[Pokémon] A Night in the Forgotten Mansion
I know it's a few days early, but I wanted to do something sp00py themed for Halloween, plus I wanted to try something different to get back into RPing with so hopefully it goes over well. :3
A few things to note: 1. All general rules of RPing apply, obviously.
2. The only Pokemon that aren't going to be allowed are ghost types, which will again be for obvious reasons soon enough.
3. This is gonna be a bit "D&D-esque" in a couple senses, like the fact that some events will lead to behind the scenes damage rolls. Death is entirely possible, but I'll try to make it as fair as possible and will keep everyone up to date on their health so they don't take any unnecessary risks.
4. You and your group can explore the mansion in any way you see fit, but posts must end upon entering a previously unexplored room, to give me time to set the scene.
5. As the title suggests, the RP will end when the night is up, and I will be keeping track of the in-RP time throughout.
6. Certain forces in the mansion will be working for good, but be careful who you trust.
Also, this could probably go in "Serious Roleplays", but considering it's going to be fairly shortish I think it'll be fine here.

The old, abandoned house creaked to life, as if it could sense a nearby presence. More visitors, perhaps? More than likely. It wasn't clear why they were there, it never was. Whether they be there for the treasures hidden deep inside the mansion, or perhaps just to prove themselves to their peers, regardless of the reason they most certainly weren't welcome there. The presence drew closer, it was definitely a group of visitors, although it was still unclear how many. All the ghosts in the house were able to pick up on this sense, and eagerly scurried around to ready themselves for the night ahead of them. Save for one of course, a young Mismagius by the name of Mary. "Oh no, more guests? So soon after the last ones? I'll do my best to help them... But it's going to be dangerous." With that, she telekineticly adjusted her glasses and skulked away into the nearest room, reluctantly playing her part until she had an opportunity to help.
I guess I'm in! I had to sort through a bunch of my pokemon to find someone suitable. But enter Lynn the Leafeon! I swear I'll get a profile up at some point. Yoru said the depository is now for lite rp's anyways. 
Lynn was very, very lost. Nothing looked familiar at all, and to top that off she had no clue exactly where she had come from to begin with. She simply collapsed to dirt path below her in surrender. She had been wandering for hours following shoddy directions to the nearest town and now she had absolutely no clue where she was. 
The sky was quickly darkening to compound her problems and she sighed to herself thinking, 'I knew that Zubat who gave me directions wasn't right... But yet here I am again hopelessly lost... Man I really need to get a map or something.' Of course these words were empty, Lynn always got lost, her sense of direction was infamously bad. Luckily for her all the times she had previously gotten lost, she was rescued by her trainer or one of her trainers Pokemon. Of course all those times were different, those times has been done under the watchful eye of her trainer. But as it stood Lynn had told nobody she had wandered off into the forest for a nap and now she was in this situation.
Lynn lay on the ground feeling sorry for herself for a few minutes before finally getting up again and realizing she couldn't just lay on a random dirt path in the middle of nowhere with the night quickly setting in so she did the one thing she knew how to do, and decided to pick a direction and head in a straight line in her chosen direction. She softly padded along for a few minutes and was rather shocked that this tactic had worked. Not to far over the horizon was what looked to be an old mansion home of sorts. Lynn sighed in relief and said to herself,
"A mansion! That must mean there's people nearby! Thank goodness... I need to get out of here."
With this Lynn picked up her pace heading for the building.
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Alright, gonna see if we can pick this back up with only one "player" so to speak. I'd like to add a character to the other side to make it more interesting, but that'll ruin the fun since I'd know everything that's coming up :P. (Also, hopefully I can stick to it now that I'm not working 24/7 xD)

The "figures" drew closer, and the mansion doors creaked open. Soon enough, the "group" was able to be identified. It was only one Pokemon, small in stature, and not very strong nor brave if the aura it gave off was anything to go by.  The poor fool, entering such a dangerous mansion all by themselves. At this rate, the night would be over before it even began. Oh please, PLEASE turn back. I would warn you if I could... But it's on your judgement now. Mary thought, floating back and forth in a manner similar to pacing, constantly adjusting and readjusting her glasses in hopes that it might calm her for once. The rest of the ghosts in the mansion had other priorities that they deemed far more important than saving this Pokemon, each one thinking of their own unique way to make sure this unwelcome intruder didn't leave. Well, to be more accurate, how to make sure they didn't leave in one piece, that is. It always felt like an eternity in between victims, and each new one made every member of the mansion, save for Mary of course, giddy, knowing they'd be able to compete once more for the most creative way of adding another member to their "family".
If you want I can throw in back up, Lynn wasn't meant to be totally alone anyways.
Lynn approached the mansion and the closer she got the more gloomy the old place seemed. For that matter the place seemed to be abandoned. Lynn shivered slightly as a cold wind picked up and she looked around the old mansion slightly wary. She muttered to herself, "Well doesn't look like anyone's home..." Lynn took her time slowly circling the mansion heavily wary of entering before muttering again to herself, "Well I don't exactly have many choices now do I? All right Lynn you can do this." Lynn rounded back to the entrance of the mansion and slowly approached the doors then knocked lightly, hoping someone would anwser the door.
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Yeah, that's probably a good idea... The more we have exploring the better. (Plus, while you're introducing that character I can get an idea of how I want the main room of the mansion to look. xD)

