Howdy y'all
Name's Metaltooth
Im an avid artist and writer, I absolutely love to write and draw stories

Im from the eastern mountains of Tennessee
Welcome to the forums, Metaltooth! It's always nice to see some new faces around here. ^-^

Make sure you read the Forum-Wide Rules before posting something up, to ensure you don't accidentally cross a line you shouldn't. If you need a break from role playing at any time, we have an entire category for your enjoyment. If you have any friends who are fond of role playing as well, feel free to refer them, using your Referral URL in your User Control Panel! Referrals and reputation may result in certain rewards ~ ;)

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to either shoot me a PM or post it in the Suggestions & Questions subforum. I hope you enjoy yourself here at Role Play Nirvana!
I am very much sure I will enjoy my time here, thank you
Welcome ouo

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