[Other] Scars of the Past
Alright, folks!  This is a basic RP for whatever you want to play as.  Human, furry, pokémon, pone, whatever.  Goal of the RP is for your character(s) to move on from something, may it be morbid like a murder of a relative or simple like a breakup of some kind.  The setting is in the city of Thlipsi, Itami in the country of Zuri (not the same Zuri as Rift Between Realms).  Science is about on par with what we have currently, save for some advancements and discoveries.  You do not have to use a character in the Character Repository to play in this RP, but you MUST describe your character through your posts (I.e. mention their appearance, height, etc.  Biographies aren't necessary but are nice to see for character development). 

This is an OPEN ROLE PLAY, meaning you can join if you so desire!

The rules are simple:
  • Follow forum rules.
  • Don't be a dick.
  • No Tea-Party Posting.  I can't stress this enough.  It's harder for others to jump in if they have to go through tea-party posts to find out the setting.

You may write in first or third person, but please no second x.x that's just misery.  That aside, let's get this show on the road!

I let out a soft sigh as I walked down the broken, lonely street of my city.  My breath was visible in the cold winter air.  The ground was slick and wet from the recent rain, and the looming clouds above threatened a second round.  I adjusted my hood and scarf to cover more of my face, letting my eyes only slightly poke out for maximum warmth.  My right eye was a deep purple, but my left was an empty blue.  I'd have worn my eye patch, but people rarely come out right after it rains, especially considering how the weather is here.  Regardless, I wore my casual black clothes to have less chance of being seen.  My clothes were tight, save for my hoodie and scarf, which were both fairly loose.  My combat boots made a gentle splash with each step I took on the wet concrete of the sidewalk. 

The land around was dull and gray, surrounded in buildings of old businesses or otherwise.  There wasn't much grass around anymore, just buildings everywhere. I leaned against one of the buildings to take a break from walking.  The building was abandoned a few years back when the company occupying it went bankrupt, making its demolition of the park that was there before completely in vain.  I reminisced of when the park was still there, and the children that played in it.  When I played in it.  I remembered when my parents used to take turns pushing me on the swing...

I snapped back to reality when I shivered.  While I was lost in thought, it had started raining again.  My face felt warm, though.  I put a finger under my eye, and realized my cheek was wet.  I guess I was crying again.  I barely even notice when I do anymore.  I'd be surprised if anyone in this city did.  I decided it was about time to head home, so I turned around to start heading home.  My gait didn't change in tempo from the rain.  I didn't care.  It's not like I didn't walk in the rain before...
I'm probably gonna take part in this at some point, I just need to figure out how I'm gonna start. (I'll just edit this post when I come up with something if nobody else has posted yet.)
I'd love to join in as well, I'm thinking about who I'll be, where, how I get there, what I'm doing, etc. I might have to be someone different, I feel like the character I'm playing is the reason why I haven't been able to be active in the RPs lately.

The rain is freezing, the clouds give everything visible a grey tone. The run down buildings, poorly maintained streets and the few lonesome people outside in this weather don't do much to change the atmosphere.
It's not as if many of these people go go inside even if they wanted to, anyway. The cold's just something to deal with.
Lunas is one of those people. He's dressed warmly but not warm enough for the chilling rain. A coat over a hoodie only protects against the water for a few minutes before it begins to seep through.
He looks around, his pale face only flushing whiter with a red tinge in his cheeks from the blood rushing to the exposed skin- his body trying to stay toasty. He's in the dryest spot he can find so he just stays put.

Some people looked like they were just wandering around, really. And why wouldn't they? Good luck finding something better to do around here, he thinks to himself. He spots more than one person doing it, a woman with a scarf and coat looks like she's lost, stopping under an abandoned building before turning the other way.
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What a Mystery
As I walked toward where I resided, I felt the rain begin seeping into my clothes. This was nothing new, as I often arrived home entirely soaked whenever it rains. It's really the only chance I have to go outside without needing that eye patch. I shoved my hands in my hoodie pockets as I walked to keep my body as warm as possible during the stride home. As I moved, I couldn't help but look around at the buildings. They've been there for years, but they were always different each time I saw them. I remembered when the buildings were bustling with activity... I remember when they were just being constructed. I recall the structures and parks that resided before being torn down to replace with more business. When residents actively walked the streets, or spent time with their families. Playing among the residential streets and parks, parents and children alike...

...I remembered when the city still cared. Before the district debates, the budget cuts... the assassination of the mayor, and the anarchy that followed. Now? Nothing. Nobody even cares for themselves in this town anymore, and they have every right to. Many bare the same weight I carry... as well as the same scars. I lowered my head as I walked while regret poured over me once more. If it weren't for that day...

