[Pony] Sand
S1F0642 nodded slightly hearing the voice of a mare, well as much as her body would let her at the moment that was, she was still laid out on the hot sand beneath her. S1F0642 then said,
" That sounds like a good name. I've been thinking of my own. I haven't really gotten to many ideas yet though now that I think of it, looking at what my identification tag is, I think Sif might be good enough for the time being... It's good to meet you Zenith... Now then..."
S1F0642 finally gathered enough strength and stood up facing away from Zenith. The lot the two had landed in was luckily sealed off from the inner town of New Oasis by a rusty old door and a haphazard brick wall. Beams of wood lingered above them, where long rusted patched of iron that once made the roof of whatever house there once was existed, now providing little to no cover from the desert sun. Not that it mattered, this place could be repaired with minimal work. Sif smiled to herself thinking what luck it was to land in a destroyed house at random chance. With her left wing Sif finally wiped her face clean regaining her vision before leaning on the wall that held the door to New Oasis. Sif did not turn around at moment and said,
" Well now that we're out of the place and in a bit of luck to have this little house here as shelter for the time being... I think it's best to lay low for some time. They'll be looking for us soon enough."
Sif turned around to study the other part of the house and laid eyes on Zenith. Her appearance certainly surprised her, she had seldom seen changelings in the mines, they were often considered to dangerous to work in common areas given their ability to change into other ponies at will. Though Sif was hardly surprised, the mines of the Iron Ring held many secrets and had gatherings of almost every single species of pony and other intelligent magical creatures. Sif raised her eyebrow slightly before deciding to inquire,
" Pardon my rudeness but I do need to inquire, your a changeling aren't you?"
While Sif waited, she studied the other wall pointed towards the desert. They were in luck again, another rough iron door, heavily covered in sand was carved into the low wall to the desert, meaning Sif could venture out into the outskirts of the Iron Ring.
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"Aw sh**, you weren't supposed to know about that just yet. But now that you know there's no point in denying it I guess." Zenith said.
She found it strange that Sif hadn't ran away from yet, but she assumed that it was for the sake of not blowing their cover. She had made a good point though, it was for the best that they laid low. Thankfully, there was a good amount of material to rebuild the house, and her magic would help in putting things together, so they weren't completely without shelter. "So... As long as we're going to be hiding out together, what do you say we make a truce until we escape the desert, despite the differences in our species?" She asked, considering they had no other options.
She was sure Sif would agree to it since they needed each other to survive the harsh desert environment. Even if Zenith didn't want to admit it though, part of her decision was due to the fact that she didn't really mind having a friend that was pony. Before she put anymore thought into making a truce with Sif though, she began looking over the condition of their new shelter. It was no royal castle by any means, but it was definitely going to help them survive until Sif made a recovery.
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Sif rose her eyebrow again, she had no intention of leaving the desert. Well at least anytime soon, there were no doubt still slaves alive from the uprising that needed help. But still Sif thought that having an ally of any kind would help, and Sif certainly also eventually wanted to get out of the desert, but in her own time. At the moment from the whispers and rumors she had heard, that was basically impossible. Sif took a brief moment after this to think of a response before saying,
" I'd gladly agree to a truce Zenith. You seem all right and besides we might as well stick together at this point, us slaves have to have some common ground after all."
Sif then stopped for a moment to think before saying,
" Now then at the moment we're a bit predisposed. I think this little house that, I guess we might as well call home, is certainly salvageable, In fact..."
Sif took a moment to run her hoof over the rough brick laid walls of the shelter that would be their respite, before looking up above then at the roof before looking down at the sand covered floor before saying,
" With a little work and the right materials, this place could be quite nice. But at the moment we lack the materials to do anything so, I think our best course of action would involve us quietly scouting out New Oasis. I think with any luck and the rumors I've heard about this place, we might just be able to blend in with all the refugee's."
Sif then turned back around and said,
" Your a changeling right? Do you have a disguise that might work?"
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Coolio, I'll keep that in mind from now on.
Zenith wasn't too sure about calling the small, broken house a "home", especially considering she had a real home that she had to get back to, but she was forced to stick with Sif for the sake of survival. That was something she had to set aside for now, because she had to think of a disguise to go back into New Oasis for awhile. She transformed into a rather generic looking pegasus, with a beige coat, a short brown mane, and yellow eyes. The only thing that she had left out was a cutie mark, feeling that it was rather unnecessary. But if she ended up getting questioned about it by anypony, she knew she would be able to come up with an excuse on the spot. "Not my favorite colors by any means, but as long as I'm not gonna be getting out of here just yet, it'll help me fit in. Plus the lighter coat colors do take some of the heat away, I will admit that much at least." She said, looking over her new form.
With that out of the way, she was left with the concern about the fact that she was no better off now than she had been when she was living in New Oasis. The only real progress she had made was getting past the wall, and even then there was a chance that she was going to have to go back in soon anyway. I was so close... I was going to see my hive again... My family. She thought.
Sif nodded slightly and said,
" It'll do just fine Zenith, hopefully we'll be just another pair of faces in this place."
