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I'm in, and I'm dumping my repo right in here.

Name: Lunae Zerreth
Gender: Female
Age: 419
Species: Spacial Elf
Occupation: Exile/Outcast
Orientation: Bisexual (no pref)
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 135lbs.
Hair: Galaxy (in colour, not consistency. Colours range from solid black to midnight blues and purples, with specks of silver and wisps of galactic reds)
Skin: Frost White
Eyes: Not static. Most commonly Black, but can shift to any colour
Build: Pear (slim shoulders, smaller breasts, larger hips)
Class: Dark Mage
Aura: Dark blue violet

Appearance: Often wearing all black, tending to wear hooded reaper cloak. She carries around a dark oak staff, but for no real known reason other than to carry it. When her hood's up, her hair and eyes aren't seen. With her hood down, she lets her hair flow freely down her back. Her hair is long, reaching her lower back, while also straight, yet puffy-- almost as though it were fighting gravity. She appears extremely youthful-- no older than a human in their early 20's. Her perceived disinterest in everything tends to be very alluring, as it gives the feeling that she has history, or otherwise secrets of which she does not speak of.
The only challenge now is how to pull this band of characters together into a just lovely starting point~
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What a Mystery
I'm sure you'll do just fine
Nerf this
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*Space Meow* You'll do great Lunas
I hope I'm not too late to join the party ~W~
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.
I don't see any reason why not as long as you have a character thought out
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What a Mystery

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