[Other] Virtual Escape
I begin to see lights. Flashing, bright lights surrounding me as I'm being put into a chair. I pondered, "What's going on? Am I dying or being captured?" Just as a person who seems to have a lab coat comes up to me, I am awoken with a sudden jolt and a blaring noise next to me. I sigh in relief, just my alarm clock, time for school. I rise up from my bed and hastily begins to get prepared. Brush my teeth, groom my hair, the normal school stuff. I get dressed then quickly rush out of the house before my mother and father begin to yell at me again. I lock the door behind me and rush to go towards the bus stop, I was not about to arrive late to school again. I wait just a couple of minutes, seeing classmates here and there gather around so I sink myself into the crowds, hoping not to be seen by any bully or jock. I head towards a seat in the back and allow myself to sink down onto my seat and close my eyes. A few minutes till I get to school, I'll have time for a quick nap.
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.
I sit on the edge of my bed. "That was an odd nightmare"  I think to myself. I brush it off quickly, I need to get ready for work. Time for the usual routine, shower, brush, and get dressed. "I cannot wait till I get my own car"  I think to myself. I take the tram every morning to where I need to go, and I can't stand it. I've hated and will always hate riding in a small and squished vehicle. I quickly grab a seat as the tram starts filling up.
"Don't worry, Miss Aurora, we'll take good care of you during the experiment."
"Is she ready? We need her to begin simultaneously with the other subjects."
"Yes, I am ready."
"Right. Power it on!"

I jolt up from my bed, gasping for breath. I stared forward in panic for a moment, before coming to reality. It was that nightmare, again. I look around to get a feel of my surroundings, to find a rather tidy room. Tan carpet, white walls and roof, a cheap wood desk in the corner with a laptop and a dining chair. My closet was closed, as always. My walls were as barren as the black sheets on my bed, though the walls weren't dampened by the cold sweat I went through during my subconscious endeavors. I slowly got out of bed, and began changing my clothes. Looks like I'll have to do laundry again, considering how my sleep clothes were also dampened by the sweat. This has been happening for months now, and the constant sweats and night terrors has ended with my sleep clothes ending up fading from their normal luscious violet to a more dimmed lavender hue.

I stripped down entirely, before opening my closet to reveal a hidden dresser. It was simple and tan, perfect for holding my clothes. Due to today being my day off, I decided to wear more casual clothes than my usual uniform. What to wear today...? Perhaps a white tanktop with the logo of my favourite video game: Fantasy Unleash? Sure. I picked it up and set it atop the dresser. I then pulled out a simple black bra and panties, and placed them atop the shirt, covering the black castle and silver crescent moon that composed the logo. I then closed the drawers, and looked through my jeans that were hung up above it. I didn't feel like wearing a skirt today -- it was too close to my uniform. Perhaps... blue skinny jeans? That won't hurt. I took them off their hanger and placed it on my pile of clothes. I then took out a pair of plain white no-show socks and tossed them on the bed, before taking my clothes pile and closing the closet. After that, I set my clothes next to the socks and walked into the bathroom to start the shower.

After I bathed, I exited the bathroom and tossed the towel into my dirty clothes bin, atop my sleep clothes. I then dressed out, sliding on my socks last. Now that I was fairly presentable outside, I guess, I decided to take the sheets off my bed as I waited for my hair to dry. It was a rather quick process, and balled it up and tossed it in the bin as well. After that, I went back to the bathroom where the mirror was, and used my hand to wiped at it so I can see myself. I then picked up my brush, and brushed my hair. Once done, I picked up my rather simple black hair tie and tied my hair up into a ponytail. It may have been the same method for my uniform, but I loved ponytails.

Once my hair was done, I exited the bathroom and picked up my purse. I decided to go to the library right after eating. A quick bowl of cereal wouldn't hurt, I felt. And so, I made my way to the kitchen poured some Corn Flakes. After, I dropped a few pieces of granola in for variety. I ate at a moderate pace, wanting to get to the library but not choke to death while trying. Once done, I placed my bowl in the sink and rinsed it. I can put it in the washing machine when I get back. I then walked out the door, locking it behind me, and began my stride toward the library. It was a pretty bright day today, with not many clouds in the sky at all. It was a beautiful day to read.
"His consciousness is waking up again."
"Well put him back in, we can't let him get up again!"
I bolt up again from my bus ride. From the scenery, I can tell we were roughly ten minutes away. I go through my blue backpack and take out a small journal, filled with tabs and folds. I flip through it quickly, going past pictures and dates, eventually going to a fresh new page. I begin writing, "10/12/15, I keep having the same dream over and over. This time, they were talking about me waking up? I have no clue, these dreams just keep becoming fragments, they aren't adding up. One moment I see that I'm in collage? I'm barley finished with high school so far, how is this possible? Is-" I come to an abrupt stop thanks to the bus. I mentally curse and put away my backs, rushing out as fast as I can. I begin walking down the school halls, filled with smelly, growing teenagers. It smells one part of wet dog, another part of a behind the scenes of a fashion show. I keep my first period, reading.
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.
The tram gets to its destination. The crowd floods towards the door as it opens. Forgot we had a business meeting today, I look at my clock. It's just about starting.

I start a jog on my way to work. "Damn there is lots of traffic today"  I think to myself. Figures when it is one of those days I am running late. "Alright it's clearing up, getting ready to jog again"  I make a jog to the other side. The building is in plain site now. 3 minutes late, I have to get in fast. I push open the door and start walking quickly to the elevator. "Floor 5, floor 5..."  I say under my breathe as I hover my finger over the buttons.

The elevator door opens and I rush to the meeting room and shove the doors open. "Hey sorry I'm late everyone, lots of traffic this morning"
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Once I got to the library, I couldn't help but smile. It was like a second home to me, that I visited whenever I could. As I walked in, the librarian greeted me with a "Good morning, Miss Aurora!". I smiled to her and returned the greeting as I made my way to the Fantasy section. I already knew what I was looking for, as it was a book I've been eyeing for weeks now. I walked up to the B section, and pulled out "By Dawn and Dusk", before bringing it to the librarian.

"I'll be reading this today," I said in a happy tone. She nodded and scanned the book, marking it out under my name. I didn't even need to bring my card anymore, as I was the most active person in the database-- not saying I didn't have it on me at all times, anyway. She slid the book back to me, and I gleefully picked it up before going to one of the many chairs in the building and sitting down. I opened the book to the first chapter, and began reading.
I chuckle a bit when I heard Rui getting detention. Sucks for you. I said under my breath. I get out my reading binder but as well as my journal and continue to write as much as I can. I see a stray mark and frown, mentally swearing at the bus driver for their lousy driving. "Is `something going on here? It can't be coincidence that this is happening. I should read more about it at the library then go to the usual café."  Though I knew that I wasn't going to the café to chill. Rather, to see a nice waitress who I may have a slight crush on. I ponder about it a bit. 
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.

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