Hey Everypony!
Well then I feel Like I've done this like... hang on... I think it's at least four times before... Well for those who don't know me, My name is Chaso! I come from the original OG Bronyville and have been sticking with it for several years now. You may have seen me around on RPN before it got updated or the new Bronyville before the domain was lost. I'm primarily a fan of MLP and a general Fluttershy lover. I'm also a fan of boxes. (Trust me it's for the better that you don't know why. Though if your curious, just ask!) I look forward to once again stalking this forum, posting things for no reason! 
P.S: Wowzers Yuu this place looks awesome!
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Firstly, welcome to Role Play Nirvana. Hopefully you enjoy yourself here. Secondly, thanks! It took me a solid two weeks to put this all together, thanks to my workaholicism. If you have any questions about the new format, features, etc, feel free to shoot me a PM, as always. I'd be more than willing to help!

P.s. There may be a treat if you use the integrated Referral system if you introduce others to the forum. ;)
It's that Chaso person. yay.

Am I doing this right?
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