[Other] Virtual Escape
Imagine your life again as it is. You wake up, you do your normal activities then head to bed. But what if, it only took one day to change your life, your memories, and most of all, you. What if your entire life was just a test, and you were the guinea pig? Who are you truly? Why you? And how do you get out and figure out your true life, who you truly are.
Is the world you once knew real, or is it just the 1's and 0's of fiction? 
Back story to clear confusion: It's actually the year of 2099, scientist wanted to identify what it would be like to teleport objects and humans back in time without causing a ripple effect. By doing this, they created a simulation of the year 1900 - continues years until testing was done. The world is the same, except perhaps a bit more chaotic due to debts and more emergences of crime syndicates and dictators. On the plus side, flying cars and hoverboards.

1. Don't try to be Neo from the Matrix and become the "chosen one". You're a regular human being... Right?

2. When making a character sheet, be sure to add, "Test Subject Number" Under your 'name' ie:
Name: Jeffrey Dahmer
Test Subject Number: 6969

3. Do not break the Post line. For example, if you just posted and you know two people posted before you then wait your turn. 

4. Are you prepared for dis shiz? Remember, this is your life being erased and you having to find out the secrets of why you're there. Y..You sure? Okay, Just warning you.

RP Release date: May 13.
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.
I'm in. What would we know of the other world? Does it look identical to the virtual one? Is it like, Matrix-y? Is it Fallout-esque?
I am totes in on this RP! Sounds like a very interesting concept of a story.
Alright alright I'm convinced, it was suggested that I get in on this and it's certainly interesting~
One of my favorite things in Roleplaying is new and interesting ideas and new ways to get creative so i can totes see myself getting into this
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What a Mystery

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