[Pokémon] The Lost Dominion
Nyleath felt a bit bad for being so dismissive, but she'd personally rather not be sticking around a crowd for long
Still, she wanted to go to the lake so she might as well oblige, just for a bit
"That's where I'm headed too, although I don't know how long I'll stick around for, or how long you actually want me to, hope Zeke won't mind~" She says, already done with her meal so quickly, and quite satisfied with it too as she comes along with Aura and Zeke towards the lake
Ateren and Sapphire stare at the badges. Ateren was the first to speak. "Experienced fighters huh? I'm from Fiore. It's near Sinnoh, a lot of Pokémon rangers are there though. I think there are gyms there? But I'm not entirely sure." Sapphire nods and then raises an eyebrow at Ateren. "Is that it? You're not gonna-" Ateren then cuts her off mid-sentence. "Yeah, yeah. Okay. They might as well know everything just in case." Ateren digs in his side bag that has a strap over his left shoulder. He takes out a case and flips it open, showing a large collection of TMs. "I'm no stranger to combat myself. I was the best in my clan. But I was kicked out due to wanting to explore instead of following traditions. Using reusable TMs, I can prepare a good variety of moves before a battle."

Sapphire then waves. "Which is why I hired this guy... He was the best I could find nearby that wasn't busy. He says he doesn't have any trainers or badges, but it's hard to come across a Pokémon that can use TMs by themselves." Ateren then gives a shrug. "I was taught by a Pokémon ranger in Fiore. So I'm not 'that' special." Sapphire sighs, "I swear Ateren... selling yourself short here won't do anything." Ateren folds his arms and grunts before looking off over the lake. Sapphire then clears her throat. "Ateren probably hasn't, but I've heard of you both. Too bad I never have the time to keep up tabs with even the champions~" She said staring at Barry and Tara while leaning her head on her right paw. Ateren then hears Isabella talk badly about trainers. Then wonders silently to himself why a Pokémon would hate trainers?
Barry was happily surprised that they were meeting Pokemon that did not seem to care to much about the fact both he and Tara were quite famous in their own right. Even now Barry knew his trainer was building up strength to migrate to the other regions in hopes of getting those championships as well. Barry checked the TMs the Charizard held and nodded saying,
" It is indeed rare to find a Pokemon who already can use TMs regardless of a trainer. It is nice to meet more battle hardened Pokemon here..."
Barry decided to not respond to Isabelle, thinking to himself she probably had her own reason to not favor Pokemon trainers, after all in his many travels he had met many a Pokemon afraid of being caught by a trainer and could see why it could be an issue for some. Barry continued,
" Either way it seems we find ourselves in another coincidence, we all are trained fighters for various reasons..."
Tara in the meantime was quietly observing Isabelle curious as to why Isabelle seemed so bitter, sure some Pokemon might fear capture, but Tara had a decent idea that Isabelle wasn't one of those Pokemon, she seemed to bitter, to angry, leading Tara to start thinking of  a hypothesis on why that might be.
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Isabelle refused to acknowledge the fact that, unlike the others, she wasn't necessarily a well trained fighter by any means. Sure she had some fighting skills of her own, but she was still significantly weaker than most Pokemon of her species, which would cause some issues if it was required of her to fight later on. She was thankful however that nobody had questioned her rather extreme hatred for humans, considering she had little to no intention of going any further into it anyway unless she absolutely had to say something more about the subject. She didn't really participate in the conversation anymore either, not sure which direction would be the best one to take it off of the subject of trainers and battling. I'll let these Pokemon converse as normal, and if I find an opportunity to continue the conversation alongside them, I'll take it. She thought to herself.
Sapphire thought about the extra coincidence. "I wouldn't call myself battle hardy, but I have a few aces between my ears~" She said sticking a tongue out as her ears moves side to side, giving a hint about her psychic powers. Ateren then jumps back into the conversation. "I certainly hope we won't have to fight anything." He said as he puts away his TM case. "Oh and one more thing. I'm not the speedy type either. I can take a lot of punishment. Often times my fellow kin would assume an epic speedy air battle will take place only to thrown off." He said with a shrug. "Curious though, Miss Isabelle? What exactly are you capable of? The thought of an android Pokémon has to have some trick up their wing."
Barry nodded in agreement replying,
" Indeed I hope the same Miss Sapphire, that'd be a pretty bad thing to deal with on vacation... Though if it comes down to it I think we can handle ourselves in any sort of fight..."
Tara silently nodded in agreement also now wondering what an android was even capable of, surely something no Pokemon would know, but the Tara reasoned that an android would have some issues with learning the abilities of natural Pokemon as these were often inherited or taught by trainers. Barry too turned to to Isabelle and added,
" Yes I would be quite curious myself to know what an android is capable of, I think I am not alone in saying you are the first I've ever met Isabelle."
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"I'm not surprised to know that you haven't met an android before me. Every single one made before me was disassembled for one reason or another. For all I know, my creators might still be out there now, disassembling another android as we speak." She sighed, remembering the fact that she could've ended up just like all of them if she hadn't escaped when she did.
"That aside, I hate to say that I may have enhanced intelligence, but outside of that I'm no better than a regular Pokemon. In fact, my physical strength is lower than any natural Ledian you would find out here in the wild." She explained.
With that out of the way she returned to her silence, feeling no need to say anything more than what she already had. The only positive that she could see in the current situation is that she would be spared from any extreme fighting in the near future, although she doubted that anything would come up anyway, so it wasn't really that much of a bright side.
Sapphire raised an eyebrow at the disassembling part of the story. Ateren simply gave a solemn look before speaking. "Is there a possibility that they are looking for you?" He asked with some concern. "Well if they are, just know that we have your back~" She added with a wink. Ateren pinches the bridge of his muzzle between his eyes while closing them and furrowing his eyebrows. "On that note, I certainly would not like to fight crazed scientists." He said as he thought about having to brick break someone's face and hoped that if something like that were to happen, that it'd be between their Pokémon and them only.
Barry and Tara exchanged further looks of wariness but Barry replied,
" If there is indeed a threat in the form of some crazed scientists looking for you Miss Isabelle, I think on principle I'd be inclined to agree with Miss Sapphire here. I'd be glad to provide whatever assistance necessary and I think Tara wouldn't mind a fight either..."
Tara nodded again silently, thinking that if they did come for Isabelle, they would certainly get much more then what they prepared for. From what Isabelle said, she was weaker then most natural Pokemon save for the intelligence factor so no doubt anyone chasing her would be unprepared for a team consisting of 2 regional league champions, one a legendary Latios and the other a shiny Mightyena, a battle hardened Charizard, and a Meowstic. Barry continued,
" I agree with Mister Ateren here as well though, I would like to avoid a fight as possible..."
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Aura sees that Nyleath has finished her food. "Would you like seconds, I dont mind making more.... also im sure Zeke doesn't mind hanging out with you a bit longer right?" she says with a smile aimed towards Zeke. Zeke's ears twitched at his name and something about her smile made him uneasy, he should probably just play along. "Yeah sure, whatever." Zeke says with a underlying 'I dont know what you are up to, but I dont like it.'
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