Mezora (SRe)
Name: Mezora Callamere
Species: Succubus
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5' 3
Preference: closeted lesbian
Appearance: Mostly human except for her black dragonic like wings and two ribbed devil horns above her ears that curl around to the back of her head. She has long light purple hair and dark red eyes. Her left shoulder has a tattoo of her clan. Her face is soft and child like in appearance that doesn't match her generous chest size. Her hips are wider then her shoulders and make the perfect hourglass figure. As for what she's wearing? That really depends on the eye of the beholder.

Mezora is still a succubus in training and hasn't really figured out what she's suppose to do. She was given a gift, by her mother, a magic ring that lets anyone see her dressed as to what they find attractive. Her mother's hope was that this will help her get any man so she can become worthy of the Callamere name. Mezora understands that in order to survive she must take the life of a human male. She never liked the killing part or the male part for that matter. She's convinced that there is another way to survive without killing human males. 

Her skills are fluent in summoning and manipulation magic. Manipulation magic was a must in her clan but she hated using it, she felt like it was cheating and she didn't get a thrill out of it like the other succubi. On the side of training with manipulation she works on the side to try to learn new magic. When she tried to learn summoning magic she tried to summon a dragon but ended up summoning a spirit drake that never desummoned even when she tried. For some reason this drake became attached to Mezora and soon become something of her pet. She is in the process of learning fire magic but she can't seem to get that down and always ends with her blowing something up (she hasn't figured out that she's been learning explosion magic by accident). In non magic skills she's proficient in daggers and archery. She prefers archery over using close combat.
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