Oh hai!
I just can't go one site without changing my name can I?

Anywhos, I'm Zenith... Or Blazing... Or Will of the Blades... Or ShinyShyvana. If none of those names are familiar to you, let me be the first to say greetings friend. ^.^

Oh right, you probably want to know more about me don't ya? Well uh... I'm just that one person who likes RPing every now and then. I love Pokemon (my favorite Pokemon changes from time to time, but at the moment it's Braixen), I like watching anime in my free time (When I'm not playing Pokemon of course), and I sorta like League of Legends... Sorta.

I'm STILL really bad at introductions, so that's all for now. If you want to know more about me, don't be afraid to send me a message or something, I don't bite... Hard. > : 3
Yay! Iz you!
Well welcome (Back) to RPN! (It looks way cooler right?)
Here have this complimentary fruity drink!
(I swear this one isn't poisoned)
[Image: Chaso_Sig.png]
Nu! I don't trust those demon drinks!
They isn't demon drinks!
they just may cause light brain washing! (Light brain washings are actually quite soothing if done correctly)
[Image: Chaso_Sig.png]
But... Brainwashing is evil, and demons are evil. So doesn't that make them demon drinks?
The law of Transition doesn't work like that.
[Image: Chaso_Sig.png]
It works like that if I want it to so myeh!
Fine! I'll just take my fruity drinks elsewhere. I know I'll sell them on the black market for incredibly high prices for no reason!
[Image: Chaso_Sig.png]
Hey, bud. Welcome back. RPN hopefully won't break again. :p

I dig the new name, though. Zenith is pretty easy to remember. ^-^

Anyway, you know the script with the suggestions and the questions and the PMs and the subforums. If you want to kick off an RP with me, let me know. I just don't do Pokémon, since I don't follow the franchise and otherwise know next to nothing about it.
I've done a large share of Pokemon themed roleplays before, it's pretty fun :3
I'd love to try more~
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What a Mystery

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