[Fantasy] Moonlight Express
I log on into the game for the first time after creating my character. The blue hue of the loading screen emerges and I'm transported to the first level of the game, "Grassy Paradise." I quickly look through my inventory, making sure to count the amount of health potions and speed potions I had. Perfect, two each. I quickly dash into the outskirts of town, checking out the scenery will have to wait. I keep an eye out on my scanner, making sure I don't see any human coloured dots around.

After a moment or two, I stumble about to find a group of level 1 boars. Time to get started. I take out my dagger and carefully decide which I would pick off first. Since they were level 1, I'm sure it was a guaranteed victory. After moments of dodging and attacking, I came out victorious with my health bar at 85/100 HP, 10/150 XP and 513 Als. My journey as begun.
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.
I took a deep breath as I stared at the mask-like device in my hands.  I was sitting on the side of my neatly made bed for nearly an hour now.  The evening light dimly shined through the plastic curtains onto the machine, giving it a silver glimmer.  I had to do this, it could be my final chance to be normal.  With one more breath, I took off my glasses and put them on the nightstand.  After, I put on the headset and lay on the bed before pressing the power button.  I was able to see a bright flash from the otherwise darkness before I was able to see the ceiling through the dark filter of the lenses.  After a moment, a battery meter showed up, and then a time.  Next came audio - a small binging sound before a male's voice spoke up.
"Thank you for your purchase of our Vulture,"  It began.  "This is our first public VR system.  If you experience any bugs, please report them to Support at VultureVR dot CO dot EU.  Before you can begin your VR experience, you must calibrate your device..."

*  *  *

Once the white faded from my vision, I was greeted with a small village, bustling with NPCs and general players alike. New players were fading in all around me as they load in as well. I look around a bit, before looking at my own hands -- or paws. They had black, fingerl-- pawless gloves on them, but felt fairly breathable. I held my left paw in front of me and quickly rotated it counterclockwise, and my player menu flipped open. After browsing around, I noticed I had "Basic Hunter's Tunic - DGrey", "Basic Hunter's Pants - Black", "Basic Hunter's Gloves - Black", and "Basic Hunter's Boots - Black" equipped, along with an unequippable "Personal Item". Upon further inspection, I noticed a "First Glance" feature, with the subtext "For Your First Glance". I selected it, and was presented a full body mirror, floating in front of me.

I gazed into the mirror to look over my avatar - namely my coat, tail, new ears, and my luminous eyes. The clothes were rather form fitting, emphasizing the curves on my avatar's hourglass figure. It was truly beautiful. I honestly... felt a little envious, even though it's my character model. On my menu, there was text that read "Close", which I assumed closed the mirror. Upon pressing it, I got another menu stating "Are you sure? It cannot be opened again." with a yes/no option. I selected "yes", and went into my Inventory. I decided to start walking while doing this, as I didn't want to be around the others. I had some starter equipment that was specific to my class - Hunter: "Elk Wood Bow" and "Standard Armour". I equipped them both, and I felt myself get a touch heavier. I looked down and noticed I had leather armour over my normal clothes. It was an interesting faded grey hue, so it matched alright with everything else. I flicked my paw clockwise to close the inventory, and decided to get out of sight of the others.

I didn't have to run too far to exit the village entirely, and end up on a very grassy plain. I had no idea what to really do at this point, until I saw some wild boar moping about in the distance. I decided to take my bow off me and pull an arrow from my quiver, before crouching a bit and loading the bow. The farther I pulled the arrow, I noticed my vision become increasingly zoomed, as though I were getting closer to them. It took me a moment to focus my shot, but once I got the hang of it I zoned in on the boar in the middle of the small pack. It was lvl 2... but that shouldn't be a problem. I lined up my shot carefully and let go of the arrow, sending it flying toward its target.

A squeal was heard as a number showed up above the boar's head: -27. I assume that was the health lost from my arrow. I quickly pulled out another arrow and loaded it, zoning in on the same boar once more - this time toward its head. After a much shorter period of time, I let that arrow fly. -29. Apparently headshots do more damage. I took out two more arrows, holding one while loading the other, and fired them off in moderate succession. -28 and -22. The boar collapsed after the last shot and faded to black before dissipating, leaving behind a message: "+15 XP | +2 Als". I tilted my head a bit about the Als, but shrugged it off before pulling more arrows.

A few moments later I stood upright again, putting my bow away. Looking at my statistics, I found myself with 100/100HP, 45/150XP, and 505 Als. The Als were written within a little coin purse icon, so I guess it's the currency of this game? Regardless, I needed to get a better feel of the world around me. I needed to explore.
I began to walk around a bit and gazing at the scenery. Overall, the textures and details were amazing, especially being the first of its kind. I was sure it would keep the bar high. I kept grinding like in any normal game, eventually noticing that my health was at 43/100. I frown a bit. 'I should be okay for at least one more group.' I say to myself before noticing a dot light up on my radar. Another player. I quickly glance around and hold my sword ready. I knew that the closest town was a long ways away, and I wasn't ready to die so early.
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.

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