[Pokémon] The Lost Dominion
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It's spring, the winter is gone and the cold snow is quickly changing to clear grassy fields in this lush forest
A quiet and bright morning for many of the pkmn that roam this area but for a certain Braixen it couldn't be any more dull
She looks a bit taller than most Braixens and the red tufts of fur that are around her ears point downwards rather than typically upwards, her tail is also noticeably shorter than average
After enduring what felt like hours of boredom, the Braixen detaches what is a makeshift line and hook from her branch that she carries around all the time, putting it away and tapping the branch against the ground in frustration as she moves on from trying to catch anything from the creek nearby the forest
Perhaps she's just unlucky, or it is way too early to be catching anything, either way it doesn't help that she doesn't have the slightest knowledge of angling to begin with
"Well, so much for that idea..." She mutters to herself, returning to the depths of the forest
Aww Yus, it's finally time to start this shizz! :P
Isabelle, who was most active this early in the morning due to that fact no other Pokemon were typically around to disturb her, was deep in her isolated part of the forest. She was busily working away at cleaning out some of the various spots underneath her wings, along with any other spots she could clean with the resources at hand. It wasn't something she particularly enjoyed doing, and it was certainly a lot more difficult now that she didn't have the tools/materials she had when she was with her old trainer, but it was something that had to be done whether she liked it or not. "I swear, this would be a lot easier if that good for nothing human hadn't abandoned me... He may be a lying jerk, but at least he was good at doing the tasks that I couldn't do myself." She complained to nobody in particular.
It wasn't unusual for her to talk to herself like this considering that even though she was an android, she did have a lot of the emotions that a real Pokemon would have, one of which was loneliness. She could pretend she didn't care as much as she wanted, and pretend that the only Pokemon she needed was herself, but admittedly it did get hard when she went days on end without ever having any form of Pokemon to Pokemon interaction.
"Come on you lazy dragon!" Yelled an aggravated Meowstic. Inside a cave etched into an overhang by a lake somewhere deep in the forest lies their current resting spot. The Meowstic grumbles as she stands on the belly of a Charizard below her. She had to push up her glasses because of having to look down at the lazy dragon. "Oh come on Sapphire. It's barely Spring time now. We're still liable for a few winks." The Meowstic rolls her eyes. "But sunrise is already here... and you promised me to get through this forest in a 'timely' manor, Ateren." She said swinging her hips at each syllable of 'timely'. Ateren leans up with a yawn, which causes Sapphire to emergency hop off. She dusts herself off and looks up at Ateren before he speaks. "Alright, alright. But for the record... I promised to get you through, not so much the timely bit."
Spring was upon the land once more. A slight warm breeze blew across the tree tops of the forest with a quiet rustle of leaves. Here above the trees lazily gliding in no real particular direction was a peculiar sight of a Mightyena laying onto a Latios as they drifted to and fro, with no real direction nor for that matter no discernible purpose. Tara the Mightyena yawned slightly as she stretched across the back of her friend Barrrrrry the Latios, or as he was much better known, Barry.
The morning was exceptionally early and the weather warm for the beginning of spring. Tara stretched this time making sure to keep her grip solid on the back of Latios, he seemed to be paying no particular attention to where he was going, dipping lower and lower. Tara commented just loud enough for her friend to hear,
" Hey careful there Barry huh? I don't want to crash into some trees..."
Barry chuckled then suddenly rose again after seemingly starting to drop slightly, closer to the tree tops. He responded slowly in an almost sleepy manner,
" Well you were the one who insisted on getting up so early Tara... The warm breeze isn't helping at all, it's just making me more sleepy..."
Tara sighed shaking her head in slight disapproval before saying,
" Oh fine, land then, we can take a break. Not like we're heading in any particular direction anyways."
The two friends landed softly near the eastern shore of large lake, where a large overhang saw an etched cave on the other side of the lake. To their west lay a deeper part of the forest, all quiet for the time being. Barry laid down softly and Tara with agile jump, dismounted from her friends back and sat on the bank of the river with Barry who was now looking around the place, before letting out a loud yawn to which Tara again shook her head in slight disapproval. Tara decided to take up watch scanning the area for any Pokemon that might interrupt their break, no doubt a Mightyena riding a Latios would raise some eyebrows somewhere but for now there seemed to be no movement of any kind, neither near the cave etched into the overhang nor deeper into the forest to the west. Tara was almost glad for this, she although unwilling to admit it, she was actually slightly tired too, getting up so early as well. She for now appreciated a small moment of rest.
