[Pokémon] Enter the Realm of the Dragons
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There is a place, long forgotten by man and Pokemon alike only known as "The Dragon Sanctuary". It is a place that seemingly disappeared hundreds of years ago. However, this place never truly disappeared, it was merely hidden from all those who did not belong there. Many of the world's Dragon types live in this place, and they know that it is much more than a simple legend. To them it is a sacred place, a place where they can live without fear. There are no humans to command them, and no unwelcome Pokemon that only intend to harm them. They are free to pursue their dreams as they please, no matter what those dreams may be. This is the story of some of the young dragons doing just that, pursuing their dreams in The Dragon Sanctuary.
Diana, a young Deino living in The Dragon Sanctuary, sat beside a tree eating a berry. She "watched" two other dragons training just nearby while she ate. She had no intention of getting involved in battles like them, seeing as she was never much of a fighter herself. She preferred making friends and dealing with problems in the most peaceful way possible. I sure wish there were more peaceful dragons like me around here... It does get pretty lonely just watching everyone  else enjoy their lives. She thought.
A WILD LATIOS HAS APPEARED! (I'm sorry I had to do that XD). I'll probably do somewhat something on the character profile later, but I also has a good idea! (Mostly because I can use my alt. Latios from Omega Ruby to jump straight in! Ha ha! I cheated the system by already having a character ready! Barry has joined the party! (For the sake of simplicity I will not spell his name with 6 r's like in the game)
A light wind blew from the south. All was calm of course. Barry didn't expect it to be much other then calm when he entered the sanctuary for the first time. Well as the rumors went, this place was always quiet, well removed from the rest of the world. Barry liked that sort of privacy these days. He had left behind him the days of being the loyal fighter to his trainer. Well perhaps it was more of a temporary leaving behind. This was his vacation, not a severance leave after all. 
Barry slowly made his way into the strange place deciding for now to keep a low profile. Sure the stories said this place was a safe harbor for dragons like him, but he wasn't to sure the occupants would be so kind to a so called "Broken in" Pokemon like him, one that still at that very moment, was under the orders of his trainer to get some rest and relaxation. 
As he wandered he watched two dragons training their blows nearby quietly. They were messy and slow, no doubt made complacent by this peace or simply just learning to fight. Barry couldn't quite tell but watched nonetheless, quietly noting the young Deino nearby. Well that couldn't be good for as of far he had avoided attention and for now continued watching the two other dragons fight quietly. With any luck he would not be seen, but Barry wasn't exactly sure of himself at this, after all most dragons would certainly notice a strange enter their sanctuary, and a Latios stranger nonetheless, which in Barry's case often drew unwanted attention. But again Barry would have to wait.
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I kinda cheated too, I just used the Deino I caught 2 days ago. (It literally took me a couple seconds to grow attached to her... This is why I don't do nuzlockes.)
Diana stopped eating her berry, hearing something just nearby. She couldn't quite tell what it was, seeing as it was a sound she had never heard before. It was definitely a Pokemon, but she couldn't tell just what species of Pokemon it was. That's weird, I thought I knew every Pokemon in this place... She thought.
She didn't take long to think about that, shrugging it off only a few seconds later. She figured it was trying to avoid drawing attention to itself by the fact that it had stopped moving. She decided it was for the best to at least acknowledge the Pokemon with a small wave and a friendly smile so she could get try to know just what species it was when the other two dragons left. Of course, she wasn't noticed by the other two dragons fighting just nearby because they were rather focused on their training. After acknowledging the new Pokemon, she returned to eating her berry like nothing had happened so nobody else would find out about the strange Pokemon in their home.
Barry noticed the Deino acknowledge him quietly. Well at least it had not blown his cover at the moment and as it seemed the two dragons training were quite pre-occupied with their little sparring match. As always Barry had to be polite enough to move over to the young Deino, but moved slowly and deliberately.
