Kōkishin (SRe)
Name: Kōkishin Sābisu
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5'4
Appearance: Short, young, slim with a tan skin tone as well as light brown eyes with silver hair stopping at his neck with a little bit of athletic build, mostly noticeable on his chest. He also wears glasses and sports at most times a black jacket with hiking pants unless he can find different outfits or needs to change.
Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: Adventurer

Kōkishin had nothing really exciting in his life, which was his problem. He exceeded in his classes and had a bright future in anything he could put his mind to, but he felt like something was missing. After talking to his parents about it, he decided to go to the library and try to figure out what he wanted to be in the future with the family's engineering business or his older brother's Catalyst school as a fall-back plan. As he read books, however, he discovered that his calling was not to be an engineer or a mage but rather an adventurer. He quickly began to read and study the different species as well as legends whilst honing his skills in mostly sword fighting, problem solving and using a bow with a bit of his brother's training. After finishing the rest of his months in high school, he said his farewells to his family and set off to begin his adventure. Through his travels he realized that the best way to go is alone, having minimal ties here and there but not too much to where he fully trusted someone enough with his secrets.

Kōkishin is not really one to be social. Although he does not mind being in a group, he is most comfortable working things out on his own. At times, he's a gentle spirit and helps out people if it doesn't affect him as much, otherwise he sits in the background as a bystander and collects what information he can. He's mostly empathetic, but tries his best to keep quiet and not cause any sort of conflict. If conflict does arrive, however, he is no stranger to lashing out in self defense and defeating whoever is going against him.

Kōkishin carries the basic necessities. This ranges from non-perishable food to extra clothing with a few things in the mix. He carries equipment such as a short sword which he created himself, a book to keep notes in as well as a smaller book that his brother gave to him before he left. Lastly, he carries a coin to determine how he acts in certain outcomes.
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.

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