereotypical "I'm sorry" response, so this was the next best thing. "Is that why you wear those tinted glasses?" I took another bite from the apple, but slower to hopefully get that satisfying crack to be quieter. It wasn't.
Refleur nodded again and after another short silence she replied,
" Mageblade? An unusual title... Not one I have heard before... But I will not press you on the matter. You said a friend of your here is looking to travel, and as it just happens I am looking for a particular job of exploration myself."
Refleur stopped for a brief second sweeping her eyes across the park and then continued,
" You said your friends name was Ateren correct? If I'm not completely mistaken in my vision and the rough description you have given me, is that not him sitting under that umbrella with that Fringan pegasus mare?"
Refleur motioned slightly with her head towards the two who seemed to be in a conversation of some sort at the moment. Sapphire was right of course it was hard to miss Ateren with his green sun shades and the look of a foreigner about him.
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