For now Barry had no reason to think this Deino would cry out at seeing a Latios. After all many a Pokemon had done so before and Barry was already planning his escape route if things got to loud. Barry finally made it to Deino and simply nodded at the her quietly, not saying anything for now, and deciding to hold his tongue. After all he wasn't sure if these dragons spoke English like he did, and for that matter English was the only tongue Barry knew, being a Pokemon captured for battle.
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Diana barely noticed the Pokemon coming towards her until it was rather close to her. Clearly it was trying to move slowly and silently to not draw attention to itself. If it didn't want any unnecessary attention, she waited to say anything to the Pokemon until the other two left. After awhile, the sounds of fighting stopped and were replaced by the sounds of two dragons walking away. Once the two dragons were too far away to hear anything they said, she turned to the new Pokemon and said, "hi friend!"
She had no intention of asking just what species of Pokemon this new friend of hers was, not wanting to risk offending them only seconds after meeting them. Instead she decided to ask something that probably wouldn't offend the Pokemon and hopefully get it to trust her a bit more. She took a berry out of the pile she had been building up over the day and offered it to the Pokemon. "Here, want a berry?" She asked politely.
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Barry shook his head and said quietly in a rather gruff voice,
" No thank you ma'am..."
Barry then looked around making sure it was clear and then continued,
" I noticed you did not break my cover. I thank you for that Madam Deino. Who is it I have the pleasure of meeting?"
Of course for now Barry remained polite and professional, having been taught both in the heat of battle and in the lull of off hours, being interviewed after his many victories in battles all over Hoenn. Hopefully this Deino hadn't heard of Barry, that would make his so called vacation a lot easier to deal with. If the Deino did ask who he was, he'd be obligated to tell her and hope for now that the Deino would not recognize him and if she did, she might keep her silence as she had before.
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Diana shrugged and set the berry back in the pile before introducing herself. "I'm Diana." She said, not wanting to waste too much time on introductions.
She could tell the Pokemon was a male just based on his voice, and from the way he talked he didn't seem to be a hostile Pokemon at all. She still didn't want to offend the Pokemon, but it seemed like even if she did offend him somehow he wasn't going to attack her. She still didn't want to ask about what kind of Pokemon he was though, so she came up with another question just to delay it a bit longer. She didn't know exactly what to ask, so she asked the first question that came to mind. "So... What's your name?"
Barry looked around again and again said quietly, but this this time rather enigmatically,
" I am known by many names Madam Diana, but you may just call me Barry."
For now Barry had to hang his hopes on the fact that Diana would not know who he was, and if she did, Barry would have to hope that Diana would keep quiet for now about him. Again he valued his privacy and would prefer a vacation without drawing unwanted attention to himself. He much preferred the peace and quiet of solitude in times of peace and rest and for that matter did have a exit strategy as needed. Barry however shook this train of thought and asked,
" So Madam Diana, what can you tell me about this place? I am... Relatively new to it."
Barry decided for now not to mention that he was on vacation. After all having a trainer could mean he would be shunned by the wild Pokemon.
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"Barry, huh? I like that name. It'll be super easy for me to remember that later." Diana said.
She wanted to tell Barry a bit about the sanctuary, but she didn't know exactly where to start. "Anyway, I'll give you a tour of the place soon if you want, but first I have to ask... Are you a Hydreigon or something? It's the only dragon type I know that doesn't make any noise when they move around." She hadn't necessarily wanted to bring that up just yet either for multiple reasons, but it was certainly better than struggling to come up with an explanation of the Dragon Sanctuary on the spot.
Barry sighed to himself quietly. Well that didn't take long for such a thing to come up, but after all Barry expected it to come up. It was also good that Diana did not recognize him, probably because he had used his shortened name. Barry at the moment that lying to Diana wasn't going to do any good. If she didn't know what he was, then it was inevitable that another Pokemon would. Barry replied, now resigned,
" I am known as a Latios, Madam Diana. I understand if you do not recognize me, the story goes my kind is very rare... Anyways about that tour... I'd appreciate one, seeing as I'm probably going to be hanging around this place for a while longer."
Barry stopped short of mentioning that he was on extended vacation as this would no doubt cause suspicion of Barry.
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