[Fantasy] Heavily Political Galactic Science Fiction w/ Giant Robots.
Proposing a Battletech themed RP in here.
If you're unfamiliar with battletech, all you really need to know is it's what brought giant robots to the west.
Really heavy Science Fiction political action.
Lots of politics, extremely detailed world.
I'd love to tell someone all about it, then would love to have an RP in it.

[Image: TechnicalReadout3085-Cover_preview.jpg]

Name and Photo aside, there's alot more plot than you'd think, a near infinite fountain of material, and the object of many roleplays for the last 40 or so years.
Hopefully someone here is nerdy enough for this~?
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What a Mystery
I miss playing Exteel. It was a giant mech fighting game with RPG elements. I'd love to join in!
Rather than play by old tabletop rules I'm thinking of something more traditional
As much as it's been a goal of mine to play it, I'm already planning for two tabletop campaigns.
Also I hear alot of people talk about Exteel and Armored Core, I've been curious but have only really gotten involved with battletech across my life. I think I'll do some reading on them right now.

*Edit*: After reading on both titles, the primary difference between them and battletech is pacing and setting
Armored Core and Exteel are both fast paced traditional japanese "Giant Robot" gundum style settings from what I can see, whereas Battletech is far slower paced, with a westernized (With eastern influences) politically minded setting. Battlemechs have a tendancy to be slow, lumbering machines (Though smaller ones can move very, very fast) as opposed to the lightning fast jet powered mechs seen in japanese mecha settingslike Code Geass and Gundam.
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What a Mystery
I'd like to participate too, what kind of characters and machines could we RP as?
Well let's see
There's alot of time periods and places to choose from
From the year 2500 all the way up to 3150
Across several sections of space, hundreds of planets, and many seperate events.

Classic Battletech took place in 3025
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What a Mystery
What time period do you think we should jump into first?
Maybe 30...4...5.
3048 would be a good spot. To enter an RP in, that is.
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What a Mystery
What makes 3048 special?
Well its at a good point story-wise
It gives us alot to look forward to while being relatively vague in the timeline so there's alot of room for creativity
In addition it's directly after a major series of wars, all major powers in the galaxy are on slow-burn in terms of hostility. There's alot we could do~
It takes place right after the dust settles but before it kicks up again, a calm point where there's not alot changing so it's easier to step into and easier to learn, and easiest to get into with minimal knowledge and gives us plenty to move into in the RP later on.
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What a Mystery
Ooh okay, alright I can get into that
Now how to get this RP going, it sounds like fun hehe

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