[Fantasy/Gore] Shattered Reverie
"If you'll show me where it is I might be able to get started right away"
"And, if there's anything you should tell me about it I might want to know, that would be good."
"It's getting a bit crowded in this Inn I think, anyway."

Nazaire's disposition doesn't seem quite so disagreeable anymore, for the most part. Aside from how active the Tavern here has been, and she is about to leave anyway. And do something she finds fun.
She keeps glancing at that hat of Ateren's, Noticably.
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What a Mystery
Skye found herself frozen in place and in her perception of time. The bat-girl had not chosen either path Skye had prepared herself for as she did not ask about her race nor did she let it go and leave Skye alone. Skye could of sworn the world itself had slowed to a crawl as she frantically searched for an anwser, completely disregarding the bat-girls professionalism. The bat-girl had to be one of the first if not the first person to actually attempt to make small talk with Skye, and Skye only had a vague ideas how to respond. Taking a brief moment to collect herself and combing her memory on her few dealings with those she had delivered to, along with her interactions with her employer, Skye nervously responded,
" Umm... I-It's treating me well t-thanks..."
Skye stuttered and fumbled her words which in itself was complicated by the fact that Skye was still learning to speak the language here, and as such she still had a curious accent to the point where she might not have trouble saying the words but the sound of the words were not quite right. However Skye for now hoped this would be enough to satisfy the bat-girl and Skye took the chance to take a quiet drink of her cider. Out of the corner of the eye she could see the Kobold apparently ushering the strange human along and Skye in the back of her mind wondered where the strange humans airship was.
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Ateren gave a nervous chuckle. "Yeah... as for things you should know. It's not parked in the upper areas of town like most air-ships in this town. I had to make an emergency landing just outside of the entrance in the front. The engine's casing had a malfunction which caused the fire to escape out of control in the engine room. I had to manual fix it in mid air to avoid serious damage to the town and the ship. Then I had little time to land." he said, giving a location and quick synopsis.

Ateren sighs and fists his sides, bending his elbows outward. "This'll slow down business and my other goals. That's for sure. Also, I don't have a crew, so don't expect a bunch of burly humans running rampant on it."
Mezora tried to peak around the door to see Kokishin a little better. She gets nervous when she cantold see someone clearly. It was a defense thing she learned quickly early on, to read people's body language to know their true intent. "C-can I come in? Id like to thank you for what you did earlier."
Nerf this
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"Uh, sure, I guess." Kōkishin said with the most normal tone he could manage. He slips the book between his arm and his body then tries to mentally tell it to calm down. To his surprise, it obeys but still shakes to show that it's still active. 'Um, I don't recall it doing this on my travels. This could be good for future reference.' he says to himself as he sits on the side of his bed. He keeps a close eye on the Succubus, trying his hardest not to let his eyes linger but rather focus and be ready to act in any given impulse, of survival of course. "You know, I haven't really introduced myself to you yet, miss." he says. He reaches his hand towards her and gives her an assuring smile. "My name is Kōkishin, Kōkishin Sābisu."
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.
Tatiana smiled, and nods at the girl's response.
'Okay, so she didn't seem to mind... well mind too much' she thought.
"My name is Tatiana, I am traveling through this town and just staying here for the night" She said, introducing herself... trying to make it seem a little less awkward.
So now some topic to start with, maybe just get to know each other first...
"What is it you do here, or wherever if you don't mind me asking?" She asked the girl, curious about what she is doing here.
In her awkwardness and little bit of nervousness, she sort of just downed her drink rather quickly between sentences. Not quite the whole thing but quite big gulps, she'd probably be more than halfway done already if not before.
"Wow you really screwed it up didn't you?" -n-
She says, but nonetheless stretches and prepares to leave

"Come on hat-guy, lead the way"
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What a Mystery
Skye almost lost control of her drink she was holding at the fact the bat-girl Tatiana had not been satisfied with Skye's brief anwser. Again time slowed to a crawl and Skye wracked her brain to anwser in a way that didn't seem totally unusual and in this she totally missed the clue that Tatiana had just downed most of her drink in one go indicating she was also nervous. Finally regaining control of herself and focusing herself on Tatiana she responded after a good pause,
"O-Oh... Umm... I-I'm a courier of s-sorts..."
Skye had no clue how else to put it, and in her personal opinion courier was a pretty boring job. In comparison, Skye surmised in the back of her head that from what Tatiana said, she must either be a traveling merchant or a adventurer, both jobs, Skye thought bleakly to herself, were more interesting then hers, though she supposed her boss was one of the nicest people she knew, so the job itself was never much trouble.
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Ateren gave a light huff before heading out. "Well, the ship is this way." He said leading the way to the ship. The ship itself being rather grounded with a large streak of uprooted grass and dirt in its wake to depict where it slid to a stop upon contact.

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