I haven't done one of these in years.
Gee, and it's the first one on this forum too. (Besides Yuu's.) Well firstly there's just way too much about me to place in a single post. Even when summarized I'll be needing to leave a few things out. ~Ahem~ I'm Ateren! *Roll credits.*

Okay, okay. In seriousness I've been on the internet scene for a good 10 years. Jumping from forum to forum under many names such as MDaccountant and Valldrake. I would RP on multiple forums such as the Dragon Cave forums (forum place for that neat forum game where people clicked your dragon eggs and such that people placed in their sigs.) Jumping between furry forums, Richalverz's forum and pony forums I place myself on this forum being friends with Yuu and used to work with her for a time on another forum.

Much to the surprise of many, I used to be an advent RPer and switched to more streamlined forms of RP such as chat RPs and sites completely dedicated to it. Even got myself addicted to Dungeons & Dragons that's played over skype. Despite all this, the most furrsona I've created was Valldrake, the British Dragon. So I'll probably use either that or a fox. Because foxes! :$
Hello, Ateren, and welcome to Role Play Nirvana! I look forward to role playing with you here -- I want to know more about Valldrake. :3

If you have any questions about the forum and/or its features, feel free to PM me or post it in the Suggestions & Questions subforum. ^-^

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