[Pokémon] Pokémon RPing
Would anyone be interested in RPing with pkmn? I've got many ideas to try and set one up, depending on what we all have and like
Like it could be influenced by the main games or the mystery dungeon spin offs, maybe be anthropomorphic if people are into that
I think it would be fun to set one up, what do you all think?
I would love to do a pokemon rp
Nerf this
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Yes! I do think it would be awesome, would you have any suggestions?
Anyone else wants to join in too?
You had my interest at "Pokemon" xD

I seriously have tons of Pokemon characters that I haven't gotten the chance to really use yet.
Haha, I'm glad I'm good at pitching things!
Are there any to share that you really want to use for this RP?
I'll save the super in-detail personalty and stuff for when I upload the profile of whichever one I use, but for now the characters I'm debating using are:

Izzy, the (AI) Ledian
Sophie, the overly innocent Slurpuff
Averdrian, the Gardevoir

Mostly Pokemon and not really any humans, but I can make a human character if needed. :P
I do have a couple human characters, and many pkmn ones
What kind of like, setting would you all be interested in?
Hm... Depends on what type of theme we're going for.

Action, adventure, SoL... What are we looking at?
You have me intrigued... I'm up for a pokemon rp! Thought he only issue is all I has is 2 pokemon OC's no humans. But still interested!
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Hey everyone, I had action/adventure in mind but what do you think of that? Any other suggestions, and would you rater have it mostly about pkmn, humans, or an even mix of both?

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