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The constant heat of a slowly setting desert sun. The light clink of metal chains and rock hitting the soft sand. The shouts and cries of pain of the slaves and the slave masters. Another warm evening had come in the what was assumed to be Fall. Not that you could tell anyways, the weather in the Iron Ring almost never changed. it was always hot and dry. For that matter nothing really changed in the Iron Ring. Among the rocky outcroppings and the dunes of endless sand slaves labored night and day underneath the watchful eye of a collection of slave masters. 
This particular evening S1F0642 worked dutifully as usual. The soft thumps of her mothers shovel was the only sound really discernible in the area. It was quiet now, the slave masters had started getting into their usual evening stupors before the day laborers were called in to retire for the night and the night laborers were sent into the mine for work. S1F0642 took a brief break to wipe her brow and take a drink of water from her fathers water flask just as a unicorn stallion slave master started to wander over. Quickly S1F0642 went back to work with only the slightest rattle of her chain. The slave master seemed satisfied, making his way around the mare silently.
This was of course good news, S1F0642 would not need to sit through another whipping again. The slave master stopped almost directly behind the mare and looked on as she worked. S1F0642 grimaced to herself slightly already knowing who was watching her work today. Of course it was always disrespectful to make direct eye contact with a slave master but simply by the gait of the stallions trot and the way he moved S1F0642 already knew who was currently starring at her tail end as she worked.
Of course this was to be expected, stallions were expected to still be stallions in this gathering of sand and rocks known as Potok Mine. It was always like this here and S1F0642 expected no different today. The Slave Master after a few minutes moved on towards her left side as she continued digging in silence. The soft shifting of the sand and the slight rattling of chains were the only noise to be heard. S1F0642 stopped again leaving her shovel embedded in the sand and wiped her brow once more. Then a noise that S1F0642 had been expecting. The call of an eagle. It resonated loudly across the silent sands that slave toiled away at and S1F0642 knew exactly what to do.
With one swift motion S1F0642 lifted her mothers shovel swiftly and accurately, driving the sand in it's head straight into the eyes of the slave master. With another swift motion S1F0642 brought down the shovel with all the force she could muster on top of the slave masters skull. For that very brief moment as S1F0642 brought the shovel down, it seemed near weightless. With a resounding clang noise then a sickening crack straight afterwards, the slave master fell to the sand lifeless. The soft shifting of the sands gave way to shouts and screams and S1F0642 stood, horrified at her work.
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"Alright, today's the day I get outta this stupid place. My hive has probably been falling into chaos without me." Zenith muttered to herself, trotting around the outskirts of the "town" known as New Oasis. She had no intention of transforming into a pony form, despite all the problems being a changeling in the middle of the desert caused, so she instead resorted to staying completely out of sight for the time being.
Finally deciding to act on her plan of leaving the town and finding some way to return home, she started making her way out of the town. She didn't make it far however, considering she came across some commotion surrounding slaves off in the distance. "Aw hell, I guess I'm gonna have to put my escape on hold for now." She complained, trying to get an idea of what was going on without going too close to the ponies.
The distraction wasn't the worst thing in the world however, seeing as she hadn't even thought of just how she was going to escape the desert yet with all the problems caused by going any direction.
S1F0642 froze for a good few seconds. It took her brain what seemed like an eternity to process what she was seeing. But then she snapped back to reality at the sound of loud whistles and more screams of pain. She looked behind her, slaves and slave masters alike clashed, many slaves not even part of the little conspiracy that S1F0642 was part of. These were slaves taking advantage of the quickly escalating riot.
There was no time to think. S1F0642 quickly muttered to herself,
"Okay... Just breathe... Stick to the plan... Step one overthrow.... Step two secure the keys and any useful items... Step three head towards the wall of freedom... Keys... Keys..."
S1F0642 finally moved towards the dead slave master. She quickly spotted the key ring on a small leather strap and unhooked it and with a clink her chains fell off her hooves and wings. S1F0642 quickly wrapped one of the chains around her front left hoof and grabbed the whip that the slave master always carried with him. She also managed to extract a small dagger from the dead stallion and with that she stopped for a moment to calm herself and began galloping as fast as she could towards New Oasis and the improvised wall that meant her freedom.
On both her sides slaves charged both towards the wall and away from the wall. Many fell dead as slave master archers started to arrive. S1F0642 had no time to look to her sides or back though. She had to run as far and as fast as she could. S1F0642 closed her eyes and unfurled her wings so they acted as a cover above her body against arrows and kept running trying to shut out the sound of battle, the sound of pain, and the sound of death. There was blood everywhere on the sand and S1F0642 did not stop. The wall was ahead, and at this time of the day it would be very lightly guarded. Only a little bit more, S1F0642 had to go and in her haste she had not realized she was the only one who had made it even relatively close to the wall, but S1F0642 had no time to think, just gallop as fast as possible...
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Zenith, getting somewhat of an understanding of what was going on was left with two choices. She could either brave the chaos and get to the wall while she had the chance, or turn back and attempt to escape another time. She didn't take long to analyze her options, saying to herself "you know what? It's now or never, my hive needs me back."
With that, she leaped into the air and began flying towards the wall as fast as her wings would allow. She stayed close to the ground, not wanting to risk flying too high up. She didn't even bother disguising herself, seeing as ponies were already in a panic and a changeling would be the last of their concerns. She didn't even have much fear of being hit by any stray arrows considering her exoskeleton acted similarly to a suit of armor. She closed her eyes as she entered the chaos, mostly because they were the only thing exposed to arrows, but also partially because she didn't want to look at all the blood and death around her. Even if though was the queen of a changeling hive, she still couldn't stand the sight of death and suffering.
