[Pokémon] A Night in the Forgotten Mansion
Alright, gonna see if we can pick this back up with only one "player" so to speak. I'd like to add a character to the other side to make it more interesting, but that'll ruin the fun since I'd know everything that's coming up :P. (Also, hopefully I can stick to it now that I'm not working 24/7 xD)

The "figures" drew closer, and the mansion doors creaked open. Soon enough, the "group" was able to be identified. It was only one Pokemon, small in stature, and not very strong nor brave if the aura it gave off was anything to go by.  The poor fool, entering such a dangerous mansion all by themselves. At this rate, the night would be over before it even began. Oh please, PLEASE turn back. I would warn you if I could... But it's on your judgement now. Mary thought, floating back and forth in a manner similar to pacing, constantly adjusting and readjusting her glasses in hopes that it might calm her for once. The rest of the ghosts in the mansion had other priorities that they deemed far more important than saving this Pokemon, each one thinking of their own unique way to make sure this unwelcome intruder didn't leave. Well, to be more accurate, how to make sure they didn't leave in one piece, that is. It always felt like an eternity in between victims, and each new one made every member of the mansion, save for Mary of course, giddy, knowing they'd be able to compete once more for the most creative way of adding another member to their "family".

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