Lynn the Leafeon
Full Name: Lynn
Species: Verdant Pokemon
Sub-Species: Leafeon
Age: 19 (Human Years)
Gender: Female
Home Region: Hoenn
Nature: Naive
Characteristic: Highly Curious
Hailing from Hoenn, alongside countless other Pokemon under an infamous breeder of the region, Lynn was picked up as an Eevee before evolving into a Leafeon. Unlike the many Pokemon involved in the breeding business of her trainer, Lynn's purpose was more casual. Not used in any combat team that her trainer created, nor part of any breeding ring, Lynn was simply collected it seems to be used as a companion Pokemon. Often spending most of her time at her owners side or occasionally riding on her owners shoulder, Lynn is the definition of naive and childish. Being raised in a comfortable environment with many other Pokemon to call friends and caretakers, Lynn basically never really grew up from her time as an Eevee and even evolving seems to have done little to change her mindset.
Lynn is infamous for her lack of direction coupled with a high sense of curiosity. This unwieldy coupling means that many times in the past Lynn will wander off somewhere, subsequently get lost, and require rescue. In the many cases of being lost however her trainer had the foresight to advise Lynn to let another Pokemon know of her departure, which Lynn did dutifully... At least almost always.
Lynn has little in the way of combat capability and like the majority of her species is a pacifist. However when it comes down to the line, she can at the very least deploy the basic abilities of every Leafeon, but if forced to combat will likely flee if a fight can be avoided, or hide behind more capable Pokemon. 
Despite her naive nature, Lynn is a caring and kind Pokemon and will always try her best to help friends when possible. Although a bit too attached to her trainer, she has an uncanny sense of self preservation and self awareness and usually is a good judge of when to fight or when to flee. She is friendly to humans and other Pokemon but will usually avoid other wild Pokemon or fire Pokemon.
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