Sif then checked the home before laying down to deposit things she didn't need to carry with her. She laid out on the sand her small collection of items she had gathered before she had arrived in New Oasis. In the pile was the slave-master's old whip, her old water flask, part of her holding chains, her mother's old shovel she had managed to carry all the way here, and now that she looked at it, a rather intricate dagger, perfectly straight, with a handle laced in gold trim, taken from the slave-master. Sif took a moment to consider this before saying,
" Well it isn't much but it's something. I guess for this trip I won't really need much more then the flask."
Sif grabbed her flask, which mercifully was full at the moment. Water would be a constant issue no doubt but Sif had no doubt they'd find some way to get some. Now that Sif thought about she had not planned about food either. Then again Sif reasoned she had never planned for a lot of things, she had never expected to make it over the wall. The very fact of such had yet to really hit her through her shock and still pumping adrenaline. In fact if this weren't the case Sif would be far more submissive, almost non-talkative towards Zenith. But for now the feeling lingered and Sif turned to the rough iron door to New Oasis, before saying,
" You need to grab anything before we go Zenith?"
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"Nah, I always like to travel light." Zenith said.
While that was true, the part that she left out was that she traveled light because she didn't have any belongings at all, mostly because she didn't really need to add that part. Being part of a species that only needed love to survive meant she didn't need to take anything with her wherever she went. That also meant that they wouldn't need to store as much food and water, so it would be easier for them to survive. She figured that as long as they didn't have anymore ponies in their group, they would be able to survive the harsh desert no problem. "So uh... Let's just make this trip quick." She said, not wanting to spend any more time than they had to in New Oasis.
Sif nodded and with some effort, managed to find the well rusted handle of the iron door to New Oasis. With a very loud click the door opened but didn't budge as Sif pushed it. Something on the other side seemed to be stopping the door at the moment. Sif decided to push again, this time putting her considerable strength behind the door. With a loud creaking and scrapping noise the door slowly opened onto a sandy cobblestone road on the outer reaches of New Oasis. Immediately Sif covered her eyes as the setting sun flashed above another haphazard home across the way before falling out of view. The street was busy, and the sounds and smells almost overwhelmed Sif. She could hear chatter, whispers, smell the breeze carrying scents of both food and more offending odors. The talk however was dark and the atmosphere notably muted. To Sif however this was a huge upgrade from her sandy work station back in the mines. But with so many ponies before her Sif quickly lost the burst of leadership and dominance she had shown moments before. Sif feel to the side of the door, deciding for now to follow Zenith, almost to afraid to really take the lead in such an unfamiliar place. Sif had the fleeting thought this place would also bode poorly for Zenith. Such a environment did not foster the love that changelings fed on very well.
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With only one look at the town ahead of them Zenith knew they were in for a horrible trip. "Great... The only town in this stupid place and it's a total shit hole. That's just fantastic." She muttered under her breath.
Despite her immediate hatred for the place, she pushed forward, knowing that they couldn't turn back now. She wasn't entirely sure where to find anything considering she had never actually been in the town before, which only made her hate the city even more. "You been here before? I'd like to get an idea of where we're going, cause I can't be here all day." She said, looking back at Sif.
Zenith knew very well that slaves didn't spend much time in the city, but it didn't stop her from hoping that Sif just might know something about New Oasis that she didn't. She was honestly willing to take any form of guidance through the place though, as long as it got them out quicker.  She was certainly a good leader, but she wasn't too big on wasting her time exploring entire cities.
Sif shook her head silently looking around the busy cobblestone street at the many passing faces of refugees. Most here were of Oasis descent, though Sif spotted some equestrians wandering here and there. For that matter Sif was quite sure no slave, no matter how trusted, had ever been allowed anywhere near the town of New Oasis. Though of course as always there were always rumors and whispers in the mines about this place. They said many things about the place, many slaves seemed to acknowledge New Oasis as a once great city, fallen to shambles as time, the elements, and The dreaded Nola Syndicate slowly strengthened their iron grip on the place. But yet Sif still saw this place as a source of hope. At the very least it was somewhere safe, well relatively at least. Sif kept looking down the streets, nothing in particular caught her eye, the town was certainly different then she expected, it was more crowded then she could ever could have imagined, homes lay on top of homes and ponies bumped each other as they bustled around doing their work. Sif took a moment longer before suggesting,
" I-I don't think we have any other choice but to explore the town... I don't think we're leaving this place anytime soon..."
Sif was still hopeful here, they had to find something that might be useful to repair what might as well be home now. Sif took a moment now to turn around look at their chosen home, trying her best to note it's location in case the two got lost. The home helpfully was made of brick, a relatively uncommon material as far as Sif could tell by looking at the surrounding homes. The lot it stood on was a bit larger then it's neighbors and most notably a very old address number still hung, slightly skewed on the homes front. Luckily her parents had taught Sif to read both Equestrian and Oasis Dialect, and the numbers spelled out in Equestrian, "316". Sif looked again to the end of the sandy cobblestone road and found a weathered old street sign labeled,  "Stone Abby Way." Sif quickly made this a mental note before deciding to turn left on the road and said,
" W-We might as well go a direction and hopefully we can make our way back."
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