[Other] The Forgotten Tales. A DnD RPN campaign.
There have been many campaigns through the world of DnD. Some good, some bad. Not everything is so cut and dry. People don't live happily ever after. Not really. So you've completed a goal? Well new ones always pop up. This is the case until the end of our days. The campaign between campaigns. The struggle that happens after the initial issues have been solved. These, are the Forgotten Tales of Dungeons and Dragons!

A calm kingdom rests in the middle of the Mesa. The sun sets beautifully over the red sand like plateaus. Past the sun is a vast desert... a desert that travelers often advise to avoid at all costs. Instead, trade routes are made through the hot forest behind the kingdom. As day began to fall, a bright light shone from the barracks! An eerie screech sounds for miles around before light envelopes the entire kingdom. After what seems like hours... the kingdom returns in ruins.

Across the desert and on the other side of the mountain is a neighboring kingdom. Kingdom of Alan'das resides here. Nearby is a port city, controlled by the kingdom itself. Word gets to the king. Troubling news is afoot and it becomes clear that he needs help. He then sends out letters to across the entire physical plane that he can muster. The king's brother ran the neighboring kingdom; and he wants him avenged! The details in the letter states the location of the kingdom and the reward. Money and fame will be rewarded upon the death of the one who has destroyed the neighboring kingdom of Nepheron. A being this powerful shouldn't be kept alive either. Thus, the king is able to appeal to all factions. Whether it be for protection, revenge, money or fame. It was time... for a campaign.

Ateren, and Valldrake has roamed together for a long time by this point. Thanks to the help of Valldrake, Ateren's humanity was restored. They arrived by boat at the harbor town and has begun their adventure. Who knows what allies, enemies or rivals they'll come across?

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