[Pokémon] The Lost Dominion
"Oh! Um... sure, I'd appreciate that" Nyleath says, quite surprised at Aura's generosity
She waits until she receives her second helping of food, and eagerly chows down on it again
"We should get going now though~" She says, once she had finished eating
"Oh please, I highly doubt they would still be tracking me by now. I've been hiding from them in these woods for so long they've probably long since given up their search." Isabelle said, leaving out the other reason she was able to evade them for so long.
She refused to give the human that had helped her any credit for what he did, so she allowed the group to believe that she had survived all on her own. She also continued avoiding the subject of bringing up who exactly created her, seeing as openly speaking of Team Rocket and how they were still active in the region would bring up nothing but unnecessary panic among the group of Pokemon. The less they know, the better things will be for everyone... She thought.
Barry nodded and replied,
" That is good news then Miss Isabelle, though I doubt a ragtag bunch of crazed scientists would have any chance, so far outnumbered by many powerful Pokemon."
He nodded kindly at the direction of all the other Pokemon and continued,
" Either way Mister Ateren, Miss Sapphire I think it would be impolite of us to hold you up any longer from where your destination might be. Though if you do require either mine or Tara's help feel free to ask."
Tara gave Barry a look of slight surprise, she was not intending to get so easily involved in the affairs of other Pokemon. However for now Tara remained silent, catching on to Isabelle's tone. Tara could immediately tell Isabelle was leaving something out, it was her way of speaking her words, and the fact that she already was under-powered as of the moment that Tara already knew Isabelle was a terrible liar and was holding something in. Tara however for now decided to not probe Isabelle, waiting to see how the others might of reacted, already she could see Barry's eyes dart slightly to his left giving Tara a look of concern, he too had sensed something amiss with Isabelle's statement.
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Sapphire and Ateren both eyed Isabelle out of curiosity. They too knew that this wasn't the full story. Yet, they also didn't feel like carrying on with the details about it. They both then took their attention to Barry and Tara. Sapphire was the first to respond. "Oh. Well we're heading towards an Alakazam that supposedly lives in the mountains to the west of here." Ateren nods and then adds "it would make the travel more enjoyable and safer if you guys came along. But if you both just want to do your own thing then by all means have fun."
Aura giggles as she watched Nyleath down her second plate of food. "I think you are right, we should get going." Aura puts on her hiking shoes and starts to head out, smiling and humming along the way. Zeke closely follows her then slowly backs towards Nyleath. "Don't try anything funny, I'm watching you."
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Nyleath follows them, as they go to the lake
"Yeah, I hear you" She says, rolling her eyes
"I suppose I can join you for the time being. After all, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little curious about why you are searching for that Alakazam." She said.
She knew that Alakazam was an incredibly powerful psychic type Pokemon, and that they were incredibly intelligent, but other than that she couldn't see anything that would make it more special than any other Pokemon. However, the fact that two Pokemon would travel so far in search of it meant that there was something truly special about it, and she wanted to find out just what made it so amazing for herself. She didn't really care all that much for hanging around the other Pokemon in the group any longer, but as long as she was going after the same thing as them, it was only logical to stay in their company until they found what they were looking for.
Barry and Tara again exchanged glances of confirmation before Barry said,
" You have our support Miss Sapphire and Mister Ateren, we will head west to the mountains. I'm assuming you two were flying there before stopping for a nights rest?"
Barry looked over to Ateren and Sapphire in question as Tara's attention was drawn by very noticeable footsteps, those of a human and a few other Pokemon with it. The sound echoed very slightly throughout the quiet forest, Tara frowned slightly and leaned over to whisper to Barry saying,
" Three or more. One is a human. Their on the way... From the east near the treeline."
Barry gave a very slight nod and said to the greater group,
" I've been notified by Tara here that a human approaches, accompanied by two or more Pokemon. If that is the case it is most likely a lost trainer from one of the human villages. They don't seem to know we are here yet. Shall we go greet them?"
Barry had nothing to fear here, he was already owned by another trainer and catching a owned Pokemon was impossible. However he did worry for the fates of his acquaintances, especially Isabelle who seemed to harbor anti-trainer feelings.
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"Come on guys this way, I can see it right though the trees!" Aura shouts behind her, happy as can be. Zeke lowers his head. "Quiet girl, there are wild pokemon close by, we don't want to attract any more attention than we already have." He says glaring at Nyleath.
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"Put a cork in it already, I said I won't be staying long" Nyleath says irritably as she looks around for the wild pkmn nearby, while this Growlithe Zeke doesn't seem to enjoy being around her she shares the thought of staying away from unwanted attention
Nyleath isn't really rude, only reclusive and wary, she would rather not be involved with large groups, however if these wild pkmn want to strike up a friendly conversation then right now she's thinking of something to say besides a shy hello

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