After she had gained some ground on the slowest ponies headed in the same direction as her, she landed and switched to running so she could rest her wings. She didn't care about getting to the wall before anypony else, as long as she wasn't the slowest she knew she could make it there alive.
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S1F0642 finally took the time to look up. It was the promised land right in front of her eyes. The well rusted cobbled mess of iron and rope that New Oasis called a wall. At the moment S1F0642 had no time to check whether the wall was guarded or not, still in a state of panic after her escape. She had never really thought out what would happen if she did escape, the prospect of such had always been a nigh impossibility.
But yet here she was, galloping with all her remaining strength towards the lowest section of the wall, one she could probably just jump over with enough speed. It was at this moment that as S1F0642 galloped onwards, that she noted that she was nearly alone. That indeed, there was a curious exception. In her hurry to get into New Oasis she had no time to catch a real glimpse, but something black was streaking towards the wall as well, S1F0642 was half relieved and half surprised as she thought to herself, at least one other pony had made it out of the mess.
The sounds of shouts and death still echoed behind her but with one last hurdle that required all of S1F0642's remaining strength, she jumped and rolled over the wall into an empty lot in New Oasis and collapsed. With the last bit of her energy she simply laid in the hot sand beneath her, listening to the sounds of the slave rebellion die down as slavers no doubt regained control of the situation. With any luck thought S1F0642, she'd have slipped away without a trace. For the time S1F0642 forced herself to stay conscious, curious to know the identity of the other supposed slave that had also made it to the relative safety of New Oasis.
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Zenith could clearly see that the chaos was dying down, meaning she had to act fast if she wanted to make it without being stopped. She muttered several curses under her breath, running at her full speed. She was thankful however, seeing as her plan had worked and she was the only one who hadn't gotten caught. As she reached the wall, she almost wanted to stop and look at just how poorly constructed the thing was. "Come on, you know there's no time for that." She reminded herself.
Without another thought she jumped up and over the wall, using her wings for a bit of extra height and distance. It was almost perfect, outside the fact that her landing wasn't planned properly and ended up being rather painful. She got up, cursed a few more times and brushed some of the sand off of her. She looked herself over for any injuries, not finding anything too serious.
She hadn't noticed the pony lying in the sand nearby, so as far as she was concerned she was the only one who had made it out safely. You know, I almost feel sorry for those ponies... Almost. She thought, looking back towards the wall. She didn't really care all that much though, considering she mostly just saw ponies as a source of love, and nothing more than that.
S1F0642 heard a distinct thump and some muttered curse words as the other pony that made it out also managed to get over the wall, albeit not without a seemingly botched landing. It took S1F0642 to turn her head. With the sweat and blood on her face, combined with exhaustion, S1F0642 still could not make out more then a black pony shaped blur that now stood before her. S1F0642 took a moment to comb her memory banks on anypony who had a black coat and came up with nothing, thinking this must of been another slave from a different part of the mine, before realizing her right wing wasn't responding as she tried to lift it to wipe her brow. A quick look and the culprit, an arrow lodged near the base of the wing, the wound now dripping small amounts of blood. S1F0642 groaned then decided to call out feebly to the pony, deciding to say,
" Somepony else made it out... Thank goodness..."
Before S1F0642 laid down her head again from the combination of exhaustion and wounds she had sustained. However S1F0642 again powered through the urge to fall unconscious, still curious as to who this pony was.
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Zenith heard another pony say something to her and panicked slightly. The other mare didn't seem to recognize that she was a changeling however, so she was okay for now. Looking over the pony, it seemed like she hadn't made it out in quite as good of a condition as Zenith. "You don't look so good, what happened to you?" She asked. It wasn't in her nature to show concern for ponies, but this particular pony might be her only hope for survival in the desert.
Unfortunately, she wasn't able to take care of the pony's injuries so she would just hope that the pony would be able to survive on her own.
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S1F0642 almost laughed deliriously and indeed let out a slight chuckle, now coming to terms with her daring escape. S1F0642 took a brief moment to compose herself, saying,
" Well I just galloped harder then I ever have, through a storm of arrows and death before jumping a wall over into a town I only ever dreamed of ever getting close to. Assuming you don't know whats going on, you probably weren't in on the whole escape thing..."
S1F0642 took a moment there to breath heavily coughing slightly, heaving up small amounts of sand. S1F0642 shook her head slightly after this after seemingly coming back closer to reality. S1F0642 then continued still laying her head on the hot sand below her,
" The identification tag is S1F0642. What's yours?"
Then S1F0642 thought for a second before adding on,
" Though now that we've escaped from that wretched place, I suppose we'll both need new names... You have anything thought up?"
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"Sounds like you had a lot rougher of a time than I did." Zenith said.
She didn't quite understand the whole "identification tag" thing, but she decided she might as well play along with it for now. The way she saw it, the longer she could go with out giving out any information that was too important the better. Thankfully as a changeling, lying was one of the things she did best. "Anyway, my identification tag isn't all that important, but the name I'm gonna go by from here on out is Zenith. How's that sound?" She asked.
There was one thing that she hadn't even begun to think about however. This pony would clearly realize she was a changeling soon enough, and when that time came she wasn't going to have a valid excuse for lying for so long. To make matters worse, even if she had thought of that ahead of time she couldn't just transform into a pony considering she needed to save her energy for the long journey ahead of them.

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