The door, as if responding to the knock, opened slowly, scraping along the ground the whole way. It wasn't the most welcoming, nor was the darkness inside the house, restricting most vision of what was to come. What was rather inviting however, was the rush of warm air mysteriously radiating from the inside of the house. Being the best alternative to staying out in the cold overnight, it didn't leave the Pokemon outside very many options. The trap had been set, and the game was about to begin.
I'll have to dip into my massive team to find someone. But I do think I already have someone perfect!
Lynn was highly unnerved by the fact the door opened seemingly on its own with nobody behind it, pokemon or human. However with the cold wind outside picking up Lynn found herself between a rock and a hard place and said to herself, "Okay Lynn, it'll be okay, it's probably just a really old door or something... Yeah it's probably nothing." Lynn squinted trying to get a view of the inside but found no progress and thought it was probably an idiotic idea to go in mostly blind. So Lynn decided to make a compromise, heading inside but staying put right at the door in hopes of the moonlight providing enough light for her to see the entrance. However before she could settle in entirely she swore she heard a soft noise coming from the outside...
Lori sighed to herself. She muttered to herself saying "Well here we are again Lynn..." she was interrupted quickly by a smooth female voice beside her who commented chidingly, "Now Lori, we both know she always getss lost, right?" Lori rolled her eyes and replied, "Yeah, but it's getting real tiring finding her and bringing her back isn't it?" Lori looked to her side at the whitish blue Ninetales accompanying her who simply responded with a shrug. Lori sighed again and looked upwards saying, " Storms coming in soon. We better find her soon or else we'll be stuck here. Come on let's move Kiara." The two figures, a Dragalge and a Ninetales moved through the forest attempting to track down their missing friend. Soon Kiara said,
" Hey Lori, hang on, there's a mansion up the path. Maybe there?" Lori nodded and the two set out.
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Inspecting the entryway of the house revealed two, potentially three doors, one on the left wall of the room, one on the right, and what looked like a third in the center of the back wall, although it was hard to make out for sure, given the lack of lighting that far back. As well as this, there were two staircases still shrouded in shadows. Aside from that, the room was fairly empty, save for a large, circular flame patterned rug in the center of the floor, easily visible even through the darkness, and several paintings of pokemon professors and other famous historical figures. What was strange however, was that the mansion looked incredibly well kept for being presumably abandoned, no visible cobwebs or cracks on any walls, and the paintings were kept well dusted. The doors would've closed in that moment, but besides the fact that the Leafeon was preventing them from doing so, two more figures were approaching. Perhaps this night would be interesting after all.
Lynn took the moment to catch her breath at the door way looking around the dark interior of the mansion warily. Despite the mansions obvious age it looked rather well taken care of. Lynn muttered to herself saying, "Huh. Maybe someone does live here after all... Maybe their just in bed at the minute..." Lynn decided for now to keep by the doorway given that was her only light source and she knew wandering around more or less blind in the dark wouldn't exactly be the best idea. Lynn took the moment to look outside and note the colder weather and dark gray clouds gathering. In fact she thought she heard a low rumble of thunder on the horizon. Then something else caught her eye, two figure approaching from the main path. She narrowed her eyes and recognized the silhouettes of a Ninetales and a Dragalge approaching... Wait a minute the Ninetales was Bluish white! Lynn sprung from the door and ran over the entrance pathway where she was greeted with a familiar smooth female voice, " Hey Lynn! There you are!" came Kiara's voice. Lynn jumped happily on the back of her friend and said, "Kiara! I knew you'd come for me! How'd you find me?" Lori however answered grumpily and said, " Cause your easy to track you idiot. Not that its much good storms coming." Lynn pointed at the mansion and said, " We could shelter in there for the night..."
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Excellent, it seemed that one of the three Pokemon was already set on coming in, the other two might require some more convincing however. A single Shuppet took up watch at the top of the stairs, taking advantage of the fact that none of the Pokemon outside had any hope of seeing what was upstairs yet. He was new to the mansion, but very dedicated to bringing in more Pokemon and people, perhaps even being the most dedicated ghost in the entire mansion. If the need presented itself, he was more than ready to light a few candles, adjust the room temperature, or even flat out take on a more inviting form and talk to them face to face. Whatever it took to get these Pokemon trapped inside for the night. Meanwhile, Mary was in a lower room hoping that the original Pokemon, as well as the two new ones who had just arrived, would just make the smart decision and leave before it was too late. Unfortunately, she couldn't just straight up scare them off with the other ghosts on such high alert, otherwise she'd most certainly be caught in an instant.
Lori looked over to the dark interior of the mansion now that the doors were peaked open and laughed saying,
"Well you have to be crazy right Lynn? No way we're staying in there. Place looks like its about to collapse and might just be colder then being in the storm..."
Lynn countered saying, "It's not that bad. In fact the inside is pretty well kept it looks like. Like someones been living there. Only problem is we can't see anything, all the lights seem to be out. But if we just stay in the entrance that shouldn't be a problem right?"
Lori sighed in a disgruntled way as Kiara chimed in and said,
" We don't exactly have many options, it took us hours to get here and probably hours to get back under a storm. May as well take shelter in the entrance, it won't be to bad. Just need to find a bit of warmth and a bit of light."
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