I made a turn onto the cul-de-sac I live in. I always lost track of time while lost in thought. As I approached my house, I took out my key ring, which was practically covered in keys. I approached my door, and unlocked the two deadbolts and knob lock before opening the door and typing in the pin to keep the old alarm from going off. I closed the door behind me, locking the deadbolts, knob, and closing the two safety locks and one chain lock. I turned around and sighed, gazing into my living room. The walls bore stains and other blotches over the worn out tan paint. The floor bore worn out and holey carpet of a darker brown. The furniture was sparse and also worn down, including a beat up cream couch, an oak coffee table, and a single brown recliner. A television was opposite the couch, but it had a deep crack spanning from the upper left corner to the slight lower right of the centre, with pieces of the screen missing entirely - focusing in the upper leftmost area. It hasn't been plugged in for quite a while, and was beginning to collect dust. I walked over to the recliner and gently sat down in it, leaning back and staring at the stained roof - namely at the silver square plate above the coffee table. I remained silent as I stared, remembering what happened...
Rain, the perfect cover for my assignments. My attire seemed no different today, a black trench coat followed by all black military boots, pants and shirt, accompanied by my necklace and trusty sniper rifle. As I look down my scope, I can hear the water drops fall onto my hood quietly. I examine the crowd, looking for my target Jonna Hill, a rich billionaire on the political rise. Finally, a small glimpse of him could be seen, and that's all I needed. I inhale and proceed to take the shot as followed. The crowd suddenly stops and screams are heard, music to my ears. I stop the recording on my visor and send it to my contact, I'm sure he'll be very pleased with the results. I grab my gear and pack it up, another day, another death. A normal day in Zuri.

After getting out of the area, I take the bullet train to the city of Jlah then got off to set my walk back to my abandoned house in the city of Thlipsi. I go in and drop my coat, finally out of the rain. I lock my door with the deadbolts, three safety locks and my chain-lock. and put my coat on the rack. Finally, I switch out to a plain white t-shirt and blue sweat pants, going to the kitchen to grab a beer. I go to my living room, only filled with a small fire place, my parent's old coffee table, a brown, ripped up couch and my small TV and begin to set the recording up to said TV, going back months since the incident. 

I press play and watch from the couch as I assassinate my own parents, followed by my horrid screaming and wailing at my mistake. All this because some damned mayor wanted what was best for this vile city. I grip onto the side of the worn out couch I'm sitting on and begin my flashbacks. The screaming, the pain, the blood. Then I begin to smile at the next clip, my own version of art, with the use of a mayor's blood. Little did I know this would spark a whole rebellion and chaos for this little town. I take a sip from my beer and control my fear. Just a few more, just a few more assignments, to make it up to my parents. I open the necklace and see the pictures of my now dead parents. A normal day in Zuri.
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.
Looks like she didn't live very far away. One would imagine it wouldn't be easy to fall asleep soaking wet, cold and outside but, you get used to things when you don't have a home.
The job he had certainly wasn't enough to pay for a place to live- not even the cheap trash homes around here. to be honest, so many buildings were abandoned he could probably just live in those... too bad everyone else figured that out before he did. Break into a hollowed out house or business and you were likely to find a meth lab or homeless family. Maybe both.
He kind of liked the rain, anyway. At least there wasn't any wind.
He sits down in the dryest spot in the alley, sits down, pulls his hood over his eyes and tightens it and dozes off.
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What a Mystery
Aura lit another cigarette and watched the smoke rise above her. She could feel the cold hard stone on her back as she leaned aginst the building. She inhaled the smoke and let out a long exastraded sigh. 'Another cold rainy day in the shit city Zuri, what am I doing with my life.' she thought to herself. Aura was a half dragon. She's 5'3, long brown hair and gray eyes. "Shit." she sighs as she flicks her cigarette into the dark ally. "Might as well get this over with." Aura pulls a pistol from the back of her pants and walks across the busy street, avoiding cars without a care if she gets hit. She enters a small antique shop and pulls up the bandana that was around her neck to cover her face. "Anthoney Stephens, the Elder Kong gang says hello." she says as she unloads a clip into him.
Nerf this
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I sip from my beer occasionally as I stare at the picture. Eventually, I close it and gaze at my visor. As much as I'd like to convince myself it was just another assignment, something felt off. I reach over for it and put it on, going to my recent video. As I turn it on, I see something in my mail box; most likely the month's pay to keep me alive. I skip pass it and glance at my recording. After countless minutes of playing and replaying, it seems as though I'm just paranoid. I mentally sigh to myself in frustration. 'This is going to keep me up all night.. Might as well get a nap in while I can.' I say to myself. I take off my visor and put both it and my beer on the table. I get up and search around, finding my match box. I take out one and light a fire. "There, that'll last for now." I mumble to myself. As I walk back to the couch, I grab a blanket and set it upon me as I lay down. I glance at the door before heading to bed, making sure that the deadbolts were in its place. "Goodnight mom and dad.." I utter to myself quietly as I drift into a sleep.
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.

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