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Going back to the depths of the forest, the Braixen yawns and looks around for any berries to forage to satisfy her stomach, she's ventured off into many parts of the forest, but there is that one lake with an ominously etched cave she hasn't been to before
"Now is a better time than ever..." She thinks to herself and sets off towards the lake to look for food, something to eat at least
Yawning, Aura stretches inside of her tent. She needed the rest after hiking all day yesterday. Aura looked over next to her and saw that her Growlithe was still sleeping. She quickly changed her clothes and stepped out of the tent, her long brown hair swayed as a slight breeze rolled by. "I guess it's time to make some breakfast and get some food in this belly." she laughed to herself. Aura gathered some wood and built a fire while preparing her food.
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Isabelle finished her cleaning, and flew in the direction of the lake so that she could look over her work. It didn't take her long to get there, considering she was a particularly fast flier, but also because of the fact that her home wasn't too incredibly far from it. She saw other Pokemon around the lakeside, but payed them no mind considering she wasn't going to go that far out of her way just to socialize. She peered into the lake, looking over every part of her body that she had just cleaned. "Perfect, as always." She said to herself, admiring the job she had done.
With nothing else to do for at least a little while, she decided to just sit back and enjoy the scenery. "Ah... This lake is so beautiful, I almost wish I could just come here one day and stare at it for hours. But alas, I don't have time to waste on such trivial things." She sighed.
Sapphire scoffed at Ateren and taps her foot impatiently. Ateren slowly gets up before stretching. "Ooooh man... that's a good stretch." He said before scratching his neck. He takes a look over the lake from the entrance of the cave before noticing something. "...Wait. No way." He quickly lifts his camera up. Sapphire blinks a few times in confusion and follows his vision. "Just what are looking a- Oh." The both of them spotted the Latios that is on the eastern side of the lake.

Flash! Ateren takes a magnified picture of the Latios. "Now this is a rarity." He said before lowering his camera back down. "Let's go say, hi." Sapphire stands in front of Ateren with her arms outstretched. "Uh-uh! No way. We got things to do." Ateren rolls his eyes. "We have an hour to spare to socialize. Come on." He said lumbering over to the entrance... his heavy foot steps making a bit of a ruckus as the sound reverbs around the cave walls and out across the lake. "I'm just glad I'm not paying you for your help... I'd want my money back in a heart beat."
Tara blinked. Her eyes were not deceiving her, she had seen a flash of light coming from the cave mouth on the overhang. Barry had not seen it currently looking the other way, he swore he saw something fly over the lake. He blinked again sure he was just seeing things in his sleepiness, but was interrupted when Tara said,
" I swear I saw a flash of light near the cave mouth. Sort of like a camera flash... Think they saw you?"
Barry turned around and focused his eyes on the cave mouth. He swore saw the outline of something there but he couldn't quite make it out, whatever it was it was relatively large. Then a ruckus echoed from the cave mouth and Barry replied,
" I think it's safe to assume they did."
Tara rolled her eyes and sighed exasperated before replying,
" Last thing we need is Pokemon knowing we're here, hopefully they haven't heard of either of us and just go on off their own business."
Barry chuckled deeply before saying,
" After seeing a Latios and potentially a shiny Mightyena Tara? I don't think we're gonna avoid them, it's kinda hard for both of us to hide isn't it?"
Tara rolled her eyes again before getting up as Barry started again to levitate as he too, got off the ground. Tara eyed the cave entrance and said,
" How long you reckon we have before they come investigate?"
Barry yawned lazily and said,
" Not enough time to get out of here that's for sure. We might as well stick-by and say hello, after all we ain't got nothing better to do."
Tara sighed looking annoyed but quietly admitted to herself that Barry was right, the two really had nothing better to do other then roam this forest at the moment. Barry turned again to see if he could discern what the thing was that flew over the lake. He swore he saw another figure close by on a slightly far off lake bank and nudged Tara saying,
" Got another one not to far off."
Tara rolled her eyes again sitting down, resigned to wait for whatever was in the cave to come by. Barry kept his eyes on the cave mouth, they'd get here sooner then the figure on the lake bank if Barry's depth perception wasn't fooling him.
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On her way to the lake, the Braixen notices a tent and campfire set up along with the girl and Growlithe occupying it, assuming they're on watch she quietly ducks behind a bush to hide
"Oh jeez, a human here? Let alone a trainer? What do they want?" She ponders to herself while peeking out to take a look
When it's clear that the human is making food that only made her only hungrier than before~
"... But I'm so hungry, maybe I shouldn't risk it and just go to the lake" She thinks, backing off slowly and quietly, or at least trying to be

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