[Pokémon] A Night in the Forgotten Mansion
Based on the conversation going on downstairs, it looked like Shuppet was only going to be able to convince one more of the three, but at the same time it seemed like that was all he needed to do to have the majority vote amongst them. He would, however have to do everything just right. He silently phased into one of the rooms upstairs, taking on the form of an Alolan Meowth to avoid any suspicion. Grabbing a book of matches, he opened the door to the room, stepping out and closing it behind him. He used a match to light a few candles hanging off of the upstairs walls, revealing himself and a balcony at the top of the stairs, which had two doors along the back wall, and a table in between holding nothing but a small, empty flower pot. "Oh goodness, guests? Come in! We can't have you sleeping out there in the rain now, can we?" He called down to them, making his way down to the entry way, lighting several more candles as he went.
"My apologies, I hope you weren't out there long, there's a storm coming up awfully quickly, you know, and I can imagine it's getting colder by the minute." He said, putting out his match as he reached the entryway.
The three turned around to the sudden presence of an curious Alolan Meowth coming down one of the staircases and greeting them. Lori gave the Meowth a heavily skeptical look and asked,
"A Meowth? Who are you? And what is this place?"
Lynn for now decided to keep quiet quietly balancing on Kiara's back who was also a bit weary on the fact a random Meowth had shown up in a seemingly abandoned mansion.
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"Oh my word, I'm terribly sorry! I completely forgot to introduce myself." The 'meowth' said, getting even more into character than he had originally intended to.
"I'm the 'owner' of this mansion, so to speak. You see, I had a master once, and he owned this mansion before me, but now that he's... Well, you know... Gone..." He started, taking on a more grim tone near the end. "I've since turned it into a shelter of sorts for my fellow Pokemon if they happen to get lost around these parts, which seems to be the case with you three, if I'm not mistaken." He finished, perking back up as he went along.
He had already gotten so into his little act at this point he had almost completely forgotten why he was doing it in the first place, which helped with sounding convincing, but could also end up hurting his plan in the long run if he wasn't careful. "Any other questions you'd like to ask? I'm all ears." He added.
Lori gave the meowth a heavily skeptical look but decided for now that she would have to see if what he said was the truth. At this silence Kiara asked,
"A shelter for pokemon in the area you said? Is there any other pokemon here?"
Lynn meanwhile had drifted off from the conversation looking around the seemingly abandoned mansion. It looked quiet and comfortable enough, certainly since they were only staying for a night.
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The "Meowth" shook his head and said, "as much as I'd like to say there are, most Pokemon are too afraid to approach a big mansion in the middle of nowhere, let alone come inside and stay the night, no matter how nice I make it look."
Almost immediately after saying that, his eyes lit up as if he'd remembered something. "Well... That's not entirely true, there is one... Exception, shall we say?" He backtracked, shuddering at the very thought of whatever this "exception" was.
"I'd advise you to stay away from it though, it's a mysterious, and quite frankly terrifying creature." Of all the things he had said so far, this was the most truthful one. "Thankfully, it keeps to itself for the most part, so I can steer you clear of the room it's in and it won't bother you." He added. As easy as it would be to direct them to that one and let the rest come naturally... Nobody, regardless of who they are deserves such a terrible fate. He thought to himself.
Kiara gave Lori a slightly concerned look and Lori shrugged back as Lynn quickly spaced out from the conversation at hand making idle observations at the mansion around them. Lori cleared her throat and said,
"Well... That doesn't sound quite... Hospitable. Nor do we mean to impose but it seems like there is little choice with the storm outside and all. Though it is a bit... Odd here, I suppose staying the night wouldn't hurt..."
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