[Pokémon] Enter the Realm of the Dragons
Diana had never heard the name "Latios" before, but she decided not to question it for the time being. Instead she gestured for Barry to follow her while she headed in a direction mostly free of other dragons. She had no intention of leading Barry into a large group of Pokemon, especially considering the fact that his species was very rare according to him. It didn't take long however for her to get completely lost in thought. Maybe that's why he's trying to sneak around... Is he famous in the dragon community or something? That wouldn't make sense though, I've certainly never heard of any Pokemon called "Latios".
Barry followed along now quietly observing his surroundings. The place was bigger then he had first seen and for that matter Barry was surprised that he hadn't noticed the scale of the place. Though Barry supposed the so called sanctuary of the dragons would have to be big. Most of the Pokemon world's wild dragon types lived here according to rumor and Barry assumed that had to be at least hundreds of thousands of dragons in the same place at the same time.
Barry wondered how in the world they all managed to get along in a place such as this for in his experience dragons weren't always nice to each other in the wilds of Hoenn. But Barry shook off this thought and continued on following Diana, whom seemed to have picked a quiet path for them to travel.
Though despite this Barry swore he saw a small amount of dragons in the many alleyways and clearings of the path he and Diana traveled. Barry had very good hearing and could hear some very intriguing whispers as he and Diana passed by. All of them shared the same premise, relating to the species Latios. Barry sighed, knowing that this was inevitable, Diana may not have known what a Latios was but others sure did.
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Diana was about to ask why so many Pokemon were talking about Barry, but she was interrupted when she accidentally bumped into a Bagon. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't hear you coming." She apologized quickly.
The Bagon didn't say a word to either of the Pokemon in front of him. He simply looked at Diana, then over to Barry. Then he dashed off without saying a word to either of them, leaving Diana even more confused than she had been before. "What was that all about? Did I say something to offend him?" She asked, hoping that Barry had a better understanding of what just happened than she did.
Barry shook his head quietly and said,
" That Bagon say what I was Madam Diana. It was inevitable that another dragon would recognize me or my species."
Barry sighed and continued,
" By now that Bagon will have run off to spread the word of a Latios... I think Madam Diana it is wise that we part ways now... Being a Latios draws a certain kind of... unwanted attention. It would be rude if you were caught up in this simply by being my gracious tour guide..."
Barry now had to make sure Diana wouldn't get swept up by the many curious dragons of the Sanctuary, after all Diana didn't exactly seem like the sort of dragon that liked large crowds. Barry could only hope it wouldn't escalate, if his name was recognized then it would be even worse then the crowds that would gather at the sighting of a Latios. Already Barry could distinguish the sounds faraway movements of many dragons now approaching the area.
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