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It was awkward hoisting up the Pegasus, since he was so much taller than her. It was silly to see him so flustered over such a simple compliment, though. I couldn't help but smile.
"Yeah, lunch sounds nice," I replied, checking my silver analog watch. Time surely does fly. "Where do you wanna go? Should I go get my wallet?" I know there's 'manners' on how the guy should always pay for the girl, but I didn't care for it. I have a job, so I can pay for myself if I need to. I wouldn't turn down if they offered to pay, though. I felt it would be rude to, since they're just following what they felt was right. I noticed him put away his sunglasses, which reminded me of the weather. Why would he have sunglasses if it's not even that bright out?
His mind drifted a bit on the possible choices to eat. "Well let's see here... we can grab a pizza. Oooh, how about some authentic exotic food? Or maybe grab some sea food and go fancy. I mean, it also depends on what you want. Me, I could eat just about anything." he said giving a grin, as he starts to show signs of comfort around her. "And, don't worry. I can pay for it. I wouldn't want you to head all the way back anyways. I get payed well as one of the managers for this town's branch of Steel Wright's building and repairs so don't worry about if I can afford it." Besides, it looks like he won't take no for an answer if she insisted.
I smirked as I saw Ateren begin showing signs of comfort around me. Looks like I might not need the knife as bad as I thought.
"Well, I can't do seafood," I said, kind of awkwardly. "I'm allergic. Like, really allergic." I thought for a minute, before giving a smug grin. "How about you surprise me. It could be like a date." If the compliment on his eyes made him fluster, I wonder what reaction I'd get for calling this a date...

I clasped my fingers behind my back and tilted my head a bit to the right, letting my fringe droop over my left eye entirely as it attempts to cross over my muzzle to follow gravity. "So, lead the way."
I find myself waking up due to some sort of disturbance outside. Instead of going to look at it, I sit there on the couch, hood over my eyes, recollecting, thinking, until I doze back off again.
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What a Mystery
He kind of was oblivious to the smirk then frowned a tad when he heard she was allergic. "Allergic? Aww, man. I can't tell you how much coconut shrimp in a pineapple dipping sauce is the bomb." He said slightly wondering what allergies he has of his own. Then before he could think on that his mind shifted to what surprise he could give. Then he heard the word date and his eyes widened while his ears twitched. "O-Oh." He said as the red hue returned with more vigor.

He opened his mouth as if to say something but closed it after a bit. Then gave a nervous grin. "Well. I've never been on one before. B-But I'll do my best! Well... that's to say I always try my best... usually. Heh." He said before leading the way. He kind of went in a random direction before starting to think of a good place to eat. Then he thinks of one and makes an immediate ninety degree turn to the right. "This way." He said before strolling into the city rather than away from it.
I giggled at how the Pegasus reacted to my tease. It was silly, and kind of cute. After a moment, he just started... walking in a random direction. After a moment, I decided to trail behind him to see where he was going. I kept quiet as he continually just walked forward, not turning or anything. He even awkwardly walked through a couple bushes. After a short while, he suddenly took a sharp right and beckoned me to follow. I shook my head slightly with a small smile. He was something else. I continued following him away from the city, having no clue where we were going.
"So," I said after a moment. "Where are we going? The city's behind us." I gestured behind us as I spoke. Did he know where he was going, or was he still randomly moving like earlier?
Ateren blinked a few times as he stopped then looked back. "I could have sworn I had better directional sense than this. N-No matter." He said slightly nervous as he went toward the city this time. He quickly gave a mental list of places he could eat and wondered what else she was allergic to. "I don't suppose you're not allergic to anything else are you? Like peanuts and what not." He asked for extra precaution. Otherwise, he had a good place in mind.
I playfully stuck my tongue out as Ateren realized his directional problem, but it retracted shortly thereafter. As we headed back to the city, I walked fairly close to the Pegasus, in attempts to make him more fidgety.
"Well, nothing food related, no," I said in thought. "I think the only other thing I'm allergic to is... sunlight." I smiled. "Though my fur protects me from that." I looked to him as innocently as I could. "Are you allergic to anything?"
He was a tad flustered by her close proximity. But at this point he's starting to catch on that she's simply having fun with him. "Sunlight? ...How odd." He said out loud as he thought about his allergies. "Well, medically I'm allergic to penicillin. Physically I'm allergic to most metals so wearing rings is very difficult for me. Not really allergic to any foods." He said with a light smile.

After some time walking, he brought her to a cozy family diner in the edge of town. "I often come here when I'm too lazy to make my own breakfast. But they have great entrees. Serving just a little bit of everything." He said walking up to the diner and opening the door for her. The diner itself was normal sized with lots of flowers and plants decorating the area. Plenty of booths and tables inside.
I gave the Pegasus a light nudge with my shoulder playfully.
"Metal?" I asked. "How would you get married, then?" I spoke teasingly, but it died out shortly after as I didn't want to push him too far. When we arrived at the diner, I looked it over. It looked familiar... maybe I was here once or twice before. When Ateren opened the door for me, I tilted my head downward, as though to gaze to the floor. No one ever opened a door for me... it was strange. I walked through, and awkwardly waited on the other side for him to come through. The waitress on the other side giggled a bit by how I acted - I'm sure she found it just adorable. Blegh.

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