[Pokémon] The Lost Dominion
Barry kept quiet for the time being as speaking would no doubt draw attention to himself given he already stood out from the crowd as a legendary Pokemon. For now all he could do was hope that the scientists would leave the group alone. At the moment Tara was still slightly ahead of the group so Barry decided the best course of action was to broadcast his view to her, if things went down at least Tara would have a slight advantage being hidden in the low brush several kilometers ahead of the group. Tara herself snapped out of her bored daydream and paid rapt attention to Barry's view now displayed to her while she slowly positioned herself to strike if need be.
[Image: Chaso_Sig.png]
The lanky scientist lurched forward a bit and took a closer look at the human that spoke, Aura. "Well, Mrs. I'll have to inform you of the boundaries and dangers of this... area." The pudgy scientist looked to the side and folded his arms before speaking. "The bridge is out." He then looked back at the group as his glasses glinted ominously. "And then there's us." The lanky scientist gave a light shrug and chuckled. "We work at the weather facility just over yonder. The bridge there is in working order thankfully." He wickedly smiles at them. "Trainers rarely come this way." In the meantime, both Ateren and Sapphire stare cautiously.

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