[Fantasy] Rising Tides [OCs welcome]
So I've had this idea I've been kicking around for a while and thought it might be a good RP setting. I hope some of you guys would like to try it out. 

This takes place in a post apoplectic earth where society has broken down to basic tribes. For some reason the world is inhabited by humans and other creatures that live alongside each other helping to rebuild the world. A small group of inhabitants came together to form a tribunal to help govern chaos in the world. It was working for a short while until a stranger came to visit a small town called Broken Shield on the outskirts of the safe zone. Soon after their visit to the town, the citizens became sick and changed into husks. Word spread to the tribunal who chose to keep things quiet and decided to form a secret force to take care of this new threat that is sweeping the safe zone.

My character is a half dragon female named lilith Blackwing. 23, 5'4 with olive skin and medium length tail. Small curled horns come out of her cheeks that are also pierced with 2 rings. She has long black hair and green eyes. She also has a medium length tail. Her skills are in magic but she also knows her way around dual wielding swords when she needs to. She has a very strong personality but is rather sweet and lovable once you get to know her.

let me guys know what you think. Ask questions if need be and i'll try to answer them. That's what this is about right, planning and discussing?

Rules I guess are as implemented already 
My thought on this rp would have it be laid back and have the story unfold as it happens
Nerf this
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Well What have we here?
I lovely RP Idea in need of attention, that's what~
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What a Mystery
I thought it was a good idea but no one seems to be interested
Nerf this
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