Forum-Wide Rules
To keep everything running smoothly here at Role Play Nirvana, there are a few rather simple rules to follow. If you have any questions regarding any of these rules, please either reply to this thread or contact me via Personal Message.


1) Be respectful. There is another human being reading what you’ve posted on the other side of the screen.

   1a) Harassment of any kind is strictly prohibited.

2) No "Backseat Moderating".  Backseat Moderating is when a user who is not among staff attempt to enforce the rules. If you spot someone breaking a rule, report them and the staff will handle it.  If it happens in the shoutbox, take a screenshot and send it to a member of staff.

3) No Spamming.  If it does not contribute to the forum, do not post it.
   3a.) Absence threads are considered spam.  Your profile has a function to set if you're away, as well as a projected time you'll return.  If you need to tell someone you're leaving, do so in private messages.

   3b) Double posting counts as spam.  If you forgot something in your last post, there is an edit button you can use.

   3c) Do not "necro" threads.  Necro'ing a thread is when you post in a thread that is old and/or dead.  If it's unresolved and over 30 days old, make a new thread!

4) No Obscenity.  We require everyone to observe and maintain common sensitivity and a sense of decency.

5) No Fighting.  Intelligent public debate is welcomed, however the moment your post contains insults or personal attacks, you are in violation of this rule.

6) Inappropriate usernames are prohibited.  Offensive, derogatory, or vulgar usernames will be changed by a member of staff.

7) Avoid sensitive material.  Topics such as religion and politics have a reputation for getting heated pretty quickly. Do not attempt to talk about such things outside their dedicated subforums.

   7a.) Do not bring up “personal issues” to the forum or shoutbox under any circumstances. You can talk about said issues in personal messages, but not publicly.

   7b.) Do not publicly link or share any personal information.  This includes facebook profiles, skype names, etc.

8) If you believe something is controversial, questionable, or against the rules do not post it.

9) Do not post inappropriate outgoing links outside their dedicated subforums.

Role Play:

1) Tag your role play appropriately.  If it's gory, add the [Gore] tag.  If it's Furry, add the [Fur] Tag.

2) Post to the correct subforum.  If your role play contains adult content, it belongs in that section.

3) Do not "powerplay".  Powerplaying is when you take control of someone else's character.

4) Do not "God Mod".  God Modding is the equivalent of the God Mode or Invincibility functions in games.


1) Keep your signature fairly short. 300 or 400 pixels should be about the largest you go. As for width, just don't break the page format.

2) Do not post inappropriate material. Pornography, excessive gore, etc are all inappropriate.

   2a) Setting any inappropriate material as your avatar and/or signature is prohibited.

3) Media uploaded to the forum becomes property of the forum, and can be used however it is deemed fit.


Consequences may vary by staff member, but you may expect something along the lines of the following for each rule:
1) Written or verbal warning.
2) Temporary or permanent removal of upload, Avatar, and/or signature privileges.
3) Temporary or permanent ban of shoutbox or forums.

While these rules cover the most common situations, there are situations and circumstances where they do not. As such, we reserve the right to take any action that we deem necessary to ensure that the forum rules are not disputed or abused in any way.
Do bear in mind that all things are at the staff's discretion. At any point these rules can be modified without any warning. Do periodically check the rules for any changes, which will henceforth be labelled.
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Rules updated; added rule 3c.

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